Here you can find buyer guides, average prices and quote comparison for clean-tech products. From solar panels to bio-mass boilers.


What do we do?

Expert sure was founded after it’s owner Ollie Smith spent hours unsuccessfully trying to find prices online for a photocopier. After lots of tedious searching and not finding, then dealing with a host of high pressure sales reps who quoted up to 4x more than he eventually paid, he decided to create a website that would enable people to;

– Find accurate ball park costs with averages of real-world quotes
– Discover key industry information to help users quickly navigate new markets
– Compare quotes for the equipment or services from reputable suppliers

Here are some of top guides

Trusted Suppliers

If you need solar panels, eco boilers or other energy efficient products, you can compare top quotes from a network of 90+ trusted suppliers.

Average Prices

If you are just looking for approximate costs before making a purchase, we have a price database with averages of real-world quotes. You can find solar panel costs, boiler costs and double glazing costs.

Save Time & Money

Lots of companies hide their prices behind phone and email walls. Here you can find accurate average costs quickly, then compare actual prices from our network of suppliers. Saves you a lot of time & money.

Innovative Products

When you compare quotes with us, a trained professional will asses your project and requirement and let you know about any new products you might not be aware of.