Our mission

ExpertSure was founded after it’s owner Ollie Smith spent hours unsuccessfully trying to find prices online for a photocopier. After lots of tedious searching and not finding, then dealing with a host of high pressure sales reps who quoted up to 4x more than he eventually paid, he decided to create a website that would enable people to;

  • Find accurate ball park costs with averages of real-world quotes
  • Discover key industry information to help users quickly navigate new markets
  • Compare quotes for the equipment or services from reputable suppliers

After the success of the first photocopier site, he realised many markets suffered from the same problems. He is now expanding the price database to help lots more people in many different industries with the help of market experts.

How accurate are the quotes?

I would say as accurate as it’s possible to get, with out having sales reps come and price the job for your exact situation. The price you end up paying will likely be moderately different, but that’s the absolute nature with quotable products and services.

Let me explain:

Imagine you are having a new boiler for your home installed. It could be located in any room in the house, and your house could be of any shape and made from a wide range of materials. The flue (that lets heat escape) needs to run from the boiler, to the outside. This could mean a short distance though a wall, or long distance though the roof, or it might not even be possible due to the angles, materials and building regulations required to be met.

Every difference will require change to the quote, and the price you end up paying.

This is just one example, and any of the products or services we provide prices & guides for will have it’s own unique reasons why fixed prices are not available online. See each guide for details.

If you are actually in the market for the product or service, you will need to speak with sales reps. If you are just checking it’s in your price range then our ball-park figures should be sufficient.

Once you have decided that the price is within your range, we have complied a database of trusted companies to quote for your product. Also check our guides to get tips on dealing with sales reps, and any market specific knowledge to help you get the best deal.


A bit about our company & team



James Lindsay, an ex-Deutsche Bank prodigy, funded the business in 2015. Additional capital came from expert sure CEO Ollie Smith’s exit money from his last company. Together they raised a seed round of £150k to build a minimum viable product and bring it to market.




Oliver Smith – CEO
Josh Carpanini – Sales Director
James Lindsey – Capital & Legal
Cim Warren – COO


Private Limited


Filwood Green Business Park

1 Filwood Park Lane, Bristol, BS4 1ET

The Filwood Green Business Park has won three awards that recognise its design quality and outstanding environmental credentials. The latest is the Bristol Civic Society Design Award (June 2016), which means we have a Blue Plaque. We chose this park as it’s inline with our environmental goals and ethos.




The team


Ollie Smith CEOOllie Smith – CEO

Executive Bio

Ollie started his first business at just 18 years of age with a loan from the Prince Charles Trust For Young Entrepreneurs. Learning the essentials of business from experience – making mistakes and working to constantly improve the bottom line – Ollie Smith fell in love with entrepreneurship, and has dedicated his career to it ever since.


James Linsey - Venture capitalJames Lindsey – Venture Capital Funding

Executive Bio

James hails from the land of the long white cloud but decided to pack his bags at the age of 21 several years ago and embark on a journey that would take him around the globe which continues to this day.

Having set foot in London, he began his career bright eyed and bushy tailed, in the world of contracting in big UK organisations that game him a view as to how the world really worked and what makes people tick.



Filwood Green Business Park
1 Filwood Park Lane

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