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Solar Expert

Solar Expert

Looking for solar panels? Government subsidy still exists to install panels on your home or business. Click below for more info.

Glazing Expert

Glazing Expert

Double glazing is one of the top products to keep your home energy efficient, secure and sound proof. Click below for expert info:

Boiler Expert

Boiler Expert

Coming soon.

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Meet The Team

Ollie Smith

Ollie Smith - CEO

Ollie hails from a pedigree background in lead generation, having strategized and developed an array of extremely profitable campaigns in some of the highest CPC verticals in the UK. With a burning passion for energy efficiency he is applying his wide skill set to this challenging role

Josh Carpanini

Josh Carpanini - Sales

Josh has a strong 9 year background in managing large teams of account managers. Being a multi award winning sales manager he prides himself on impeccable customer service, absolute integrity and a unique ability to create win/win relationships for all his clients.

James Lindsey

James Lindsey - VC

James has over 18 years experience in supply chain, risk, and commercial leadership for Deutsche Bank & Barclays. Now turned rogue he has a passion for connecting opportunities with real people that open up new avenues of opportunity for both parties whilst having fun at the same time.

Cim Warren

Cim Warren - Lead care

Cim is a people person at heart, and she loves taking care of future new energy customers. She creates exceptional value with in the company though her unique ability to cherry pick the perfect suppliers to customers needs every time.

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