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Top 6 Multi-Line Phone Systems for Business

Multi-Line Phone SystemsPhone systems have greatly advanced over the recent decades.

Major innovations in telecommunications have made it possible to communicate in almost unimaginable ways from just 20 years ago.

In this guide you’ll find:

So, let’s get to it.


What Is A Multi-Line Phone System?

As its name suggests, it is a system that takes a single phone line that is coming into your premises and divides it into some lines thus enabling more than one phone to be connected to the same line in your business.

How Did the Traditional Multi Line Phone Systems Work?

These phone systems were usually operated with the help of a switchboard.

The physical switchboard was able to direct callers to the phone line they wished to be connected to.

The traditional phone system also worked by placing some sockets at different points in an office.

How Do Multi Line Phone Systems Work Today?

The modern-day multi-line telephone systems work through various technologies that are internet-based.

This has made these phone systems more flexible and improved the call quality significantly.

This is a significant advantage for businesses looking to have the edge over their competition.

Keep reading to find out how to choose the best multi-line phone systems for your business.


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Why Should Your Business Use a Multi-Line Phone System?

Firstly, your phone system requirements rely squarely on the size of your business.

The following are reasons why you should invest in a multi-line phone system for your business.

  • Cost. Most multi-line phone systems operate using the internet which is a lot cheaper compared to standard telephone lines. As the system is cloud-based, you don’t have to spend so much on hardware or line rentals. This saves on your overall costs.
  • Customer service. With the help of multi-line phone systems, your employees will be able to respond to customer requests very fast with little to no delay. Customers are highly appreciative of this swift and prompt service.  
  • Professionalism. You will have a dedicated number with which your clients can reach your business.
  • Convenient. Your employees will be able to make external phone calls using the handsets in the office or at their desk.
  • Easy access. Your employees will be easily reachable on their phone extensions that come with direct dial phone numbers.
  • Increased productivity. These phone systems are quickly routed growing satisfaction of your customers, as well as, free up your employee time allowing them to focus on other jobs thus increasing productivity.

Let us assist you in getting the ideal multi-line phone system for your business.

Which Multi-Line Phone System Should I Get for My Business?

There is a wide variety of multi-line phone systems supplied by top manufacturers.

In this section, we take a look at some phone systems that will make a good fit for your business.

BT ISDN Versatility 4-line Phone System

BT is a trendsetter in the telecommunication industry the world over.

This exceptional phone system has some impressive additions that will revamp the way you do business.

BT ISDN Versatility 4-line Phone System

BT ISDN Versatility 4-line Phone System

So, let’s look at the main features:

  • Lines can have a maximum of 8 extensions
  • Voicemail standard
  • Direct dialling for extensions
  • The package comes with up to V16 handsets

Other Features are:

  • Automated attendant (optional)
  • Call-handling features

Cost is around £100-£240


Uniden DECT4096 Cordless and Corded Desk Phone

They are a telecommunication company that gives you value for your money.

Uniden DECT4096 Cordless and Corded Desk Phone

Uniden DECT4096 Cordless and Corded Desk Phone

The following are the main features of this phone system

  • Expands to a total of 10 handsets
  • Has two lines
  • The conference is three ways

Other features

  • Caller display
  • 30-minute recording system
  • You can store up to 100 contacts

Price is from £135

Orchid Key Phone System KS416 4-Line

They are a world-class renown telecom company that prides itself on providing innovative telecommunication solutions.

Orchid Key Phone System KS416 4-Line

Orchid Key Phone System KS416 4-Line

This versatile telephone system has the following main features

  • 16 extensions and four phone lines.
  • Auto attendant
  • Standard phone and key phone compatible  

Other features are:

  • Automated fax transfer
  • Transfer and pickup
  • Caller ID

The guide price is from £230-£300 which is inclusive of VAT

Panasonic Hybrid System KX-TES824

Panasonic is a highly reputable company. The hybrid system matches quality and functionality.

Panasonic Hybrid System KX-TES824

Panasonic Hybrid System KX-TES824

Let’s take a look at its main features

  • It is a flexible system with the expansion options of 8 extensions and three lines, and 24 extensions and eight lines.
  • It includes direct dialling to caller identity, extensions, and automatic greetings.

Other features are:

  • Conference calling
  • Voicemail option
  • USB port
  • Fax transmission
  • Call-management features

Additional Info

  • Exact price depends on a specific supplier.
  • A refurbished version will cost less.

Its guide price is from £330-£400 which is inclusive of VAT (for a new one)


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Orchid PBX 308+

They are a well-established telephony company in the industry. The Orchid PBX 308+ is a mark of quality and performance.

Orchid PBX 308+

Orchid PBX 308+

Below are its main features

  • It has eight extensions and three lines
  • Direct dialling to conference calling, extensions, and call forwarding.

Other Features are:

  • Call pick-up
  • Caller ID
  • Call transfer
  • Fully compatible with a reception phone

The guide price is £125-£200 inclusive of VAT

AT&T TL88102 Cordless Desk phone

They provide state-of-the-art equipment and this multi-line phone system is no exception.

AT&T TL88102 Cordless Desk phone

AT&T TL88102 Cordless Desk phone

The following are its main features

  • Long-range coverage
  • 14-minute storage of digital recording
  • Answer system supports two lines

Other Features

  • Can store up to 50 contacts
  • Intercom facilities available

Cost is from £100

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Types of Multi Line Phone Systems  

Below are the kinds of multi-line phone systems.

Key Telephone Systems

This is an entry-level telephone system and is mainly used by businesses that have few phone users in one location.

The Key telephone system offers any incoming caller one phone number.

However, direct dialling to various extensions is not possible with this system.

PBX Phone Systems

PBX stands for Private Branch Exchange systems.

It is ideal for businesses with different locations and many employees.

The individual handsets in a PBX phone system come with extension numbers.

Callers can direct dial the extension numbers.

Hybrid Multi-Line Systems

This system uses existing PSTN and PBX telephones and infrastructure.

It is possible to make long-distance calls on this system using the internet which is a much cheaper option.

Modern hybrid systems can support VoIP.  


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What Next?

Looking for a multi-line phone system for your business can be hectic not to mention confusing considering all the different types of phone systems with various features.

Choosing the right telephone system requires careful consideration and plenty of time.

The good news is, we are here to help.

Allow Expert Market to find you the best possible phone system specially tailored to meet the needs of your business.

We will combine your budget, specifications, and our vast experience to give you the multi-phone system you need.

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