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Best 24 Business Telephone Systems For Your Small Business

Small Businesses Phone SystemsSo you need a new business telephone system?

Maybe you need to ramp up your sales operation, or perhaps you are trying and bolt down rising costs? Whatever your reason, our expert guide will show you the top UK providers, systems and handsets so you can make an informed decision.

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This article has everything you need to know about phone systems for small businesses. Keep on reading, and you’ll soon discover the answers to all your questions, including types, features, prices and more!

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Top 12 Systems


It’s time to introduce you to some of the top business telephone system providers in the UK, and their solutions. So here goes our list of the top 12 (and later you can find the top 12 handsets).





  • 8×8 offers multiple editions of their Virtual Office cloud-based phone system
  • Work remotely with 8×8 applications that are compatible with smartphones, tablets, and computers
  • Powerful business phone features including auto-attendant, call recording, reporting, and secure voice encryption
  • Tailored business phone system packages for businesses of all sizes

Supplier Rating: 

8×8 are a household name amongst businesses due to their products in cloud-based and communication services. For the past four consecutive years, they have been awarded as the best Cloud Unified Communications leader by IHS Markit. Their clients include McDonalds and Regus, which demonstrates the popularity and efficiency of their business solutions.

For small businesses, 8×8 offers a cloud-based VoIP system that has multiple unified communication features such as a business softphone, visual voicemail, video calling, directory, and web conferencing.

You can purchase additional IP phones and add certain PBX features such as extension dialling, call recording, and call transfers.

8×8 claims to be able to cut your monthly phone bills in half, and have a wide variety of call plans, including one that allows you to make calls to up to 46 countries.

Besides their small business solutions, 8×8  also offers industry-specific services for healthcare, manufacturing, recruitment, and call centres.

What are the benefits of the 8×8 phone system for your business?

  • Easy to use a cloud-based phone system that provides you with a variety of features, mobile applications, and integration with other cloud-based services
  • Complete control over your communication network through an accessible online account management system
  • Secure business communication solution that also scales with your business
  • Stay in touch with your employees, customers, and suppliers no matter where you are





  • RingCentral Office is a Cloud-based VoIP system
  • Bring Your Device (BYOD) lets you make and receive calls from the same business number on different devices
  • Integrates with Salesforce, Oracle, Google, ZenDesk, Microsoft, Dropbox, Desk, and Box
  • Essential business phone features including business SMS, voicemail, conferencing, and team collaboration
  • Easily manage and control your communication network online
  • Four unique plans for businesses of different sizes and needs

Supplier Rating: 

RingCentral is another popular provider that offers cloud-based business phone systems for small businesses that incorporates essential functions such as call management, conferencing, HD video meetings into an accessible platform. Over 350,000 businesses worldwide use RingCentral due to their flexible, small business-friendly solutions.

Firstly, you have full control of your business communication network and can tailor your solution to match your business needs by using additional features such as a mobile app that allows you to bring your device.

RingCentral’s cloud-based VoIP phone software is also integratable with other cloud-based applications such as Skype, Google, Microsoft, and Salesforce. This provides your business with more convenience, as most of your business applications are available and accessible on a single platform.

What’s more, RingCentral offers a free trial for your business and a straightforward monthly fee structure. They even promise to save over 30% against traditional phone systems and offer industry-specific solutions for businesses in retail, financial services, real estate, and more.

What are the benefits of the RingCentral phone system for your business?

  • Flexible business communication since you can use any of your other smartphone and tablet devices in place of your office phone
  • Independence to manage and control your business communication solution online, such as adding users and reconfiguring settings
  • Save up to 60% on your current phone charges
  • The simple monthly pricing plan
  • Eliminate expensive costs associated with the installation, configuration, and maintenance of traditional phone systems


Mitel Logo


  • Mitel offers both PBX and cloud-based VoIP business phone systems
  • Public, Private, or Hybrid cloud platforms that are either hosted by you or your provider
  • Voice, Video, and Collaboration features
  • Seamless mobile integration that allows you to work remotely
  • Integrates with your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system

Supplier Rating: 

Mitel is a global telecommunications company that offers cloud-based VoIP, IP-PBX, and on-site business phone systems. They offer a wide range of choices and flexibility that enable you to tailor solutions according to your business needs.

Mitel also provides extensive coverage of industry-specific solutions for education, government, financial services, retail, professional services, and more.

Their small business phone systems also accommodate a range of communication needs such as increased mobility where you can be reached anywhere through any device, via a single number.

To make sure that you have access to the essential functions, Mitel maintains the basic business phone features for small businesses such as voicemail, instant messaging, web conferencing, video calling, as well as Unified Communications.

Furthermore, Mitel integrates multiple layers of security into their services such as prevention of unauthorized access, Internet VoIP attacks, and voice encryption.

What are the benefits of a Mitel phone system for your business?

  • Stay connected to your business no matter where you are
  • Access and manage your communication online
  • Choose what level of security and management you want over your phone system, between the public, private, and hybrid cloud platforms
  • Improve your employee’s efficiencies through increasing your interconnectivity with the cloud-based VoIP system


Cisco Logo


  • Cloud-based IP phone system with specialized options for small, medium, and large businesses
  • Essential features including call parking, transfer, hold, voicemail, creating hunt groups, and conferencing
  • Two-factor authentication when authorizing a new device to integrate with your business phone
  • Secure data-encryption of all your information
  • The online management system of your network
  • Over 4 million IP Phone system customers

Supplier Rating: 

Cisco is a multinational technology company that offers business phone systems and services to a large range of business types and sizes. They give you the option to manage your communication network and scale the features to match your business needs.

Their diverse collection of business phone systems use VoIP technology to enhance your business communication and collaboration experience. Cisco also offers Unified Communications to integrate your communication system onto a single platform, including features such as voice calling, video conferencing, instant messaging, and more.

Cisco also takes into account the working capital availability of small businesses, and have solutions that provide efficient communication between employees and customers, at an affordable price.

What are the benefits of Cisco phone system for your business?

  • Compatible a wide range of IP phones, which allows you to freely choose whichever office phone model you want without being limited by your phone system provider
  • Easily manage your network online to set your personal preferences, add new users, and access other calling features
  • Start using the Cisco phone system within a day of receiving your shipment
  • Business phone system comes with your chosen preconfigured settings, which saves you time and allows for seamless deployment


BT Logo


  • BT offers two types of business phone system solutions: cloud-based VoIP and PBX
  • Tailored solutions for small businesses
  • Unlimited call packages
  • Supports mobile and remote working
  • Inclusive maintenance services as part of your plan

Supplier Rating: 

BT (British Telecommunications) is a trusted and long-serving phone systems provider based in the UK. They offer communication solutions that are small businesses-friendly, with rates that begin at only £6.40 per user per month.

Currently, BT gives you a choice between Cloud-based VoIP system, On-premises PBX system, and their cloud-based BT One Phone solution which combines your business and mobile phones.

You should know that when you use BT as your phone systems provider, their systems work best with their broadband and phone models.

What this means is that you will most likely have to use BT exclusively for your entire communication solution.

Although it somewhat limits your freedom to pick and choose, it also means that setting up and maintenance becomes a lot simpler when you use a single provider for everything.

What’s more, BT VoIP phone systems also have features that improve your interconnectivity with your employees as well as your customers. These include hot desking, video and web conferencing, and voicemail-to-email.

What are the benefits of BT phone system for your business?

  • Cloud-based phone system cuts hardware and maintenance costs
  • More flexibility to make and receive calls from your office phone, mobile, and computer, all through the same business phone number
  • Simple, low-cost setup and maintenance
  • Easily scale your phone system as your business grows, through convenient online management of your network





  • Business phone system as a cloud service that only requires an Internet connection
  • A completely online system that eliminates the need for expensive telephony hardware
  • Scalable communication solution
  • 150+ functions
  • Free updates
  • Simple monthly contracts
  • Intelligent features such as SRTP voice encryption, click-to-dial, computer telephony integration (CTI), and web conferencing.


Supplier Rating: 

Since their beginning in 2007, NFON has steadily risen in popularity as a top VoIP phone systems provider in Europe and the UK. NFON provides quality, scalable cloud VoIP phone systems for businesses of all sizes. They don’t require you to purchase any bulky, expensive hardware since their telephone system operates as a cloud service.

Furthermore, NFON also offers no minimum contract term, which means that they provide you with an unmatched level of flexibility where you can use their service at your chosen level. Their rolling monthly contracts mean that you’ll pay as you go, and have no long-term commitments.

With the NFON phone system, you will no longer be limited by location. Their VoIP system allows you to make and receive calls, as well as perform 150 other business phone functions, from any communication device including your mobile phone.

What are the benefits of NFON phone system for your business?

  • Experience the reliability and security of a cloud telephone system, instead of expensive and faulty in-house systems
  • A communication network that is easy to use and manage online
  • Up to 50% in savings when compared to traditional phone systems
  • Add employees, change settings, and more, all within a few clicks
  • Supports remote working, as you can always be reached by the same office number

Lily Comms


Lily Comms

  • Fully hosted cloud-based VoIP business phone systems with UC features
  • Valuable features include integrated auto attendant/voicemail, email notifications, IP-attendant, mobile extensions, and web callback
  • Low initial fees and transparent monthly charges
  • End-to-end single communication solution
  • Fast and effective customer service that provides 24/7 support

Supplier Rating: 

Lily Comms are a relatively new VoIP provider in the UK who have provided award-winning phone systems for over 2500 businesses and are dedicated to providing their customers with the most suitable communication solutions.

Moreover, Lily Comms offers personalized and efficient customer service, as well as unique, specialized solutions for industries such as hospitality, business services, and health care.

They are one of the most cost-effective providers in the UK, with rates beginning at £6.99 per user per month. What’s more is that Lily Comms also boasts an impressive portfolio of client success stories, including customers such as Lidl and the NHS.

What are the benefits of Lily Comms phone system for your business?

  • Specialized business phone systems that are recommended according to your business size and communication need such as UC or mobile working
  • Supports growth and expansion for small businesses
  • Lily Comms handles setup and maintenance, relieving you from the burden of having to hire capable IT staff
  • Work remotely and remain connected to your cloud-based business phone system through an Internet connection




  • Cloud-based VoIP business phone system and SIP trunking for PBX systems
  • Keep your existing business phone number
  • Over 150 advanced features including integration with cloud-based applications
  • Work from anywhere and any mobile device
  • Easily add new users to your phone system through your account online
  • Personable and efficient customer service

Supplier Rating: 

Sipgate is a small business-friendly phone systems provider, originally hailing from Dusseldorf, Germany. Since 2004. Sipgate has worked to become a trusted, innovative provider with full transparency of their products and prices. They currently work with over 15,000 businesses across Europe and the UK.

They offer cloud-based VoIP phone systems, as well as SIP trunking, that both seamlessly with a wide range of phone models. If you’re unsure about signing on, Sipgate also provides a free 30-day trial, and month-to-month contracts with no minimum.

One of the primary selling points of Sipgate is that they provide a business phone system that maximises your interconnectivity and communication in your company. No matter where you are, you can be easily reached via the same business phone number.

What are the benefits of the SIPgate phone system for your business?

  • Experience a higher level of flexibility with no minimum contracts
  • Manage your entire business phone system online
  • Transparent, simple fees with one call package for your entire company
  • Stay connected with the same business phone number for your business, no matter where you and your employees are
  • Personalized packages that are tailored to your business communication needs




  • Cloud-based business phone system with PBX features
  • Experience reliable PBX telephony without the high cost
  • Allows you to work remotely from any device
  • Advanced phone features including call and user management, call recording, and a multi-level backup system
  • Integrates with CRM systems and browsers such as Salesforce and Chrome
  • Preconfigured settings that provide seamless pairing with office phones from different providers including Cisco, Snom, Mitel, and Polycom

Supplier Rating: 

Telappliant is an award-winning IP PBX phone systems provider that offers integrated cloud-based solutions covering a wide range of solutions including voice communication, business internet, and other cloud services.

Over the past 14 years, Telappliant has helped over 20,000 businesses grow using a range of specialized and customizable products. They currently hold a 9.5/10 rating on Trustpilot, with customers praising cost-savings and scalable communication solutions.

As an industry expert, Telappliant has accumulated enough experience to understand your unique business communication needs to offer cost-effective solutions that streamline and improve your communication.

What are the benefits of the Telappliant phone system for your business?

  • Cloud communication allows you to save more money than using traditional phone line rentals
  • Make calls through the Internet with HD voice quality for the best calling experience
  • Increase your productivity and interconnectivity through a flexible business phone system that allows you to run your business wherever you are
  • Improve your efficiency through integration with CRM systems and browsers




  • Integrate business phone system with your mobile phone
  • Useful features such as a smartphone app, virtual receptionist, and call recording
  • Keep your existing number
  • Easy DIY set up
  • Packages starting at £12/month (excluding VAT)

Supplier Rating: 

Vonage provides flexible VoIP phone systems for all types of businesses, including small businesses. Their easy to use the system not only allows you to keep your existing phone number but also gives you the ability to connect your office phone line with your mobile to stay connected at all times. This is done by running your business phone system through the cloud, which allows you to work from anywhere.

Their packages begin at £12 per user per month. Vonage also claims to save up to 30% over traditional phone systems due to their easy setup, cost-effective VoIP technology, and flexible contracts.

In addition to their regular customer service, Vonage also provides further support in the form of How-to videos and downloadable user guides.

What are the benefits of Vonage phone system for your business?

  • Never miss a call and stay more connected with your employees, customers, and suppliers through linking your mobile phone with your business phone system
  • Easy to use phone system with clear instructional videos
  • Smooth installation and integration with your existing business phone number, so that your customers can always reach you
  • Free Polycom VVX101 Office VoIP Phone with every business phone system line that you purchase

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Top 12 Office Phones


The following Top 12 Office Phones are ranked in no particular order. Although they range in price and functionality, they still provide the optimal business communication solution for your business.

If your business is small and you only require basic communication functions such as conferencing and call transfer, then you would be suited to one of the simpler office phones such as the BT Converse 2300.

However, if you see rapid expansion shortly then a mod,el such as the HiHi Video Phone or Samsung IP Phone SMT-i5343 will be better suited for your business. These office phones offer more functionality in your business communication to accommodate a growing number of clients and employees.


Mitel 5304 IP Phone


  • Starts at £89.40 including VAT
  • Excellent small business-friendly office phone with the essential communication functions
  • Up to 8 programmable keys including speed dial, paging, conferencing, and voicemail
  • Stay up to date with messages and incoming call with signalling feature
  • A 40-character backlit display that also supports MiNet and SIP
  • Supplier Rating: 


The Mitel 5304 IP Phone is a great option if you are a small business watching your budget. You still get the core office phone functions such as conferencing and voicemail, which allows you to run your business better.

If you want an easy introduction to office phones, then the Mitel 5304 IP Phone is the perfect model for you. It’s all business with no complicated features, and pairs perfectly with Mitel’s own office phone systems.

What are the benefits of Mitel 5304 IP Phone for your business?

  • Saves on energy and phone bills
  • Easy to use, small-business friendly functions
  • Low-cost and durable
  • Light-up signalling features
  • Seamless dialling to internal, external, and emergency numbers


BT Converse 2300


  • Starts at £59.98
  • 1-year warranty
  • Hearing aid compatible
  • 100 name and number directory
  • Ten one-touch memory buttons for easy dialling
  • 50 number call log to keep track of recent and missed calls
  • Easy at-home setup procedure
  • Comes with an energy saving mains power adapter
  • Supplier Rating: 


The BT Converse 2300 is one of the most efficient and low-cost office phones in the market. Not only does BT offer a 1-year warranty on their product, but the BT Converse 2300 also comes with a detailed manual for hassle-free setup. Simply follow the instructions, and you’re good to go!

What’s more, online reviews consistently praise the BT Converse 2300 for its simple and inclusive design, especially for the hearing impaired. You can redial the last ten numbers, and it also comes with a 50 number call log – so you are always able to return an important call.

All in all, the BT Converse 2300 is a solid and reliable office phone.

What are the benefits of BT Converse 2300 for your business?

  • A simple machine that offers all the core office phone functions
  • A sturdy machine with accessories for wall mounting and hands-free dialling
  • Straightforward, basic features
  • Keep track of contacts with 100 name and number directory
  • Stay on top of recent and missed calls with the 50 number call log
  • Low-cost phone with the essential communication features


Cisco IP Phone 8811


  • Starts at £165
  • IP Phone with a 5-inch, 800×480 resolution grayscale display
  • 1-year warranty
  • Wideband audio for high-quality voice communications
  • Hearing aid compatible
  • Keys for core office phone functions including hold/resume, transfer, conferencing, and directory
  • Hands-free communication via full-duplex speakerphone and an external headset port
  • Wall-mountable
  • Supplier Rating: 


The Cisco IP Phone 8811 is a modern IP Phone that is ideal for small to medium-sized businesses. Starting at £165, it has more capabilities and functionalities than cheaper models, while still offering the main features of an office phone.

However, the Cisco IP Phone 8811 elevates itself with a wide range of calling features such as auto-answer, call park, music-on-hold, as well as silent monitoring and recording. Undoubtedly, you can greatly improve your business communications by taking advantage of its features. But you should still carefully consider whether £165 is a price you are willing and able to pay for your office phone.

What are the benefits of Cisco IP Phone 8811 for your business?

  • Simple design that maintains the accessible design of traditional office phones
  • Reliable and secure business communications
  • Scalable solution for small businesses to larger corporations
  • Accessible interface that allows for easy use
  • Auto-answer feature for when you are not available
  • Visual voicemail to stay up to date on important messages


Snom D375 Desk Telephone


  • Starts at £219 including VAT
  • The capacity of up to 12 SIP accounts
  • 4.3-inch high resolution, backlit colour display
  • 12 freely programmable dual-colour function keys for speed dial, extension, and more
  • Ten additional function keys on the keypad for features including transfer, conference, and Do Not Disturb mode.
  • 2 Gigabit Ethernet ports
  • High-speed USB port for mobile and WiFi devices
  • Built-in Bluetooth compatibility
  • Supplier Rating: 


The Snom D375 leans toward the high-end side of office phones. If you are a business anticipating growth in the future, then this is one of the best phones that can support that growth.

Its high-resolution colour display screen allows you to conduct business much more smoothly as it visualizes all your business communications such as your call directory, address book, and functions.

While the £219 price tag may seem a bit steep, you best believe that you’ll be getting your money’s worth with what the Snom D375 IP Phone has to offer.

What are the benefits of Snom D375 Desk Telephone for your business?

  • The clear visual presentation of your communications, contacts, and calls
  • Durable over long periods due to a non-wearing sensor hookswitch
  • Immediate access to important information
  • Supports several types of audio output including speakerphone, headset, and handset
  • Time-saving features such as conference, transfer, redial, and speed dial


Polycom VVX 201 Desktop Phone


  • Starts at £87.79 including VAT
  • SIP Phone that supports two lines
  • HD sound quality
  • Local 3-way conferencing
  • Multilingual user interface
  • 2.5-inch 132×64 monochrome backlit LCD Display
  • 12 keys with buttons for functions such as home, speaker, volume, and mute
  • 2 Ethernet ports
  • Voicemail support
  • Suitable for small to medium-sized businesses
  • Supplier Rating: 

The Polycom VVX 201 Desktop Phone is a solid office phone for small to medium-sized businesses that want a simple phone with straightforward and capable features. It improves your business phone calls and offers more functions than traditional office phones, while still maintaining ease of use.

One of their most attractive components is their HD sound quality, which promises to improve the quality of your phone calls for both your employees and customers. If you want a durable and reliable office phone, then look no further than the Polycom VVX 201 Desktop Phone.

What are the benefits of Polycom VVX 201 Desktop Phone for your business?

  • Reliable office phone with the essential business capabilities
  • HD sound quality cancels out unwanted noise and echo, thereby increasing caller experience
  • Simple and efficient installation, configuration, and upgrade processes
  • Functions well with a broad range of PBX systems and SIP platforms
  • A wide choice of call handling features including call timer, waiting, divert, transfer, and hold


Samsung IP Phone SMT-i5343


  • Starts at £384 including VAT
  • WEP, WPA, and WPA2 security
  • 1.3M Pixel camera
  • 4.3-inch 480×272 Pixel color LCD display
  • NFC or Near Field Communication for full Hot Desking capability
  • Integrates with your smartphone and mobile devices
  • Advanced features including short messaging, video calling, and phone book abilities
  • Bluetooth compatibility
  • 27 ringtones
  • Supplier Rating: 

The Samsung IP Phone SMT-i5343 is one of the best high-end office phones, offering a large range of features and functions. It provides you with more mobility and flexibility than any other office phone, as you can work on the go by “logging in/out” of your IP phones.

With its award-winning design, you’ll find that business communications become more streamlined. Not only will your employees, customers, and suppliers experience better quality calls, but the increased mobility and accessibility also allows you to run your business more efficiently.

What are the benefits of Samsung IP Phone SMT-i5343 for your business?

  • A holistic solution that allows you to successfully run your business with a fully supportive phone system
  • Potential to grow and scale with your business due to its range of capabilities and functions
  • Become more connected with your employees, customers, and suppliers by effortlessly connecting to your mobile phone as an office phone with Samsung’s UC applications
  • Experience more flexibility in the workplace through the ability to share information between office phones and mobile devices


HiHi Video Phone


  • Largest HD Color touchscreen for office phones
  • Easy-to-use display
  • Phonebook with quick search and call features
  • See the availability of your contact before you make a call
  • HD Video calls that also work on your HiHi mobile application
  • Exclusive applications such as call monitoring and business analysis that give you support to improve your workflow management
  • Bluetooth compatibility
  • Video support from HiHi customer service
  • Supplier Rating: 

The HiHi Video Phone is essentially an office phone that doesn’t look like one. What I mean by this is that almost all its functions are accessed through its large touchscreen display. The only physical aspect that remains the same as traditional phones is the presence of a receiver, which you don’t even have to use!

The HiHi Video Phone is undoubtedly one of the most advanced office phones in the market, as it completely changes and improves the way you run business communications. However, it is also important to consider if your business needs an office phone like this because a highly developed model also comes with an equally high price tag!

If you are a small business, chances are you don’t need the HiHi Video Phone. You are most likely looking for a lower cost office phone that still improves your business communication. But you’ve got to admit – it sure would be nice to have one!

What are the benefits of HiHi Video Phone for your business?

  • It is a simple, modern communication solution that helps you run your business with more efficiency
  • Operate your day-to-day business with more ease since your communication is visualized and presented on a large HD screen
  • Future-proof your business
  • Helps you improve your business through its intuitive and analytical functions
  • Large range of functionality gives you boundless possibilities to enhance your business communication


Cisco SPA525G2


  • Starts at £247.18 including VAT
  • 5-Line hosted IP Phone with easy scalability
  • Suitable for small to medium-sized businesses
  • 3.2-inch 320×240 Pixel backlit color display
  • Address book supporting up to 100 entries
  • Essential office phone features including caller ID, call waiting, transfer, forward, and 3-way conferencing
  • Make and receive calls through the handset, headset, or speakerphone
  • Bluetooth compatibility
  • Supplier Rating: 


The Cisco SPA525G2 is a VoIP-compatible office phone that provides a platform for better-streamlined communication for your business. The high-quality colour display visualizes various calling functions, which makes it easier for you to communicate with employees and customers.

Supporting up to 5 lines, the Cisco SPA525G2 is an ideal office phone for growing businesses that need a scalable communication solution. As your business expands, you won’t have to worry about whether your office phone can support the increased workload, and you will run your business worry-free.

What are the benefits of Cisco SPA525G2 for your business?

  • Ability to handle up to 5 lines means that it easily scales as your business grows
  • Integrates with your mobile device to share information such as contacts and calls
  • Give your employees, customers, and supplies the best calling experience through wideband audio that ensures the best voice and speaker quality
  • Easily reconfigure and add new features to it through seamless firmware updates


Panasonic KX-TGF320E


  • Starts at £69.99
  • 3.4-inch illuminated display with tilt function for better visibility
  • Spare batteries in case of emergency
  • One-touch dialling buttons
  • Essential office phone functions such as call block, instant volume amplification, and redial
  • Encrypted calls for higher security communication
  • Additional useful features such as Do Not Disturb mode with manual exceptions for certain contacts
  • Supplier Rating: 


The Panasonic KX-TGF320E is a simple and reliable office phone that is still budget-friendly for small businesses. Apart from offering the core office phone features, they also pack in newer functions including a Do Not Disturb mode where you can manually program exceptions for specific contacts.

It comes two pieces of hardware: a traditional corded office phone and a cordless handset, which gives you more flexibility with your communication. For only £69.99, you’re getting a bargain!

What are the benefits of Panasonic KX-TGF320E for your business?

  • Option to use either the corded or cordless handset, which gives you more flexibility to manage your communication and move around
  • Extremely budget-friendly while still offering useful features such as programmable one-touch buttons
  • Well-made and easy to use
  • Cost-effective communication solution with additional features such as nuisance call blocking and Do Not Disturb mode

Gigaset DE410 IP Pro


  • Starts at £115.20 including VAT
  • Easy setup and use
  • Compatible with multiple VoIP providers with preconfigured settings
  • Connects with PC to allow you to use the telephone function from anywhere
  • Provides core functions such as call divert, transfer, reject, conferencing calling, and automatic callback
  • Do Not Disturb mode
  • Network connectivity through Ethernet
  • Supplier Rating: 


The Gigaset DE410 IP Pro is a standard IP Phone for small to medium-sized businesses. It is extremely flexible because it comes with preconfigured settings that are specific to certain VoIP providers. What this means is that you won’t have to waste time trying to set up your office phone to support your chosen systems provider!

Plus, you can connect it with your desktop PC, which gives you more mobility to access the telephone features even while working on your desktop. The Gigaset DE410 IP Pro is has a design that is simple enough for you to easily use and improve your business communication.

What are the benefits of Gigaset DE410 IP Pro for your business?

  • Feature-rich desktop VoIP phone that has the capacity for 6 VoIP accounts
  • Handles up to 200 entries in the phonebook
  • Control the functions of your office phone through 7 programmable keys, plus a 5-way navigation key, message waiting for indicator key, and volume control key
  • Easily upgrade your firmware when you want to add or improve features
  • Save on your phone bills with the energy-saving ECO features


Polycom VVX 301

  • Starts at £103.19 including VAT
  • Supports up to 6 Lines
  • HD Voice quality
  • 208×104 Pixel backlit grayscale display
  • Enhanced processor and memory
  • Essential office phone functions including call transfer, hold, divert, and 3-way conferencing
  • Do Not Disturb mode
  • Supplier Rating: 

The Polycom VVX 301 is a straightforward office phone, suitable for small to medium-sized businesses with its simplicity and core features. It’s a sturdy phone that will scale with your business, as it supports up to 6 lines and offers HD Voice quality for better communication.

What are the benefits of Polycom VVX 301 for your business?

  • Easy to use features that focus on improving the efficiency of your employees
  • Give your employees, customers, and suppliers the best calling experience with HD Voice
  • Access your web-based applications such as Microsoft Exchange Calendars on the display screen, where you can also receive meeting reminders
  • A phone solution that seamlessly scales with your business, through handling up to 6 lines
  • Integrate with UC and productivity applications to better manage your communications better


ESI ePhone 7


  • Smartphone interface with office phone functions
  • Cloud PBX phone that provides easier visual access to popular features including call parking, transfer, and hold
  • The 7-inch colour touchscreen display
  • Find and call contacts by name in your address book
  • Intuitive Unified Communications system improves your communication experience through features such as intelligent dialling, favourite options, and synced personal contacts
  • Supplier Rating: 

The ESI ePhone 7 is a modern office phone that offers an attractive alternative to traditional button programming, paper directories, and blind voicemails. Essentially, it is a “smartphone experience on your desktop” where you have access to familiar smartphone features, but with the broader capabilities of an office phone.

Also, the advantages of Unified Communications are endless as all your voice, video, and data communication is integrated into a single, easy-to-use platform. Your business communication experience is guaranteed to improve, but consider that like the HiHi Video Phone, an office phone like this will also come with a large price tag.

What are the benefits of ESI ePhone 7 for your business?

  • The accessibility and familiarity of a smartphone, but as your office phone
  • All your communication functions displayed on the HD touchscreen
  • Increase interconnectivity between your employees by seeing who is available at any given time
  • Simplify your communication with the ability to access contacts, call history, and other communication functions with the touch of your fingers

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The top features of a business phone system are:

  • Answer phone
  • Call back service
  • Automated attendant
  • Automated payments
  • Switchboard
  • Call routing
  • On hold features like music and muting
  • After hours messaging
  • Mobile pairing
  • VoIP for lower prices
  • Wireless handsets
  • Speed dialling
  • Address book
  • Click to call from PC or Mac




To understand what business phone system is best for your business, you need to be aware of the different options that are available. While reading through each of their characteristics, you will begin to discern whether the system matches your business communication needs.


Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)

  • Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) allows you to make telephone calls using your computer or other internet-connected devices 
  • This technology comes with many features including a voicemail service which alerts you via your email when you don’t have access to your telephone. 
  • The continuous updates and improvements which are carried out on the software ensure a maintained and cost effective product. 
  • Performance dependant on access to a constant power source and a reliable internet connection.  
  • VoIP does not include emergency contacts or a phone directory as standard but users can access such services. 

PBX Systems

  • A Private Branch Exchange System (PBX System) is a traditional form of business telephone network which enables users to communicate both with internal and external users through a number of shared telephone lines.  
  • Each employee requires his/her own telephone and additional monthly service charges make this an expensive option for a business.
  • A reliable and high-quality telephone system which does not depend on internet connectivity to function unlike VoIP and other digital telephone systems.  

IP-PBX Systems

  • A telephone system which uses both ‘virtual’ and physical telephones to make and receive calls primarily over the internet using a Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) system. 
  • If a technical fault or internet outage occurs, calls can still be made through a traditional analog system.
  • IP-PBX systems offer additional services such as audio & video conferencing facilities, are highly flexible, relatively inexpensive and extremely reliable. 

On-Site Systems

  • The entire telephone system and network are physically set up and run from your office or facility.  
  • The cost of buying physical equipment and hiring in support staff to maintain the system make this one of the most expensive options.
  • The potential for breaches in security, hacks or data theft is dramatically reduced as the system is stored at your location. 

Cloud-Based Systems

  • A relatively low-cost, integrated and easy to set-up cloud-based business telephone system that runs through the Internet rather than traditional telephone lines.
  • The maintenance of your network and equipment is outsourced to your service provider allowing you to focus on making calls from your telephone, computer and other mobile devices, saving you time and money.
  • Highly dependent on the quality of service and level of security offered by your provider.




Hang in there; you’ve almost made it to the end!

But before you leave, here is a list of questions that you should consider about business phone systems, to make the best decision for your business.

  • What is the total cost?
  • Are you willing to invest in hardware and maintenance costs?
  • Does it offer the communication features your business needs?
  • Is it scalable?
  • Is it cost-effective?
  • How much control do you want over your communication network?

If you use the above questions as a guide when you are choosing a business phone system, then you can rest assured knowing that you’ll make the right choice!




All in all, the right business phone system can drastically improve your business communication, productivity, and collaboration capabilities. It enables you to improve workflow management and customer outreach, ultimately resulting in smoother operations.

As a small business, you understand the importance of finding a cost-effective solution that also enhances your business and paves the way for growth. Choosing a business phone system is no small task, but at this point, you should be well-equipped to begin shopping around.

So if you are looking for a business telephone system, click here to compare quotes now!


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