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TalkTalk Business Review: Does TalkTalk walk the walk?

TalkTalk Logo

TalkTalk Business is ready to work with you to help you achieve your business ambitions.

TalkTalk Business is a user-friendly and cost-efficient B2B telecom provider of broadband, fixed line, voice telephony and mobile services to both business and consumers around the UK.

Founded in 1995, under the name Opal Telecoms, it later became TalkTalk in 2003.

The company serves 4 million customers and 18,000 businesses across the nation.

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You are wading through options for business phone providers here in the UK.

To help you choose, we will focus in on different providers in each article, so you get the depth of information you need.

So, let’s get talk-talking about TalkTalk.

In this article, you will find all you need to know to make the right choice for you:


TalkTalk Cost and Fees


TalkTalk has some simple packages that offer you phone lines at a fixed price:

Business line

  • suitable for 1-4 person offices:
  • 12-month contracts
Package Description Price/month
PAYG Pay only for the calls you make £16.95
Calls Included Unlimited UK landline and mobile calls £23.45

ISDN line

  • bundled analogue lines for bigger offices
  • 24-month contracts
Package Description Price/month
205 (2-5 users) Contains ISDN2, 1 Line, 2 Channels, 5 DDIs, 1000 Inclusive call mins £39 per month
210 (6-10 users) ISDN2, 2 Lines, 4 Channels, 10 DDIs, 2000 Inclusive call mins £78 per month
220 (11-20 users) ISDN2, 3 Lines, 6 Channels, 20 DDIs, 3000 Inclusive call mins £117 per month
230 (21-30 users) Contains ISDN2, 4 Lines, 8 Channels, 30 DDIs, 4000 Inclusive call mins £156 per month
330 (21-30 users) ISDN30, 1 Line, 8 Channels, 30 DDIs, 4000 Inclusive call mins £172 per month
340 (31-40 users) ISDN30, 1 Line, 10 Channels, 40 DDIs, 5000 Inclusive call mins £210 per month
350 (41-50 users) Contains ISDN30, 1 Line, 12 Channels, 50 DDIs, 6000 Inclusive call mins £253 per month

They can also create a custom package of phone, broadband and mobile services to suit the needs of your company.

For example, hosted VoIP systems are available from £7 per user per month.


TalkTalk Business Phone Services


TalkTalk Business specialises in affordable telecommunication for your business needs, their packages bundle phone lines and calls to make it simpler for you.

Let’s dive into some more detail about their plan options:

Business line

A TalkTalk business line works with traditional analogue lines and ISDN, as well as SIP Next Generation ISDN30 and Voice over Ethernet.

You can also choose from a range of features like call barring and call divert on all line types and can add new sites as your business grows.

ISDN line

An ISDN line gives you a variety of options designed to help your business keep costs down and performance up.

Each package comes complete with a generous allowance of call minutes, line rental, DDI number rental and general features.

Even better, you only pay for what you use to the second, and there’s no minimum spend.

Migrating to the TalkTalk service is seamless, with no engineering changes, or site visits, which means none of the downtimes either.

You can be up and running in just ten working days.

SIP Trunk (VoIP lines)

TalkTalk can also offer you a business phone system using the latest internet-based technology.

By connecting your business to the phone network using the internet, SIP Trunks offer you great flexibility and even better savings.

Quality of Service (QoS) is provided, prioritising calls over your data traffic, to make sure your calls will always get connected and are crystal clear.

Each plan is customised, so pricing will depend on what your business requirements are.

TalkTalk can also offer you Business mobile plans:


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TalkTalk Business mobile SIMs.


If your team is often travelling or working remotely, TalkTalk 4G sims could be a great option.

Their larger data plans are ideal if you are making video calls or updating websites with photos or video content.

Here are the options:

Data Calls Text Contract 4G Price/month
1 GB Unlimited Unlimited 12 months Yes £8.00
3 GB No limits
No limits
One year
Yes £10.00
5 GB Unlimited Unlimited 12 months Yes £12.00
8 GB No limits
No limits 12 months Yes £14.00

The plan you choose will depend on whether your team is just sending emails (1Gb of data is enough for more than 500 emails) or if you are using more data-heavy services while on the go.


TalkTalk Business Customer Service and Support


Phone and email support are available 24/7. TalkTalk Business’ customer service and support also offer a wide range of Q&A style articles on their website.

The user-friendly format helps you find the answers to any questions you might have.


TalkTalk Business Sales Team


TalkTalk Business Sales are available seven days a week to offer any assistance you will need and discuss their plans.

Once you are set up with TalkTalk, technical support is available to you 24hrs, seven days a week.


TalkTalk Business Contract Length and Fees


TalkTalk offers 12 or 24-month contract options. Other Contract details are as follows:

  •    Unlimited calls refer to only 01,02,03 landline numbers and 07 Uk numbers.
  •    You can move the premises of your business twice within a 12 month period, free of charge
  •    Subscriber Call Forward only
  •    You will get a free Line Install when you purchase a Line or ISDN package


TalkTalk Business Customer Reputation


According to Trustpilot, many companies are pleased with TalkTalk’s services and have spoken well of their experience with the company.

Current customers rate TalkTalk for their customer service and quick response rate to emails and chat.

TalkTalk promises a fast response rate and is quick to help you identify any problem and fix it.

On the occasion where you are unable to fix it yourself, TalkTalk will set up an appointment to have one of their maintenance engineers fix the issue themselves.

TalkTalk has an impressive 7.3/ 10 rating on Trustpilot.

However, home users have some complaints about TalkTalk’s phone and internet service on websites such as landline saver.

Customers complained of customer service or issues dragging on without resolution.

However, these issues do not seem to occur for business customers.

According to the Guardian in April 2017, a survey was conducted by a company named Which? And they collected the data regarding the satisfaction of domestic users:

Provider BT Business Virgin Sky TalkTalk Business
Customer satisfaction 45% 52% 49% 38%

The numbers do not seem to be in favour of any of these major players.

However, As of February 2018, TalkTalk Business has only 94 complaints per 100,000 subscribers, which is a great improvement on their part.


Comparing TalkTalk Business



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TalkTalk Business has been growing at a remarkable rate since it opened for business in 2003.

Being comparatively new, TalkTalk stacks quite well compared to the more senior companies.

Here is how TalkTalk Phone package stacks up against 3 of the biggest companies:

Provider Virgin BT TalkTalk
Phone line offerings Traditional analogue, ISDN or VoIP options
Relative Cost

£17.50/month for analogue lines

£20+/month for ISDN lines

£17.60+/month for analogue lines £23.40/month with the ability to connect to a phone system

£16.95+/month for analogue lines

£39+/month for ISDN lines

Customer satisfaction (Ofcom review 2017): 84% 88% 82%
Best for: Smaller provider who will give you a customised offer One stop shop for all businesses as BT is the largest supplier in the market Businesses looking for the best value option, which may have slightly less support

If you also need business mobile packaged, here is how TalkTalk 4G SIMs stack up against other SIM only competitors:

Provider BT Business Vodafone EE O2 Virgin TalkTalk Business
Voice 500 Min 600  Min No limits
unlimited No limits
Text 500  Min Unlimited No limits
unlimited Unlimited No limits
Data 1 G One G 1 G 1 G One G 1 G
Contract One year
12 months One year
12 months One year
12 months
Price £12.50 £11.67 £14.00 £14.50 £10.00 £8.00

TalkTalk mobile offering far outranks the rest on cost, and are on par with competitors on features.

Mobile coverage is reported to be excellent, and reviews of service are mostly positive.


Who would use TalkTalk Business?


TalkTalk Business is designed for businesses that rely on communication for most of its dealings.

Whether you have a small business of 20 employees or a large enterprise of 300, TalkTalk has more than 20 years of experience servicing over 18,000 business supplying smooth operations and tools to fit the needs.

TalkTalk has flexible packages to suit the size of your business.

It also has many contract options ranging from 12 to 24 months so that you won’t get stuck in a long contract.

In case you need to move, TalkTalk will move the location of your contract up to twice within 12 months, all free of charge.

Even if you aren’t looking for a new internet provider, TalkTalk can supply you with phone lines.

Final Verdict


TalkTalk Business is one of the four biggest telecom providers.

As well as business phone lines, TalkTalk offers broadband, fixed-line and mobile services.

Best suited for business-minded customers, TalkTalk offers excellent value for money.

In the past, TalkTalk Business has scored low in the aspect of their customer support, but they are making significant progress in attending to those ratings and reducing their unsatisfied customers to 94 out of every 100,000 subscribers.

Today TalkTalk’s business customers give the company great reviews; they provide excellent business support.

They offer cheap and powerful deals that turn heads in their favour.

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1 Filwood Park Lane

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