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Lily Comms Phone System Review

Lily Comms


Did you know that while Lily Comms is a newcomer to the industry, over 2,500 businesses have chosen them for their tailored telecoms solutions?

Or, that they offer a wide range of solutions for all of your businesses needs regarding hardware, software, internet or phone lines?

In this guide, you’ll learn everything you need to know about Lily Comms, including who they are and what they can offer your business.

What’s in this review?


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Let’s dive in and find out more.

Who is Lily Comms?

Lily Comms was established in 2009, which makes it one of the newer players in the market, however, in their short time, they have already experienced success.

Working from their main office in Leeds with specialist teams all across the UK, Lily Comms has already signed up over 2,500 businesses including big names like the NHS, Specsavers and Citroen.

With simple plans for businesses of every size, Lily Comms has a contract for you.

Why Should you Choose Lily Comms?

So, why should you choose Lily Comms? What can they do for your business?

✔ Have your dedicated account manager
✔ A team with 150 years of combined experience
✔ Contracts for every sized business
✔ Special offers that include superfast broadband free for 12 months
✔ Award-winning company

Which Products and Services Does Lily Comms Provide?

Now that you know what Lily Comms can offer you regarding characteristics let’s take a look at what they can help you with regarding your communications.

  • Unified communications
  • Hosted Telephony
  • Internet connectivity
  • Apps and software
  • Lily mobile

Unified communications

Mainly designed for smaller to medium size enterprises, unified communications can help your business.

For instance, Lily Comms have specific phone systems for small businesses that generally have around 1 to 10 employees.

Like the Ericsson-LG eMG80 Hybrid Communications Platform which, according to them, delivers the very best phone systems available on the market.

This allows you to communicate over IP networks which can deliver many advantages over hybrid technologies.

In doing so, it helps your small businesses to become more efficient and productive as well as being cost-efficient.

With iPECS eMG80, you can grow to over 100 different users.

Again, most noteworthy, Lily Comms gives you the opportunity to save money on your communications while being uncompromising on quality.


✔ Remote connectivity
✔ Minimal cost to overcoming geological boundaries
✔ Multi-site networking
✔ Integrated Auto Attendant / Voice Mail
✔ IP-Attendant
✔ Centralised Attendant
✔ E-mail Notification
✔ Centralized Voice Mail
✔ Personal Groups
✔ Mobile Extension
✔ Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)
✔ Web Call Back
✔ Green Power Save


Sometimes, things don’t always go to plan.

That’s when having constant maintenance is essential.

Lily Comms says that while their communication equipment is proven to be durable and will seldom break down, there may be a rare scenario that you need an engineer to get the system up and running to full working order.

Regardless of whether your breakdown is due to bad weather or faulty software, Lily Comms offers their customers a small yearly charge in exchange for peace of mind.

After all, with equipment that’s worth thousands and precious business hours you might lose, having reassurance can give you peace of mind.

According to Lily Comms, maintenance starts from as little as £15 a month.

They also offer something called Business Continuity, which means that in the circumstances that there is a disaster such as a flood, your workers will be able to work remotely until you can return to your office.


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Mobile Working

In this modern age, it matters less where you work and more about having the tools you require, to be able to have consistent working experience from anywhere and everywhere.

As a result, Lily Comms offers mobile working solutions by working with Ericsson-LG iPECS.

✔ Delivers the same user experience regardless of your location
✔ As you can pick up the phone to your customers from anywhere, you lower the risk of missing out on providing excellent customer service
✔ Allows your workers to work wherever they want; from the office, at home or their local cafe
✔ Typically, smartphones can cost around £500. That’s why maximising your investment is essential, so why not make the most out of them wherever you are?

Multi-site Phone System

Using their cutting-edge iPECS UCP, Lily Comms can connect your multi-site phone system to cut down on your costs, as you won’t need to install a system in every one of your businesses sites.

Why choose Lily Comms for your telephone communications?

✔ Saves you money
✔ Leading technology
✔ Multi-award winning
✔Tailored solutions
✔ Personal Account Manager
✔ The friendly expert
✔ Everything under one roof
✔ Over 2500 happy clients
✔ 24/7 support available
✔ Your custom supports charity

Phone System Relocations

Lily Comms specialises in helping businesses relocate from one premise to another.

They can offer you a whole range of services to make the transition as simple and pain-free as possible.

Your old communications can be upgraded to provide you with the latest technology from their wide range of products, but some packages can offer you a bespoke solution that is catered to the individual needs of your business.

If an upgrade isn’t required for your communication services, Lily Comms can still help you with your office move.

They have a team of highly experienced and specialised communications engineers, who can re-install telecommunications software and hardware, cabling any sized workplace and ensuring the infrastructure is in place for when you move in.

Digital Voucher Scheme

Leeds City Council has launched a digital voucher scheme that is aimed towards small and medium-sized businesses, to encourage digital maturity.

Your business could get between £1000 and £5000 to spend on IT, communications or digital investments to help develop your company.

These digital vouchers will pay 40% of the costs towards this investment, the rest needing to be paid by your business.

For example, if you buy a telephone system costing £5000 from Lily Comms, your voucher will pay £2000, and you will have to pay the £3000 that remains; this is an excellent saving, as you mostly get this system for only 60% of the cost.

Hosted Telephony

Lily Comms offers award-winning cloud systems to optimise efficiency and increase revenue.

This consists of Lily Cloud which brings all the features from an on-site phone system and delivers them through the cloud.

Plus Horizon, a complete hosted VoIP communications service for business that provides a vast range of fixed and mobile telephony capabilities, through an easy-to-use web portal.

Lily Cloud

Lily Cloud delivers an on-site IP-PBX, which provides full PBX features and functionality together with the flexibility of cloud technology.

So, what is a cloud-based phone system?

Essentially, it is a system that is hosted in the cloud (the internet) instead of being physically stored on your premises.

Your supplier hosts the system themselves in their secure data centres and will divert your calls to a desktop PC in your office. They use VoIP technology which uses the internet to make calls, rather than traditional phone lines.

✔ VoIP technology delivers high-quality calls
✔ Saves you money as it’s cheaper than ISDN or Analogue technology
✔ Save between 30% and 60% on your monthly line rental
✔ Disaster-proof as it can’t be destroyed in the event of an accident
✔ Connect back to your phone system in another location

Lily Comms uses the Lily Cloud to offer you reliable and straightforward communications to your desktop from their highly secure data centres; so basically they manage your phone system for you, and you use your headset, web portal or applications to access everything you need.

Would it work with your business?

Because Lily Comms created Lily Cloud to suit all different sizes of business, regardless of whether you have an office or multiple locations globally, they offer on-demand features and same day provisioning to add or remove users quickly.

Plus, Lily Cloud offers your company simple tools for collaboration, with on-demand access to features and the ability to add or remove users it can be flexible and suit your businesses needs.

With fully featured handsets and simple web, PC or smartphone interfaces your users will understand the benefits of Lily Cloud in no time at all.

  • Flexibility
  • Reliable and resilient
  • Enhanced connectivity
  • Unified Communications
  • Full phone system features
  • Cost savings


The demand for systems that use VoIP is steadily increasing every year as the technology advances quickly.

Horizon is a service that is award-winning, and boasts excellent features, benefits and usability that doesn’t cost the earth but still provides top tier service.

Horizon is a fully hosted VoIP communication services for your business. This allows administrators to manage your communication and maximise your productivity efficiently.

You can use administration via the web, which will take the strain away from your IT team as you will have access to a wide range of mobile telephony facilities via an easy to use web portal.

Horizon is suitable for any sized businesses that want to improve their productivity, and perhaps most importantly, their image.

  • Reliable service
  • A single solution, from handsets to core network
  • Grow your sales
  • Future-proof
  • Fixed and mobile integration
  • Price flexibility

So, what exactly is a VoIP system?

A Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) makes calls by using the internet, with a VoIP phone, adapter or compatible software.

It essentially converts your voice into little packets of data from your end of the ‘line’ to your customer or colleague. Transmitting these over the internet as data and then turning them back to voice signals.

Communications Package & Call Bundle

For a limited time, Lily Comms are running a promotion for their best business communications package and call bundle, called ‘the 3 for free’.

If you buy a communications system this is what you’ll receive:

Free broadband for your business over 12 months
Free line rental for around six months
Local, national and mobile calls for 12 months for free

After the promotion has finished, Lily Comms won’t just hike up the prices to an unreasonable amount.

Get a full quote for your business here.

Keep in mind that some business telephony system suppliers require you to have a bespoke quote, as it is hard to estimate without specific information.


For broadband, Lily Comms can offer you super-fast packages that start from £25.99.

This allows your business to communicate more efficiently and in more ways with your colleagues and clients than ever before.

You can enjoy lightning fast uploads, downloads and seamless video conferencing, which name just a few of the benefits you could be experiencing.

✔ Surf or download at incredible speeds
✔ Enjoy higher quality voice and video calls
✔ Less waiting time for big files
✔ Improve the performance of virtual private networks
✔ Prepare for the future


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Lily Mobile

Keeping new GDPR regulations in mind, it is easier to stay compliant by having dedicated mobiles for business. Rather than using personal devices.

That’s one of the reasons why Lily Mobile might be great for you, but here are some other benefits too:

  • Communicate without compromise
  • Using mobile management software, you can wipe and control lost devices
  • Your tariff is reviewed every 6-months to ensure you are getting what you need
  • Lily Comms have an award-winning team
  • They aren’t tied to any network so they can build you the most cost-effective solution
  • Integrate your business mobiles with your existing Lily solutions

For a quote, check it out here.

What’s Next?

Finally, Lily Comms is a top provider of the latest business phone systems in the UK.

This review has explored what Lily Comms has to offer by providing a breakdown of the various solutions they provide to ensure that before you buy a telephone system for your business, regardless of the size of your business, you can make a well-informed decision.

You do not need to hassle and spend endless hours scouring the internet for different reviews and costings.

ExpertSure are here to help you get the best quotes from suppliers who are trustworthy and ready to offer genuine solutions for your business.


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