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Verizon Connect – Review, Prices & How To Get The Best Deal

Verizon Connect

Are you looking for an unbiased review of Verizon Connect?

Then you’re in the right place.

Verizon is a globally recognised communications company who offers a range of business solutions, one of which is Verizon Connect, that includes fleet tracking and management.

In this guide, you’ll find out everything you need to know about Verizon Connect, including who they are and how they can help you.

What’s in this guide?

Who is Verizon?

Verizon Connect Screenshot

Verizon is one of the largest companies in the world who specialises in technology which can be used primarily for communication, which is evidenced by their annual revenue of $131 billion in 2018 alone.

They also have massive 139.4k employees around the world.

Verizon Connect is one of their group of companies who provides their customers with a vehicle and asset tracking, as well as driver management and optimisation.

This includes solutions for businesses of every size, which can help you to manage and track each one of the vehicles in your company fleet, analyse your data and performance.

Verizon Connect has over 4,000 dedicated employees in 15 countries, such as England, Italy, North America, Brazil and Australia to name a few.

Verizon Costs and Fees

As Verizon offers completely bespoke solutions for their customers, they don’t publish any specific pricing information on their website, as your costs will depend on your needs.

This might include driver management, field servicing and scheduling for your work orders.

Some similar services from alternative companies can often cost as low as £10 per vehicle per month, to as much as £200 per month for subscription fees.

Verizon Core Services

Verizon Connect can provide you with a wide range of services and software to help you to manage your business and your fleet of company vehicles. Regardless of whether you have five company cars to a whole fleet of five thousand.

Fleet Tracking

If you’re looking for GPS tracking software to track your fleet, Verizon Connect might be an excellent fit for you and your company.

This is because you can easily keep an eye on all of your vehicles in real time, using a map which will pinpoint exactly where your assets are, where they have been and the quality of your driver’s safety.

One of the benefits of choosing this software is that you can get relevant information in real time. Which can help you to improve your response time and have more satisfied customers.

You can access this information from anywhere, view detailed reports on your dashboard, help your productivity and helps you to note where you can improve your process.

✔ Access information remotely

✔ Review progress and progress

✔ Leverage your assets

✔ Manage your drivers

✔ View which drivers are performing best

✔ See a history of your drivers routes

✔ Create competitions and leaderboards

Asset Tracking

When it comes to tracking your other assets, such as your heavy-duty equipment, Verizon Connect also offers asset tracking software and solutions. Which allows you to see exactly where your assets are and where they have been.

This comes in the form of an easy to use dashboard for management purposes, which means that even if you have hundreds or thousands of assets, you can find out where they are in one place.

You can even see who is using your equipment, which pieces of equipment aren’t being used, and the current status of your various assets.

That can help you to utilise your current assets better and work out whether you have any equipment that would be better served elsewhere or even sold.

One of the main benefits of asset tracking is that you can set a geofence for each piece of equipment, so it doesn’t leave a specific area.

You will also receive notifications when your assets move, which could even help with minimising damage or even reduce the risk of theft.

✔ Monitor each one of your assets

✔ See a list of your assets

✔ Set geofencing to keep your assets safe

✔ See which employees are using your assets

✔ Schedule your maintenance and services

✔ Check your assets remotely

✔ Get SMS alerts on your phone for specific events like unauthorised use and geofencing alarms when there’s movement out of any particular area

Digital Tachograph

A digital tachograph is a particular device which is attached to your vehicle, and essentially monitors and restricted a driver from spending too much time driving, according to EU law and even in the post-Brexit UK.

If you manage your fleet, you need to download and view this information every 28 days, to ensure that your drivers are staying compliant with rules and regulations.

Otherwise, you could incur heavy fines.

Should your vehicles weigh over 3.5 tonnes and are used for commercial purposes to carry cargo or people, you need to have a tachograph fitted.

Here are the situations where you might be exempt from these rules.

  • Your vehicle is restricted to a speed of under 40mph
  • The vehicles you own are for emergency aid
  • Your vehicles are for breakdown support
  • The vehicles are non-commercial and weigh under 7.5 tonnes
  • Your vehicles are over 25 years ago

Field Servicing Management

Field servicing management software allows you to better utilise your employees and your assets, by giving you better organisation and ascertaining where your workforce is and where they have been.

You can benefit from determining the best routes for your drivers, use electronic forms and access your data from anywhere.

There is also the advantage of automatically setting territories which give you the ability to assign jobs to your technicians which can be manually adjusted.

Some of the other benefits of choosing this software is scheduling jobs, search time slots and optimise your workflow.

✔ Integrates with your smart devices

✔ Assign and reassign jobs

✔ Track your workforce and history

✔ Schedule jobs with full information

✔ Plan automatic territories

✔ Improve your response time

Route Optimisation

Route optimisation can be an essential tool for helping your business to thrive, as it allows you to see which routes are the best, which ones aren’t useful for your drivers and you can see how you could be saving time and on your fuel costs.

You can create appointments, schedule jobs and plan your future routes with this software.

✔ Plan routes

✔ Optimise your assets

✔ Get faster results

✔ Save on your fuel costs

✔ Automatically plans layouts

Driver Management

Driver management software from Verizon Connect offers your drivers all of the tools that they need to effectively balance their workloads. As well as seeing directions and gain coaching tips to improve their driving.

This can help your business to become more efficient and productive, with smart features such as driver ID to tell you which one of your drivers are where, and driving which vehicles.

✔ Scorecards to help your drivers improve

✔ Become more productive

✔ Check starting times and safety

✔ Reduce idling and unnecessary fuel use

Verizon Reviews

When it comes to Verizon’s online reviews, they don’t have an overall positive reputation, with a one-star rating on Trustpilot which is out of over 350 individual reviews.

79% of the reviews are in the negative one-star category, only 8% are in the five-star category. And, the rest fall somewhere in the middle.

Many of the negative reviews are regarding their higher prices, their customer support could be improved, and they are challenging to communicate with.

Although online reviews aren’t always accurate or reliable, you should always consider your options when deciding which communication technology company is the right fit for you.

Positive Verizon Review

Donna Svei on Trustpilot: I’ve been a customer for years. I’m consistently happy with the quality of coverage and customer service.

Negative Verizon Review

Matt on Trustpilot: High rates and if you want to cancel the service is a major headache to do so.

Verizon Customer Support

Do you need to contact Verizon? Here’s how you can get in touch today.

Or, you can find Verizon Connect at this location.

Reading International Business Park

Basingstoke Road



Comparing Verizon

Company Customer Score Software Flexibility Price
Verizon ★★★★ Bespoke
Tracker ★★★ ★★★★★ £462
Rewire Security ★★★★ ★★★★ £130
Back2You ★★★★★ ★★★★★ £150
Tracker Fit ★★★★ ★★★★★ £199


Verizon Connect offers its customers a wide range of solutions for both managing fleets, and also for individual drivers as well.

Have you learnt everything you need to know about Verizon Connect?

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