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Everest Windows – Review, Prices & How To Get The Best Deal

Everest home improvementsEverest is one of the best double glazing installers in the UK, and was one of the first double glazing companies in the UK and the first mass-market seller of triple glazing. Today, Everest Home Improvement owns 3% of the UK double glazing market. If you’re considering double glazing, they are probably one of your top installer options.

  • Everest offers an industry leading guarantee with a standard 10-year guarantee on all windows and a lifetime fog and condensation guarantee 
  • Everest pricing depends greatly on how you bargain. Go into the sales visit prepared and get a good deal 
  • Everest offers premium double glazing and is not a budget company 
  • With a claimed over 700,000 product combinations, Everest has the largest range of any double glazing supplier in the UK

About Everest

Everest Home Improvement was founded in 1965 and has been a mainstay of the UK double glazing market since. While initially focused on double glazing, the company expanded to offer a wide range of home improvement offerings including triple glazing, secondary glazing, doors, conservatories, roof extensions, patios, driveways, roofline, flat roofs, garage doors, and even security systems. Today, Everest is one of the largest double glazing suppliers in the UK, and supply approximately 3% the total market (there are over 3,000 double glazing installers in the UK).

However, if you are installing double glazing, it is and investment and it is important that you know that the company you are working with can meet or exceed your needs, offer quality windows, and that they back up their installation with a good warranty and great service.

Review of Everest

Everest offers a combination of quality doors and windows, with relatively affordable costs if you can get a good quote. The double glazing manufacturer stands out for local factories producing glazing in Kent and Wales, which means that most of its products are manufactured in the UK.  Everest also offers a quality customer service experience, with an in-house customer service team.

However, Everest outsources their sales team and their installation, which means that they cannot provide the same strict quality as they do with their windows and doors. Installers are typically sub-contracted locally depending on the deal, and sales personnel are often hired on commission as franchisees for the company. This can result in a slightly mixed experience, because installation quality and sales experience can vary depending on location but doors and windows are very consistently high quality.

Pricing – Everest refuses to share their pricing outside of individual surveys. This is in part to protect their competitive edge and in part because double glazing costs change dramatically depending on the type of window and frame, the glass, and other installation factors. This is important because it means that you will need a home survey to get a 100% accurate quote. However, Everest is not a budget double glazing company. They primarily sell mid-range doors and windows, and focus on offering quality and a long warranty rather than a low initial installation cost.

We put together the average pricing for Everest casement windows based on their pricing and quotes for existing projects and customers. These price ranges are averages rather than a precise reflection of what you are likely to pay.

Material     Cost    
UPVC    £350-570   
Aluminium     £500-605
Composite     £575-625
Wood     £845 – £1,250

On average, you can expect to pay about £500 per Everest window for UPVC frames. This can vary considerably depending on specific factors in your home.

  • Stories – Multi-story homes cost more to replace windows than single-story.
  • Frames – Sash frames will cost as much as quadruple casement frames. Each frame has its own pros and cons, and will cost more or less.
  • Home – If your home needs additional work to complete the project you may have to pay for it. For example, if the walls around your windows need work, the project will cost more.
  • Glass – Everest offers 7 different types of glass and each one will affect the price.

There are several factors that can affect the price of your double glazing, which is why it’s important to get a quote first. You can use our free quote service to find and compare the top 3 quotes from installers in your area, or you can call to set up a sale meeting with Everest to get a direct quote.


Everest offers a comprehensive warranty and the best guarantees in the industry. Everest’s warranty is one of the primary reasons to choose the company, because it ensures that your double glazing is protected for at least 10 years.

Guarantee Length
UPVC discolouration for white casement & tilt & turn frames Lifetime
Fog & condensation on sealed uPVC casement, tilt turn, aluminium casement and composite casement windows Lifetime
Finish & profile discoloration for Aluminium windows 25-year
Rot & Fungus on timber windows 30-year
Paint and stain finishes on timber windows 5-year
Comprehensive guarantee on all windows 10-year

Everest offers the best after care and after-sales support on the market, which makes them a great choice if you are worried about the longevity of your windows.

Transferable Warranty – Unlike most of its competitors, Everest offers transferable warranties, allowing you to transfer up to 20 years of an existing guarantee if someone purchases your home. Everest either transfers the existing amount (such as 5-10 years) or a maximum of 20 years for a lifetime guarantee. This can add value should you choose to sell your home, because you will be able to offer the warranty as a perk of purchase.

Double Glazing Options

Everest offers a lot of choice and options for choosing and installing double glazing, which is one of the reasons why they don’t publish pricing. This allows you to find the exact windows that you want, from one of the largest selections of options on the market.

Option Style/Options
Materials 3 – uPVC, Timber, Aluminium
Frames 5 – Casement, Sash, Dual Turn, & Tilt & Turn
Opening Styles 30 opening styles
Glazing 3 – Double, Triple, & Secondary
Colours 25 Colour Options
Glass 7 – Obscure, Decorative, Security, Safety, Noise-Reducing, Self-Cleaning, & Anti-Sun


Everest claims that you can customise their windows in 787,000 different ways by combining options. Because they can manufacture windows bespoke based on your specifications, Everest allows you to greatly customize your windows to create a look that you love.


Everest offers very high quality doors and windows, and all their products meet or exceed industry standards.

Everest is a member of or certified by the:

  • Glass & Glazing Foundation (GGF)
  • British Board of Agrément (BBA)
  • British Standards Institute (BBI)
  • Secured by Design
  • TrustMark
  • BFRC
  • Fenestration Self-Assessment Scheme (FENSA)
  • Chartered Trading Standards Institute (CTSI)
  • The Glazing Arbitration Scheme (TGAS)
  • Conservatory Association
  • Interlay
  • Institute of Customer Service

Everest also manufactures most of their products right in the UK, allowing them to maintain high production standards, high quality, and high standards of living for employees. However, made in the UK does reflect in the cost of product

Sales Team

Everest has a bad reputation for their sales team, which often employees pressure tactics to make sales more quickly. Everest typically pays the sales team based on their revenue, which means that sales people will often work to get as much out of you as they can. This means that in most cases you should go into the sales meeting prepared to ensure that you get a good deal and not a greatly inflated price.

Know What You Want – In most cases, your salesperson will attempt to upsell you the most expensive thing they can. If you want to get a good deal, it’s important to know what you want, including material, frame, and glass type. Familiarize yourself with standard industry prices for your option, and be prepared to tell the salesperson what you expect to pay if they quote too high.

Don’t Sign Same-Day – Everest salespeople have been known to reduce the price of a quote as much as 45% in one sitting, but this often isn’t a deal. Instead, they will quote you a vastly inflated price and then lower it over the course of 1-3 hours to try to get you to think that you’re getting a good deal. In reality, you’re likely still paying more than you could be. UK law ensures that you have 2 weeks to agree to any quote, which means that any ‘today-only’ prices are a scam.

Come Prepared – It can be very helpful to go into a sales meeting prepared with existing quotes from other companies. This shows that you mean business, are ready to install, and that you know what you will pay for your double glazing elsewhere. Everest does not offer any price matching offers, but you can use this to get your salesperson to reduce costs as much as-is possible.

Everest is the second largest double glazing company in the UK, but offers industry leading guarantees, made-in-the-UK glazing, and quality after-service. However, while Everest is among the best double glazing companies, you should be aware that installation is sub-contracted out and not quality controlled by Everest. In many cases, salespersons will also attempt to get you to pay as much as possible rather than giving you a fair quote.

If you can get a good quote, Everest is one of the best companies to choose for double glazing installation.

Getting a great deal on double glazing means learning about double glazing costs, getting quotes from multiple companies, and comparing your options. If you’re ready to install double glazing, you can use our free tool to find and compare quotes from the top 3 installers in your area. We request competitive quotes from 5-star rated installers and send you the lowest three, to save you as much as 37.5% on your glazing.

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