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Teletrac Navman – Review, Prices & How To Get The Best Deal

Teletrac Navman

Teletrac Navman is an award-winning company who is known for its innovation, development and commitment to high-quality customer service.

Do you want to find out what Teletrac Navman could offer you and your business?

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In this review, you’ll discover what you need to know about Teletrac Navman, including who they are, their fees and customer reports.

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What’s in this guide?

Who is Teletrac Navman?

Teletrac Navman Screenshot

Teletrac Navman has 25 years of experience in their industry, with over 40,000 customers around the globe and tracks a massive 500,000 vehicles today over six continents.

With experience in providing tracking and fleet management services and software to different industries, including construction and passenger transport, Teletrac Navman can provide you with comprehensive information about your business.

This means being able to analyse data about your company’s productivity, share information with your team and improve your overall efficiency.

Teletrac Navman has won awards such as the CES Innovation Award for Software and Mobile Apps in 2016, Company of the Year 2014 and Gold Award for the Most Innovative Company in 2015.

This was an award from the American Business Awards, as Teletrac Navman has headquarters worldwide, including a base in Illinois.

Some of their locations include the United Kingdom, USA, Australia, Mexico and New Zealand, making them a truly global company.

Teletrac Navman Costs and Fees

Like many suppliers of telematics, tracking and fleet management devices and software, Teletrac Navman doesn’t offer their customers any transparent pricing on their website.

This might be because your quote will be tailored to your specific needs.

Such as, whether you only need tracking for vehicles, or whether you want to add asset tracking and fleet performance reports.

It might also be customised to the size of your business, how many vehicles or assets you need to track as well as other functionalities like job site management solutions and fleet safety.

You can also benefit from their professional services, which might include helping you to reduce your fuel consumption — or maintaining your vehicles to a high standard.

Teletrac Navman Core Services

Teletrac Navman offers a wide range of core services for its customers, which includes software and safety solutions for fleets, vehicles, assets and work equipment.

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of choosing Teletrac Navman and how they could help you and your business.

Vehicle Tracking

The GPS tracking devices and software from Teletrac Navman can give you information about your vehicle’s location live. Which you can track on a map and easily divert vehicles as and when necessary to alternative routes.

This can allow you to optimise the paths your fleet will take, adapt when there is a change in traffic and help boost the productivity of your drivers.

So, you can streamline your process, send information to your drivers directly and integrate this software with other available products to help you to manage your fleet.

Fleet Management

The fleet management software from Teletrac Navman provides customers with real-time tracking of their vehicles from anywhere, at any time, from their comprehensive software.

This includes handy information such as fuel consumption and your vehicle’s maintenance record as well, which can help you to identify vehicles that might be up for repairs or servicing.

You can track each one of your vehicles instantly, on an interactive map which will give you accurate knowledge of exactly where your employees are.

Using this information can help you to dispatch your drivers for assignments better, and check that there’s no idling or a waste of fuel.

Being able to stay compliant is also an essential part of managing your fleet, which is why the Teletrac Navman software will help you to monitor tachographs. And, make sure your drivers are taking their breaks regularly, according to the law in the UK.

This can help you to stay road safe, and avoid the risk of hefty fines.

Their Director tools will allow you to analyse data and set some specific goals for your company. Such as reducing your overall costs and make the most out of your assets.

Fleet Safety

As well as keeping an eye on the hours your drivers have been on the road, another critical factor is the behaviour of your drivers while they are on the clock.

For instance, the Teletrac Navman GPS fleet tracking will give you detailed information about your driver’s skills. Such as if they break suddenly, corner too hard or if they break speeding limitations.

So, you can then send your driver’s safety scores to give them feedback on their driving, or you could utilise the Teletrac Navman driver training program.

Using this platform will allow you to give your drivers hints about their driving in real time, which they can view themselves, and you can identify which drivers might need more training.

They will receive driver scores which can encourage healthy competition within your fleet, which you can use as a leaderboard to show off your employees.

There is also the ability to check on the status of your vehicle, by showing you schedules of your cars due for maintenance, which you can set automatically.

Your drivers can also log their inspection checks, so you can quickly switch vehicles or send a truck in for repairs.

Teletrac Navman Reviews

Teletrac Navman has an overall average score on third-party websites such as Trustpilot. Where they have a 3/5 rating out of a total of 565 individual reviews from their customers.

65% of their reviews are in the excellent 5-star category, 16% are in the 1-star category, and the rest fall somewhere in the middle.

Many of the positive reviews state that the products are of high quality. Also, their products are easy to use, and there is fantastic support from their experienced and professional customer support.

Although online reviews aren’t always the most accurate and trustworthy, they should still be considered when you are comparing vehicle trackers and suppliers.

Positive Teletrac Navman Review

Maggie Haugh on Trustpilot: Thank you for the excellent service! You went above and beyond to help figure out the account issues I was having.

Negative Teletrac Navman Review

Joe Tamburo on Trustpilot: No follow through nobody even reads the notes on your tickets.

Teletrac Navman Customer Support

Do you need to get in touch with Teletrac Navman?

Here’s how you can contact Teletrac Navman today, either by phone or contact form.

  • Call 0123 475 9090 for their headquarters in Milton Keynes
  • Call 01782 557 950 for their headquarters in Staffordshire
  • Fill out the contact form here for support with sales
  • Fill out the contact form here for customer support
  • You can also fill out this form for service work requests

Finally, you can find Teletrac Navman at these addresses:

Teletrac Navman

K1, Kents Hill Business Park

Milton Keynes


United Kingdom

There is also this location in the UK.

Teletrac Navman

Keele University Science Park

Innovation Centre 2



Comparing Teletrac Navman


Customer Score

Software Flexibility


Teletrac Navman ★★★ ★★★★ Bespoke
Tracker ★★★ ★★★★★ £462
Rewire Security ★★★★ ★★★★ £130
Back2You ★★★★★ ★★★★★ £150
Tracker Fit ★★★★ ★★★★★ £199


In conclusion, Teletrac Navman offers its customers full fleet management and safety software and devices. Which can be used to track your assets, remain compliant and keep your employees safe.

So, have you learnt what you need to know about Teletrac Navman?

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Teletrac Navman Review
  • Customer Score
  • Pricing
  • Software Flexibility

Final Verdict

Teletrac Navman is a globally recognised, award-winning company, who can provide customers with comprehensive tracking for both vehicles, assets, fleets and equipment.


✔ Wide services on offer
✔ Encourage safe driving
✔ Keep your vehicles maintained


✗ No clear pricing
✗ Average Trustpilot score

Filwood Green Business Park
1 Filwood Park Lane

0800 234 3036