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Double Glazing Grants – What Help Is There?

GrantsInstalling double glazing can help you to save an average of up to £110 on your energy bills per year and potentially as much as £300 if you live in a very old house with windows that are older than 15 years.

However, with an average installation price starting at £300 per window (minimum), installing them can be a significant investment.

If you’re considering installing double glazing, considering potential double glazing grants can save you money if you qualify.

  • There are several double glazing grants you can consider, especially if you live in Scotland.
  • The Green Deal, which offered a double glazing grant, closed in 2015 and you can no longer get assistance.
  • If you are over 60, you may qualify for multiple double glazing grants.


In this guide you will find:

What double glazing grants are available

Grants specifically in Scotland & Ireland

Will your housing association help?

Who is responsible for costs in a rented property?

Is there any finance available?

How to save even more money on double glazing



Are there any double glazing grants?


There are numerous bodies that give out money to help with installing double glazing. However, there are no real government funded double glazing grants for general household owners. If you are receiving benefits, over the age of 60, or on disability, you may qualify for grants, otherwise there are no current grants available. The best way to lower your costs is to ensure you get the best deal by comparing quotes, or try and finance the cost.

The Green Deal – The Green Deal was the primary double glazing grant in the UK, but it has been discontinued since 2015.  The Green Deal offered up to £7,600 in loans to homeowners to install home improvements including double glazing, and was paid back through energy bills by taking the estimated cost savings per month from the energy bill. This allowed homeowners to get ‘free’ upgrades to their homes because their energy bill would remain the same and they wouldn’t have to invest money in glazing. However, the Green Deal was ended in 2015 and it will not be coming back.

Energy Company Obligation – While Green Deal double glazing grants are over, you may still have some hope for assistance with double glazing through ECO. The Energy Company Obligation does not support double glazing, but a sub scheme does. The OFGEM Carbon Savings Community Obligation (CSCO) works to install insulation and other primary heat-loss reduction materials in homes, but you may be able to get assistance with secondary measures like glazing as well, especially if yours are very old or lower than C rated. You check if you qualify for the OFGEM CSCO using the postcode checker on their site.

OFGEM CSCO ends April 2017. The ECO Scheme itself will run until September 2018.

Home Repair Assistance Grant – The Home Repair Assistance Grant is only available to persons on benefits who fall under extraordinary need. While you can get assistance with replacing double glazing through this scheme, your windows will likely have to be broken or rotted (through no cause of your own) to qualify.

If this is your situation, you can apply for a maximum of £5,000 over 3 years if you are:

  • 60 or older
  • 18 or over and receive Income Based Job Seeker’s Allowance, Income Support, Working Tax Credit, Housing Benefit, or Pension Credit
  • 18 or older, are ill, have a disability, or receive Attendance Allowance, Disability Living Allowance, or Long Term Incapacity Benefit.

Care & Repair – If you are aged 60 or older, you may qualify for Care & Repair assistance if your windows are greatly affecting your warmth, are broken, or damaged. However, availability greatly depends on your situation, fiscal need, and location.

Housing Aid for Older People Scheme – The Housing Aid for Older People Scheme is designed to assist persons over the age of 66 who are living in poor conditions. If your windows are broken, damaged, or negatively affect your ability to live in the home, the HAOPS will cover up to 95% of total costs or a maximum of £8,000. Applicants are subject to a means test, and grants are awarded based on means and need. To apply, contact your local authority and download an application from their site.

Income Percent of Costs Maximum Payout
>£30,000 95% £8,000
£30,000-£35,000 85% £6,800
£35,000-£40,000 75% £6,000
£40,000-£50,000 50% £4,000
£50,000-£60,000 30% £2,400
< £60,000 No Grant None


Double Glazing Grants in Scotland and Ireland


If you live in Scotland or Ireland, there are many more opportunities for double glazing grants.

Home Renovation Incentive – You can claim the Home Renovation Incentive for qualifying work up to a value of £30,000. To qualify, you must complete the installation before December 31, 2018. HRI is a tax credit rather than a grant, but the tax credit allows you to deduct 13.5% of qualifying expenditure from your income for up to 2 years. The credit applies to work that costs a minimum of €4,405 to complete, and the minimum credit is €595.

  • Make sure that your Local Property Tax and Household Tax are paid.
  • Check that your contractor has a VAT number
  • Check to ensure that the work is qualifying work
  • Keep all documentation

Home Energy Efficiency Programmes for Scotland (HEEPS) – HEEPS is available to Scottish private sector landlords and homeowners looking to handle home improvements. The scheme provides an interest free loan of up to £15,000 per property for home improvements including double glazing, with a 25% cashback offering. Applicants can receive up to 25% of the total cost of the work as a grant, or a maximum of £3,750. If you are installing double glazing on its own, you can qualify for an interest free loan of up to £4,500, with a cashback grant of up to £1,125.
Can I get free double glazing?

If you are over the age of 60, living on benefits, or otherwise in dire need of assistance, you may be able to get free double glazing. Otherwise, you most likely do not qualify. Green Deal was the only double glazing grant aimed at general homeowners, and there is not a replacement for the scheme.

However, you can still greatly reduce the cost of double glazing, and if you live in the right area.


Can I get assistance with double glazing through a housing association?


Many housing associations and councils set aside funds to repair and improve homes. However, they may not cover the costs of double glazing unless the glazing is necessary to providing quality of life or will greatly reduce energy bills enough to cover the costs of the installation. Contact your housing association or local council to see if they will offer you assistance.


Who’s responsible for paying for double glazing if I rent?


Private sector landlords are only responsible for home upgrades when they include repairs. This means that if your home includes old single glazing, they are not responsible for the cost of upgrading. If you choose to upgrade yourself, you will be responsible for paying for the installation, and you will need permission from the landlord to do the work.


Double glazing finance schemes


While there are no real double glazing grants for homeowners without extraordinary need, you can alleviate the cost of double glazing with a finance scheme. In most cases, finance schemes will charge a low rate per month, allowing you to make small payments over the course of the lifetime of the windows. For example, top double glazing installers like Anglian and Everest all offer finance schemes with monthly payments under £100. Ask your installer if they offer financing before signing the contract if this is an option for you.


Saving money on double glazing


If you don’t qualify for a double glazing grant, you may still be able to cut costs by researching your options, making the best decisions for your needs, and getting a good deal.

Go local – Local installers often pay less VAT, which can translate to direct savings for you.

Know what you want – If you know what windows you want and what they cost, it’s difficult to accept a higher quote. Most double glazing sales representatives work on commission, which is typically about 10-15% of the total project, so it’s in their best interest to charge you as much as-is possible. Check the frames, type of windows, glazing, and energy rating you want and then make sure you know what it should cost. If you’re quoted more, ask why.

Compare your options – Just comparing your options can save you significantly because you’ll be able to choose the best quote from all your options. Make sure that you understand what you’re getting for the quote, what’s included, and what isn’t.

If you’re ready to install double glazing, the best way to save money is to compare your options. You can use our free tool to get competitive quotes from top installers in your area. We will contact suppliers in your area to request competitive quotes, which can be up to 47% lower than getting them yourself. Then, we’ll forward you the best three quotes from top rated suppliers, so you can choose, or not. There’s no obligation.


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