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Best 6 HGV Route Planners 2023 & Buyers Guide

HGV Route Planners

If you run a fleet with many HGV’s or ‘heavy goods vehicles’, you will probably already understand the potential logistical nightmare of planning your routes.

This might mean viewing your vehicles live and switching routes, or problem-solving construction work or unpredicted traffic.

Luckily, ExpertSure has you covered.

In this guide, you’ll find out what you need to know about HGV route planners, including what they are, the different types of planners and how they could benefit you.

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What’s in this guide?

What is an HGV route planner?

An HGV route planner is typically software which allows you to plan and schedule routes for your vehicles, especially heavy goods vehicles which might be restricted due to size and height.

In some cases, your route planning software will allow you to set specific parameters, which would let you see routes that won’t have a low tunnel included, for example, or cross bridges with weight restrictions.

This can help you to substantially save time and effort on route planning, as well as prepare you for any unexpected changes, by software which adapts to your needs.

Usually, your HGV route planning software will show you an interactive map, which you can use to track your vehicles and keep an eye on the traffic.

What are the different types of HGV route planner?

There are two main types of HGV route planner you can find today; journey planners, and software which is also designed with scheduling functionalities as well.

Journey Planning

Using a journey planner to plan the routes for your fleet is essential, not only because it can help you to stay organised and understand where your vehicles are, but you can also benefit from being able to reduce your fuel consumption.

And, improve your efficiency in general.

You can do this by viewing a map which might tell you all of the information regarding construction work and unexpected traffic, so you can re-route your fleet when necessary.

This can help you to increase customer satisfaction, as you can quickly adapt to any problems and find alternative solutions.

Another benefit is that you can discover which past routes have been the most efficient, which can assist you in planning for the future.

Scheduling Packages

If you have a large fleet, or you want to make the most out of available data, you can choose software which also has scheduling and analytical functionalities as well as route planning.

This could include being able to manage your fleet from one easy to use application and dealing with everything from scheduling future assignments, maintenance, view shift times and even driver behaviour.

Take a look at the top 6 HGV route planners below to find out more about vehicle tracking, planning routes and the benefits of different companies.

What are the benefits of HGV route planners?

So, what are the benefits of using an HGV route planner?

See where your HGV’s are

When managing a fleet of vehicles or even a small number of HGV’s, it might be essential to be able to see exactly where your trucks are, where they have been and where they are going.

This allows you to assign the right tasks to the right vehicles to save money on fuel, see which of your drivers could improve their efficiency and see where they have encountered unexpected delays.

Often, your HGV route planning software will provide you with an interactive map, which sometimes includes estimated arrival times and updates.

View Driver Shifts and Behaviour

As there are strict rules and regulations regarding how long your driver can be on the road, it’s essential to make sure that you are compliant and adhering to UK laws.

Some HGV route planners will allow you to manage your drivers, see their shift times and any upcoming breaks required.

You might also be able to see information like their braking, accelerating and speeding habits.

Re-route Vehicles

When there’s construction work or traffic, being able to re-route your vehicles to alternative routes can help you to save valuable time and money on fuel consumption.

Some software will allow you to quickly switch to alternative routes, and send this information to your drivers instantly via SMS or email.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Being able to deliver goods on time or quickly reach a customer at short notice can boost your business, especially in terms of your branding and reputation.

This will help you become a reliable name, and you will likely gain more happy customers from referrals.

Where can I find HGV route planners?

There are many HGV route planners available on the market today, so choosing the right one for you could take a lot of time and a lot of research.

Luckily, ExpertSure has you covered.

You can either take a look at the quick list of the top 6 HGV route planners at the bottom of the page, or you could fill out the secure form at the top of the page to get a customised quote.

Who offers the best HGV route planner?

The right HGV route planner for you and your business might depend on several factors, including the following points:

  • Your budget
  • How many vehicles you have
  • If you want to manage your drivers too
  • Should you want to re-route your vehicles
  • If you want to be able to see traffic updates live
  • How you want to be able to communicate with your drivers
  • If you want detailed analytical reports
  • If you want your software to be able to calculate routes automatically

Top 6 HGV Route Planners

1. PTV Map & Guide

PTV Group

Type: Truck route planner

Pricing: £49 per user per month

Supplier: PTV Group

The PTV Map & Guide truck route planner is a cost-effective solution which can provide customers with comprehensive functions such as providing specialised routes for your vehicles, optimise time slots and set parameters for routes.

This tailored planner can allow you to choose your preferences, you can input your vehicle’s specific size and height, and it can create alternative routes.

The PTV Group has many well known satisfied customers such as Bosse, Thomsen Transport and Rothschild Logistic Group.

✔ Track your vehicles

✔ Calculates routes

✔ Set vehicle specifications

✔ Re-route your vehicles

✔ Avoid detours

✔ See roadworks and closures

✔ See required driving times

✔ View shift times

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2. WebFleet


Type: Truck route planner

Pricing: Bespoke

Supplier: TomTom

WebFleet by TomTom is a complete and scalable software solution, which comes with many benefits such as the following features; track your vehicles in real time, plan routes, send personalised maps and see historical information via detailed reports.

This tailored fleet management software can allow you to manage your vehicles on the go, from any smart device like your phone or tablet.

The interface provided by TomTom is easy to use, it is clutter-free, and it is continuously updated and developed.

✔ Track vehicles in real time

✔ Plan your HGV vehicles routes

✔ Re-route your trucks

✔ Manage your fleet

✔ Easy to use interface

✔ Get detailed reports

✔ Benefit from updates

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3. Microlise Route Management


Type: Truck route planner

Pricing: Bespoke

Supplier: Microlise

Microlise offers its customers a range of solutions, such as planning your routes, optimisation, working out the safest ways and reducing things like fuel consumption by becoming more efficient.

They also offer a range of other products and services including schedule management, fleet safety, driver performance as well as transport and logistics.

This can give you a well-rounded answer to your scheduling problems, with easy to use software that comes with customer support.

✔ Reduce operational costs

✔ Plan routes for your HGVs

✔ Choose paths based on your specific vehicle

✔ Improve customer service

✔ Cut down fuel consumption

✔ Increase efficiencies

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4. Automatic Routing CORAS


Type: Truck route planner

Pricing: Bespoke

Supplier: FleetWizard

Google score: 5/5

The Automatic Routing CORAS from FleetWizard is software which can be used for planning routes, assigning resources and improving your customer satisfaction and service.

This can help you to work out factors such as the traffic, the conditions of your customer’s needs which might change frequently or re-optimise your routes depending on the scenario.

FleetWizard also benefits from an excellent score of 5/5, with customers stating that the company is fantastic.

✔ Automatic routing

✔ Assign your assets

✔ Improve customer service

✔ Re-optimise your routes

✔ User-friendly interface

✔ Plan ahead of time

✔ Reduce fuel consumption

✔ Use fewer vehicle miles

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5. Advanced Routing and Scheduling Software


Type: Truck route planner

Pricing: Bespoke

Supplier: Paragon Routing

Google score: 4.2/5

Paragon Routing is a highly rated company who offers their customers advanced routing software, scheduling, active management and you can reassign trips as necessary.

Some of the extra benefits are that you can plan live daily, you can maximise your profits and increase your efficiency.

Paragon Routing also provides software for deliveries, business modelling and live planning.

Their customers state that their software is market leading, the team are great, and they know what they are doing.

✔ Plan routes

✔ Schedule your fleet

✔ Manage your drivers

✔ Highly rated company

✔ Increase efficiency

✔ Benefit from different software

✔ Share arrival times live

✔ 24/7 reporting

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6. Truckstops Routing


Type: Truck route planner

Pricing: Bespoke

Supplier: Truckstops

Truckstops specialises in designing and creating software which is used for the planning and scheduling of vehicles, with a focus on heavy goods vehicles, vans and even cars.

Some of the benefits are that it calculates time and distance, you can create and dispatch multiple routes, and the interface is easy to use.

Truckstops also provides its customers with daily scheduling software, analyse planned routes, performance management and depot territory planning, among many other services.

✔ Plan routes

✔ Schedule daily plans

✔ Cut down your costs

✔ Reduce fuel consumption

✔ Consultancy for logistics

✔ Calculates time and distance

✔ Create multiple routes

✔ Customer support team

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In conclusion, choosing an HGV route planner who is right for you might depend on many different factors, including the size of your business and your specific budget.

However, there are absolute essentials that you will need, such as being about to plan your routes and re-route your vehicles.

Are you ready to compare vehicle trackers, or do you want to learn more about how tracking vehicles can help your business?

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