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Top 10 Commercial Vehicle Trackers in 2019

 Commercial Vehicle Tracking

Do you run a company that has a fleet of vehicles to keep an eye on?

Did you know that commercial vehicle tracking can help your business to become much more efficient, not only in regards to fuel consumption but also in vehicle routes?

In this guide, you’ll find out everything you need to know about commercial vehicle tracking, including what it is and how it can benefit you and your company.

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What’s in this guide?

Top 10 Commercial Vehicle Trackers

1. Tracker


Type: Telematics company

Pricing: £462

Trustpilot Score: 3/5

Tracker offers their customers a range of telematics solutions to help manage your cars, vans or even fleets with exceptional software and tracking devices.

The locate manager means that you can benefit from tracking vehicles in real time and review things such as how well they are being driven.

✔ Stolen vehicle recovery service
✔ Defence against car theft
✔ Monitor where your vehicles are
✔ See how well they are being driven
✔ Business mileage reporting
✔ Journey playback

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2. FleetSmart


Type: Telematics company

Pricing: £65 installation fee + £19.95 a month

FleetSmart has 14 years of experience with 1,800 satisfied customers today, specialising in developing a personal service while providing one of the best tracking systems in the market.

This software includes Google mapping with satellite images, with things such as excel reports so you can see what your vehicles are doing and where they have been.

✔ Free setup
✔ Lifetime warranty
✔ Email and excel reports
✔ Full report suite
✔ Speeding and idle alerts
✔ Google maps

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3. Vodafone V Auto Car Tracker


Type: Telematics company

Pricing: £85 + £4 monthly

Trustpilot Score: 1/5

The Vodafone V Auto Car Tracker is a car tracker that is mostly used on a personal basis, providing customers with a cost-effective way to track their cars, especially in the case of theft.

It can also help you with things such as working out how well you have been driving.

✔ Gives you a driver safety score
✔ Works with most cars made after 2003
✔ Sim is built into the device
✔ On-call help in the event of an accident

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4. Rewire Security

Rewire Security

Type: Telematics company

Pricing: £130

Trustpilot Score: 4/5

Rewire Security specialises in high-quality GPS software for tracking individual vehicles, fleets and body-worn cameras for those in positions of authority.

And the price gives it one of the best values for money in regards to car trackers.

Providing services to 500+ businesses in the UK, they claim that their software has been an irreplaceable tool for many fleet managers.

✔ Speed alerts
✔ Route history
✔ Alerts for idling
✔ Ignition status
✔ Out of hours usage
✔ Push notifications

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5. Back2You


Type: Telematics company

Pricing: £150

Trustpilot Score: 5/5

With a history of almost 20 years, Back2You produces GPS systems to the UK police force and security services, which includes devices such as fleet tracking and individual car trackers.

The Guardian Magnetic GPS Tracker from Back2You attaches to your vehicle, and you can use your phone to call your tracker, and it will pingback with its exact location.

✔ Movement alerts via text
✔ All you need is a working SIM
✔ 3-month battery life
✔ Magnetic attachment
✔ SIM card included
✔ No subscription necessary

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6. Quartix


Type: Telematics company

Pricing: Free to all customers

Google Play Score: 3.8/5

Quartix offers many different products and services for their customers, including vehicle tracking, timesheets, management tools and things like fleet management.

The handy Quartix app allows you to view the real-time location of your vehicles at any time, with things like a list of your trucks and trip data for the last six months.

✔ Free download for Quartix customers
✔ List your vehicles
✔ See where each of them are
✔ Follow each vehicle which keeps the map updated

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7.  Kinesis

Type: Telematics company

Pricing: Free

Google Play Score: 4.4/5

Kinesis offers their users an application that can help their customers to view their vehicles, as well as things like their location, from anywhere with internet access.

With security such as fingerprint scanning, you can rest assured that your information is safe and won’t be duplicated or lost.

✔ Location tracking
✔ Vehicle lists
✔ Fingerprint authentication
✔ Journey history update

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8.  Masternaut

Masternaut App

Type: Telematics company

Pricing: Free

Google Play Score: 4/5

Masternaut offers many different solutions when it comes to vehicles and vehicle tracking, including the SmarterDriver app from Masternaut.

The application was designed for both personal and professional use, with tools like logging your business mileage use and checks your vehicles.

✔ No app training required
✔ Differentiate between personal and business use
✔ Create expense reports
✔ Cut down any potential paperwork
✔ You must be an existing customer

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9.  Corvus GPS

Corvus App

Type: App company

Pricing: Free

Google Play Score: 4.1/5

Corvus GPS offers their customers GPS tracking applications for both personal and business use which feature cost-effective tracking, fleet management and workforce tracking.

This advanced application even includes things like information about temperature when it comes to delivering cool items.

✔ Track your vehicles
✔ Hardwired devices
✔ Records trips automatically
✔ Temperature monitoring
✔ Track assets, vehicles and employees
✔ Look at routes from the past
✔ Create groups of your vehicles

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10.  MyCarTracks


Type: App company

Pricing: Free / $3 / $7

Google Play Score: 4.4/5

Used by over 3,000 businesses, MyCarTracks can help you to keep track of your employees or your vehicle use by utilising this free automatic tracking app.

This app can do things like help you to leverage your data and become more operationally efficient, or help you save on tax deductions.

✔ Record your drivers automatically
✔ Detects the end of your driving route
✔ Create custom reports
✔ Analyse your driver’s routes
✔ Automated log books for payroll
✔ Dispatch work orders on a daily basis
✔ Ability to see how well your drivers are driving

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What is commercial vehicle tracking?

Commercial vehicle tracking allows you to track all of the vehicles in your company’s fleet, as well as individuals cars too.

Usually, you can choose between either software or applications, and your best choice will depend on many different factors which you can see below.

How can commercial vehicle tracking help me?

Here’s how commercial vehicle tracking can help you and your business.

✔ Track your vehicles in real time
✔ See how well your drivers are driving
✔ Check your driver’s routes for efficiency
✔ See which one of your drivers are available to take on an assignment
✔ Track things like the temperature of your vehicles
✔ View extensive reporting on your company’s efficiency
✔ Check your fuel consumption

Where can I find commercial vehicle trackers?

There are a couple of ways you can find commercial vehicle trackers.

Firstly, you can opt to approach each vehicle tracker company on an individual basis and try to find a tracker that suits you best.

This could potentially take quite a long time, as to ensure that you are getting the best deal you should try and find quotes from as many companies as possible.

On the other hand, you could use a handy comparison tool like the one at the top of the page, which can help you to view all of your available options in mere minutes.

Who offers the best commercial vehicle tracker?

Finding out who offers the best commercial vehicle tracker for you and your company depends on many different factors, which might include:

  • The price of the software or app
  • How advanced it is
  • Any additional features on offer
  • The size of your fleet
  • Whether you need special extras like temperature monitoring

For instance, Corvus GPS offers free applications which you can use to track your assets, record trips automatically and look at your past routes.

What is the typical contract for commercial vehicle tracking?

Typically, a contract for commercial vehicle tracking could be from 3 to 7 years in length.

However, there are some companies such as Business Vehicle Tracking which offers 30-day rolling contracts.

What kind of prices can I expect?

When it comes to prices for commercial tracking, you can usually expect to pay between £65 and £500.

The software will likely be more expensive for extra features such as temperature monitoring or vehicle recovery in the case of theft.

Do I need to have expensive software to track my fleet?

This depends entirely on how advanced you want your software or application to be.

Sometimes, a free GPS tracking app might give you all of the information you need regarding locating your drivers and their routes.

Or, you might want a more advanced solution that allows you to be able to not only track where your vehicles are, but also look at things such as how well your driver is driving.

More complex software could cost you around £150.

Is commercial vehicle tracking only for large fleets?

No, when it comes to tracking your vehicles, you can benefit from tracking large fleets as well as tracking individual cars for small businesses.


Because becoming more fuel efficient, and having software or apps that don’t have limitations means that you can copy the same strategy for one vehicle.

So, you can expand your business with the knowledge that you know how to instruct your new driver.


Would commercial vehicle tracking benefit you and your business?

Luckily, there are many different options to choose from such as free applications, basic software and even top end advanced devices.

If you’d like to compare all of your options right now, why not check out the comparison tool at the top of the page? Or, you can look at the ExpertSure guides here.

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