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Mitel Business Phone Systems Review

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Mitel are a recognised industry leader in telecommunications for businesses across the globe, with a particular focus on creating the best Unified Communications and Collaboration (UCC) solutions.

As a result of their innovation and experience, Mitel offers one of the most extensive and diverse ranges of phone systems in the industry.

Founded in 1972, Mitel has since accumulated over 1,600 patents and applications for the business communication products.

This is what makes Mitel solutions unique – they have each been tailored to improve business communication, no matter your industry, size, or budget.

Consequently, Mitel currently holds the position as the top choice for Unified Communications (UC) in Europe. And for private cloud worldwide.

So, let’s dive into this review of Mitel Phone Systems.

In this guide you will find


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Mitel Phone Systems Review


There are two main types of Mitel phone systems: Cloud and Onsite phone systems.

They both have the potential to significantly improve your business’ interconnectivity between employees, supplies, existing, and potential customers.


By providing an effective and efficient business communication solution that streamlines your workflow and increases your productivity, all while keeping your costs within your budget.

Mitel phone systems are updated with the latest technology that not only grows with your business but is also incredibly easy to use, even if you aren’t familiar with modern phone systems.

Although Mitel Cloud and Onsite phone systems offer similar benefits, the question of what business they would be most suitable is another one entirely.

Below, you will find a complete review of the Mitel Cloud phone systems and Mitel Onsite phone systems.

After reading through them, you will undoubtedly have a much clearer idea of which is the most suitable for your business.


Mitel Cloud Phone Systems Review

Before you begin comparing the different Cloud phone systems that Mitel offers, there are a few things that they all have in common.

Firstly, cloud phone systems don’t require any further hardware to be purchased, apart from the needed office phones that are used to communicate.

A phone system is necessary software that is operated on the Cloud, which eliminates the need for expensive, bulky hardware.

So you will be able to enjoy the flexibility and mobility of Mitel Unified Communication features and see an improvement in business communication and collaboration.

Plus, you’ll be glad to hear that Mitel takes care of set up, installation, launch, and ongoing maintenance.

This is merely because they are hosting your phone system and are thus responsible for general upkeep.


MiCloud Connect

  • Increase team collaboration through instant messaging, web sharing, and video
  • Stay connected abroad with DIDs and International Toll-Free Numbers
  • Utilize business CRM integrations to improve the customer experience

MiCloud Connect is an excellent Cloud phone system for businesses of all industries and sizes that want to update and upgrade their communication.

So it is a simple and easy-to-use phone system that focuses on increasing your business interconnectivity and collaboration potential.

You gain access to valuable productivity tools and business intelligence integrations that are all part of your network.

They not only improve internal business communication within your company but also create a great customer calling experience where you are less likely to lose out on potential sales.


MiCloud Flex

  • Ideal if you are a large business looking to use the full capacity of UCaaS
  • Experience greater flexibility with MiCloud Flex single communications portal that allows your customers to communicate with you through any electronic device and any means (text, call, video etc.)
  • Ability to scale to up to 10,000 users

MiCloud Flex is a Mitel Cloud phone system that is best suited for large businesses with a large customer base and multiple office locations.

If you this sounds familiar, then the chances are that you would greatly benefit from unleashing the full potential of Unified Communications, to make your business communication more efficient.

So your communications are equipped with the best security and UC features on the global Mitel Cloud network, with further business integration with applications including Microsoft, Skype, Salesforce, and Google.

Moreover, you can improve customer calling experience with customer intelligence features such as automatic call routing to the right people when satisfied customers call in.


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MiCloud Office

  • Optimal Cloud phone system for mobile and remote working
  • Hosted and enabled on an easy-to-use Cloud platform so that is accessible from any mobile device
  • Seamless integration with business applications to ensure smooth communication and collaboration between employees

MiCloud Office is specifically built for people who are always on-the-go and who need to remain connected to their business communication network.

By transforming your mobile phone into a second office phone, you will never miss an urgent call or meeting again.

What’s even better is that deployment is quick and easy. While you can instantly access your business network from anywhere at any time.

All it takes is a simple sign-in.

That’s it for the Mitel Cloud phone systems review. Now let’s take a look at their onsite phone systems.

Mitel Onsite Phone Systems Review

In general, Onsite phone systems have a defining quality in that when you buy the phone system; you have full ownership over it.

So this means that you are usually responsible for maintenance and management. Which generally requires someone in your team to have adequate knowledge of phone systems.

Onsite phone systems are also suitable if you want to take slow steps towards complete cloud migration.

You get to keep the system that you have become familiar with while giving you an upgrade to more sophisticated software for your business communication.


  • Ability to own and manage your onsite phone system that has specific VoIP and UC capabilities
  • Easily transferable licenses for when you wish to scale your business
  • Servers come in 4 different sizes, according to your business needs and size

IPledge is an excellent onsite phone system that allows you to take advantage of updated communication technologies. While maintaining ownership and management over your network.

Consequently, it is a perfect introduction to VoIP features and capability that provides a comfortable transition into a newer and better phone system for your business.

Mitel StreamLine

  • Connect your traditional PBX phone systems to an IP network for smoother communication
  • Increase Power over Ethernet (PoE) up to 365m to allow your employees to work into a broader limit

Mitel StreamLine is also another stable onsite phone system that gives you a smooth introduction to IP-telephony.

It seamlessly connects your current phone system to IP network, thereby eliminating the need for excessive and confusing wiring.

As a result, you receive quick access to the potential of IP-enabled phone systems. Without any unwelcome disruptions to your calls and communication.


Mitel Phone Systems Costs and Fees


Firstly, Mitel Cloud and Onsite phone systems have different costs:


  • Cloud phone systems charge a fee per user/month as a cost of hosting and using their services on the Cloud
  • Onsite phone systems charge an upfront fee that includes the cost of hardware, installation, and launch


Mitel Customer Support


Mitel products are generally sold through third-party providers, which means that you will most likely face that provider’s customer support.

However, Mitel also offers their customer support including a self-service portal that helps you navigate through relevant articles and guides, to see if there isn’t already a solution to your issue.

If your problem hasn’t been fixed, then you have the option to either email or call Mitel support for further assistance.

But keep in mind that due to their large company size, they should also receive a proportionately large volume of emails and calls every day.

So, this means that it may take a while for them to get in touch with you.

But then again, the local provider that sold you the Mitel product should be fully equipped to help you with any technical issues you come across.


Mitel Phone Systems Contracts


Mitel offers a range of contract options for their Cloud phone system, with the majority starting at a 1-year minimum.

To be frank, it is not common for phone system provider to offer short-term contracts. Because, it requires a considerable amount of resources and effort to set up, host, and operate a business phone system.


Mitel Phone Systems Reputation


Mitel boasts a diverse portfolio with clients coming from a range of industries such as Major League Baseball. Plus, Carlsberg Breweries, and Hyatt Hotels Corporation.

Each day, over 2 billion connections are made through Mitel business communication products.

While Mitel has successfully branched out to help businesses achieve better communication goals. In sectors including education, financial services, hospitality, and retail.

Hence, their satisfied customers praise Mitel phone systems as helping streamline workflow, cut costs, and save valuable time.

Overall, Mitel has a stellar reputation with businesses worldwide.



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Should You Use Mitel Phone Systems?


So, Mitel has had over 40 years of experience to understand the specific communications needs of every type of business.

No matter what business size, industry, or requirements, you can bet that you will find what you are looking for in Mitel’s range of Cloud and Onsite phone systems.

Whether you want to jump straight into cloud communications, or prefer a slow transition from your current legacy system.

Mitel will have the best options available for you to choose from.

The best part?

So, Mitel phone systems come with updated and modern telephony features such as Unified Communications, centralised administration, and mobility support.

Finally, these features are used to improve your business communication, ensuring the best possible experience.


Mitel Business Phone Systems Review
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All in all, Mitel are definitely a solid option for a phone system provider due to their established status as a leader in the business communications industry. They have the resources to innovate and offer a diverse range of phone systems that include Cloud and Onsite phone systems for businesses with different requirements, sizes, and budgets.

Mitel phone systems are well-designer and are incredibly easy to use, with the majority of users experiencing smooth and improved communication. Therefore, Mitel phone systems are a worthwhile investment for your business.


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