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How Much Do Freelance Web Designers Cost in 2023?

Freelance Web Designer Costs

By now you know that freelance web designers work somewhat differently from web design companies.

But that’s precisely what’s got you interested. You prefer the personal touch, open communication, and of course, the lower rates. Nevertheless, there’s one burning question in your mind:

How much do freelance web designers cost exactly?

If you are searching for a no-frills guide to the costs of hiring a freelance web designer, you have come to the right place.

In this guide, you will find a detailed breakdown of how much it costs to hire a freelance web designer, how they work, as well as their pros and cons.

So if you’re ready, let’s begin.

What’s in this guide?

Freelance Web Designers Costs

It’s no secret that freelance web designers offer cheaper rates than web design companies.

From lower overhead too much smaller sizes and fewer resources required, freelancers are thus able to pass their savings on to you.

At the same time, the rates between freelance web designers can vary greatly depending on some factors. You’ll also find that they offer different methods of pricing such as per hour, project, or page.

Below you will find information on what affects the cost of hiring a freelance web designer, as well as how you will be charged.

Type of Project

A basic brochure-style website has a much smaller scope than a bespoke site with a content management system (CMS) or an eCommerce website that facilitates secure transactions online. As a result, simpler websites that are easier to create will also cost much less.

The more advanced features and website capabilities you need, the more expensive the freelance web design rates are going to become.

This is because the freelancer is using a higher level of skill and effort to create your website.

Here’s a tip: make sure that you know exactly what type of website you want before consulting a freelance web designer for their rates. It will save both parties a whole lot of time, and your freelancer will be able to give you an accurate cost estimate.

Skills and Experience

Web design rates also vary between freelancers with different levels of skills and experience. When you work with a veteran designer, you can expect higher rates as you are paying for their wisdom and knowledge.

Veteran designers can better understand your needs and deliver the ideal website, from their past experiences of working with a range of businesses.

If you want to work with a freelance web designer who offers lower rates, you will have to prepare yourself for someone with less experience.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing! Young designers are often generally well-versed in web design and are eager to deliver an excellent website to build their portfolios.

Project Length

It isn’t hard to see that a project that requires more time and effort will be more costly than a more straightforward plan.

When you use a freelance web designer for a more extended period, you are essentially taking them away from other projects. And for that, they need to be compensated.

Be sure that your freelance web designer provides you with a general estimate of how long your website will take to complete so that you get a better idea of the total cost.

Per Hour

Most freelance web designers charge from £30 to £60 per hour. As mentioned above, this rate varies depending on the designer’s skill and experience, as well as the scope and length of the project.

You may find that when you pay by the hour, your costs accumulate rather rapidly. This is due to additional changes and consulting hours that end up increasing the total number of billable hours.

Per Project

By far the most commonly used method of pricing, paying per project means that you are charged an agreed-upon and upfront fee for your website.

For small businesses, this generally ranges from £400 to £1,000, depending on the project and designer.

Since you will know exactly what the project costs include, it also becomes much easier to plan your spending as you won’t have to worry about any hidden costs down the line.

Per Page

Paying per page is not a popular method of website pricing, and is typically used for basic brochure-style websites.

This is because more advanced business websites with functions such as CMS or eCommerce features require more skills and effort that cannot be monetarily calculated by the total number of pages in the website.



Hourly Rate

Rate per Project

Basic Brochure-style A few pages with the basic design, focusing on written content. £30 to £35 £200 to £400
Advanced CMS A business website with fully functional CMS and other features such as call-to-actions. £30 to £50 £400 to £800
Bespoke A dedicated, unique business website with advanced functions and a CMS. £40 to 60 £800+

Features of Freelance Web Designers

If you are new to choosing a web designer, you’re probably thinking, “What exactly differentiates freelance web designers from web design companies?”

Depending on what you are looking for regarding service and experience, you may be better suited to work with a freelance web designer. If the following is what you are looking for, then a freelance web designer is most likely your best option.


Freelance web designers are generally ready to dedicate their time to working on your website entirely. Most web designers won’t have multiple projects going on at the same time, because it is merely quite inconvenient to do so.

What this means is that they can give you their full attention and focus on creating the best business website for you.

Open Communication

Unlike large web design companies, freelance web designers aren’t restricted by any company rules and policies.

This enables them to freely and openly communicate with you to consult and ask as many questions as needed, to deliver the website you are looking for.

You will also be able to easily reach them, without having to experience a long waiting period or receive a generic reply. Each correspondence will be personable and honest.

Personal Service

Since freelance web designers set their own rules, they are often more willing to work closely with you to create and tailor a website solution that meets your business needs while remaining within your budgetary limitations.

Additional Services

As they are highly invested in customer satisfaction and success, freelance web designers will generally keep in touch with you and even offer additional services to ensure you are happy with your website.

This may include CMS training, updates, as well as ongoing maintenance to make sure that your website is functioning smoothly.

Skills and Experience

Most freelance web designers have extensive experience working at large web design companies and have chosen to branch off to do their freelance work.

Therefore, they bring with them valuable skills and experience which they can offer to you along with a higher level of service.

What’s more, various web designers tend to have experience working with certain types of business.

This means that they specialise in creating websites for specific industries, and you will be able to find a freelancer that is better equipped to understand your needs.

How to Hire Freelance Web Designers

Thankfully the process of hiring a freelance web designer is relatively simple. Due to their small size, you’ll find it easy to reach them by either phone or email and receive an almost instant answer.

This quick turnaround is what draws people to freelance web designers, as they offer an unmatched level of efficiency and personable service.

If you need help finding a freelance web designer, check out platforms such as UpWork, Fiverr, 99designs, and Shopify (for eCommerce websites).

You will be able to access a global market of freelance web designers, to find the most suitable one for your business.

When you’ve found your freelance web designer, here are the steps you need to take to hire them:

  • Browse through their portfolio to ensure they deliver high-quality websites
  • Contact them to inquire about rates and availability, making sure these are in line with your expectations
  • Discuss the components of your website including purpose, theme, features, audience, and capabilities
  • Determine the overall or expected cost of the finished website
  • Find out what other services are included in the price, such as CMS training and ongoing maintenance

If you follow the above steps, you’ll be well on your way to a great business website in no time.

Pros and Cons of Freelance Web Designers

Hold on a minute.

Before you leave, there are still a few things you should keep in mind before working with freelance web designers.

To make sure that you know what you’re getting yourself into, it is also important to familiarise yourself with the advantages and disadvantages of hiring freelance web designers.

To make things easier, we’ve compiled a simple list that details the pros and cons of freelance web designers:



  • Open communication and personal feedback allows freelancers to create a website that is in line with your needs
  • Some freelancers have a very packed schedule and won’t be able to fit you in until a later date
  • Cheaper rates compared to web design agencies
  • Fewer resources mean that you have to solely rely on your one freelancer as opposed to an entire web design company
  • Experience working with certain industries, and can understand your specific business needs
  • New freelancers that offer cheaper rates may not be prepared to handle the scope of your work
  • Readily accessible and available to contact


Congratulations, you’ve made it to the end!

Pat yourself on the back, because you are now ready to navigate the world of freelance web designers.

At this point, you have a distinct idea of the costs involved and are ready to begin the hiring process.

Good luck, and let us know how it goes.

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