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A3 Laser Printer Hire Costs From The Best 10 Companies in 2023

A3 Laser Printers

Are you looking for the best A3 laser printers on the market?

Did you know that there are many different types of A3 laser printers available, for instance, those that can sit on your desktop or those that can print pages double sided?

In this guide, you’ll find out everything you need to know about A3 laser printers, including what they are, where you can find them and pricing.

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What’s in this guide?

Top 10 Laser Printers

1. HP Color LaserJet Enterprise M855xh

HP Logo

Type: Colour laser printer

Pricing: £4,088.38 including VAT

Printing Speed: 22PPM (A3)

The HP Color LaserJet Enterprise M855 printer allows you to print a variety of types and sizes of prints, such as A4 and A3, both in black and white or in colour.

HP claims that each print will be consistently coloured, with affordable and allow each employee to glide through their printing needs quickly.

✔ Affordable colour printing
✔ Professional, quick printing
✔ Able to upgrade as needs change
✔ Organise documents faster
✔ Control all printers with JetAdmin
✔ Print from mobile devices

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2. Xerox Phaser 7500DN A3 Colour Laser Printer


Type: Colour laser printer

Pricing: £1,378.80

Printing Speed: 35PPM (A4)

This is a network-ready printer from Xerox, who can handle smaller printing runs with exceptional colour choices for your office.

From Printerland, customers could potentially enjoy a 14-day trial to see whether this printer is right for you and your business.

✔ More affordable colour printer
✔ Network ready
✔ Double-sided printing
✔ Printer management tools
✔ Optional HDD

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3. Lexmark X950de A3 Colour Multifunction Laser Printer


Type: Colour laser printer

Pricing: £2,998.80

Printing Speed: 40PPM (Colour Print)

The Lexmark A4 Colour Laser Printer claims to feature high quality and high-performance A3 colour printing, with a price which isn’t as expensive as some of the top tier printers, but still a hefty investment.

Printers like this can take up to 5,140 sheets, run at up to 50PPM and has weights of up to 300 gsm, which is a relatively high-quality sheet of paper with a load.

✔ Colour touch screen
✔ Flexible finishing options
✔ Scan 70 images per minute
✔ Prints, scans, faxes and copies
✔ Double-sided printing
✔ 40PPM colour printing

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4. OKI C823dn A3 Colour LED Laser Printer


Type: Colour laser printer

Pricing: £611.40

Printing Speed: 23PPM (Colour Print)

This LED laser printer from OKI is more of an option for home offices or small companies that only require a low volume of printing and DPI, but still with excellent, crisp quality.

The OKI printer can help you to lower your carbon footprint, be more energy efficient, lower your business costs while delivering on your office needs.

✔ Compact design
✔ 75,000 pages a month
✔ Easy setup
✔ Store templates on the device
✔ Private print options
✔ 300 sheet input tray

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5. Xerox Phaser 7800DN


Type: Colour laser printer

Pricing: £5501.58

Printing Speed: 45PPM (A4)

The Xerox Phaser 7800DN printer is specifically for businesses that are geared toward producing large volumes of print, such as marketing or advertising agencies for example.

High levels of quality printing, 45 pages per minute printing with weights of up to 300 gsm, which means a heavier paper which has exceptional quality.

✔ Touch screen interface
✔ Heavy paperweights
✔ High-quality printing
✔ Cutting edge technology
✔ Double sided printing
✔ 520 sheet input tray

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6. Kyocera ECOSYS FS-C8600DN



Type: Colour laser printer

Pricing: £3226.28

Printing Speed: 45PPM (Colour Print)

Printerland offers this printer with a 2-year warranty and includes 10K colour and 15K black toner as well.

Crafted to last as long as possible, this medium-range printer from Kyocera features things like being able to print various media types and high-speed performance.

✔ Save money and time
✔ Variety of paper sizes
✔ Additional finishing options
✔ Double sided printing
✔ 2 x 500 sheet trays
✔ Long life components

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7. Epson C9300DN


Type: Colour laser printer

Pricing: £1710.06

Printing Speed: 30PPM (Colour Print)

This printer from Epson provides you with sharp printing images that can help you to print things such as graphics, charts and even CAD plans too with excellent detail.

You can save up to 50% on your general paper usage, your power and energy consumption as well as being more environmentally friendly.

✔ High-quality printing
✔ Affordable price
✔ Windows and Mac compatible
✔ 250 sheet input tray
✔ Double sided printing
✔ Mono and colour options

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8. Xerox VersaLink C7000dn


Type: Colour laser printer

Pricing: £797.92

Printing Speed: 35PPM (Colour Print)

With the Xerox VersaLink C7000dn, customers can enjoy a 14 day trial with a free lifetime warranty, £150 cashback and 5,000 Xerox reward points.

You can access the printer via things such as your Apple AirPrint, Google Cloud Print, Xerox Print, Service Plugin for Android and Wifi options.

✔ Energy efficient
✔ Connects with OneDrive
✔ High DPI
✔ 520 sheet input tray
✔ Double sided printing
✔ Multiple paper insertion options

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9. HP Color LaserJet Professional CP5225n

HP Logo

Type: Colour laser printer

Pricing: £555.60

Printing Speed: 20PPM (Colour Print)

Unlike many of the other printer options on the market today, this printer is suitable as a desktop printer which makes it more accessible and compact.

HP delivers excellent quality printing, fast printing speeds and reliability, but it won’t be able to produce as much of a high volume of prints as others.

✔ Monthly page volume 1,500 to 5,000
✔ Desktop printer
✔ Compact and modern design
✔ 250 sheet input tray
✔ Affordable pricing

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10. Epson Expression Photo HD XP-15000


Type: Colour laser printer

Pricing: £245.05

Printing Speed: 29PPM (Colour Print)

This Epson printer is more suitable for professional photographers or small businesses that require lower printing needs.

One of the main benefits of the Epson printer is that you can email your pictures from anywhere in the world, so it doesn’t necessarily matter where you are working.

✔ Double sided printing
✔ 200 sheet input tray
✔ Colour touchscreen
✔ High-quality printing
✔ Print on CDs and DVDs

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What is a laser printer?

A laser printer uses lasers to draw the document you have sent to the printer by rolling the drums in toner then fuses to the paper using heat and pressure.

While most A3 laser printers print in monochrome, many of the top tier printers from popular brands such as Epson and HP also print in colour.

What does a laser printer cost?

A laser printer can often cost as little as £70 or as much as £5,000, although it does depend solely on how advanced you need the equipment to be regarding printing volume.

As well as things like the quality of the printing for things like graphic design or advertisements, and the size of paper to print like A5 to A3 and even bigger.

Where can I find laser printers?

Here are some of the places both online and in the store that you can find laser printers:

  • Argos
  • Currys
  • John Lewis
  • Printerland
  • Staples
  • PC World
  • Canon
  • HP

What are the main benefits of using a laser printer?

✔ Laser printers print faster
✔ High volume prints will be quicker
✔ Sharper text and graphic images
✔ Often cheaper than inkjet printers

What’s the difference between inkjet and laser printers?


  • Cheap
  • Compact
  • Easy to replace the ink
  • Better quality photos
  • Great all-in-one printers


  • Fast printing
  • Crisp and clear text
  • Cheaper to run
  • Quick printing on the move
  • Toner lasts longer than ink

Which type of printer lasts longer?

Laser printers might cost more to purchase at first, however, in the long run, they will be cheaper to run, and toners will last much longer than ink.

Which printer is best for me?

Deciding which printer might be best for you depends on many different factors, which include the following:

  • Your budget to purchase the equipment
  • How much it costs to run the printer
  • How high a volume you need to be able to print
  • The quality of the documents you need to print
  • Whether or not you usually print text or graphics
  • How much space you have, and whether a desktop printer would be best suited for the room you have available

There might be other points that you need to consider, but these should give you a good start to continue from.

How do I compare printers?

Are you ready to compare all of your options?

First of all, you could take a look at all of the leading suppliers of printers such as Argos, Currys and PC World for example, as well as HP and Epson.

This could take a while, as you’ll need to try and compare as many printers as possible.

Or, you could take a look at the ExpertSure guides, to find out more about printers and your printing needs, to see some of our best picks for you.

Lastly, another option is to use the comparison tool at the top of the page.


In conclusion, there are many available options for customers that need A3 laser printers, from simple, compact desktop printers to large scale commercial printers that can churn out 50 prints per minute.

Whether or not these printers will be right for you depends on many different factors, such as your budget and the quality of printing you need.

Have you found out everything you need to know about A3 laser printers?

Would you like to compare all of your available options?

Check out the ExpertSure guides or the comparison tool here.

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