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Conservatory Prices 2019: How much is a conservatory to buy?

Conservatory Prices


Did you know that while a conservatory can cost as much as £12,000, you could find a more basic lean-to conservatory for as little as £3,000?

Or that depending on the type of conservatory, the prices vary wildly due to things such as glazing or extra security measures?

In this guide, you’ll find out everything you need to know about conservatory prices, including what they are and where you can find them.


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What’s in this guide?

Top 10 Conservatories and Prices

1. Euramax Victorian Solid Roof Conservatory


Supplier: Wickes

Type: Victorian

Size: 12ft x 16ft

Price: £10,250

This Victorian style conservatory from Wickes features a traditional and elegant design, which has a several faceted bay wall with full-length glass panels, and a strong PVCu frame structure.

The Euramax Victorian conservatory has an A+ energy efficiency rating, clear double glazing for the panels and comes with french doors.

Wickes offers its customers 30 days to refund their purchase and a 10-year guarantee on their products.

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2. Edwardian uPVC Double Glazed Conservatory


Supplier: Screwfix

Type: Edwardian

Size: 3.88m x 4.56m x 3.26m

Price: £4,299.99

From Screwfix, the Edwardian uPVC Double Glazed conservatory comes in a classic style, with an instantly recognisable pitched roof and ornate mouldings.

This conservatory has toughened safety glass which is double glazed, a sturdy uPVC frame, and a polycarbonate roof.

You can benefit from a 10-year manufacturers guarantee and a two week lead time.

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3. DIY Lean-to Full Height Conservatory


Supplier: Fascias

Type: Lean-to

Size: 3m x 10m

Price: £5,796

Fascias offer their customers a range of DIY conservatories, including this modern lean-to conservatory which features full height panels, a choice of sizes and details regarding the windows and doors of your new conservatory.

Their A+ rated systems come with toughened glass in the thermally efficient uPVC frames for their conservatories.

You can customise your conservatory to match your needs, which means you can create the conservatory that matches your specifications.

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4. Palram San Remo Lean-to Conservatory

Buy Sheds Direct

Supplier: Buy Sheds Direct

Type: Lean-to

Size: 10ft x 18ft

Price: £6,999

The Palram San Remo Lean-to conservatory from Buy Sheds Direct is made from polycarbonate panels which have an aluminium frame, which they claim are UV protected and practically unbreakable.

Their conservatories come with a 10-year guarantee, free delivery and three pairs of lockable sliding doors.

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5. Ultimate Sunroom

Norfolk Greenhouses

Supplier: Norfolk Greenhouses

Type: Lean-to

Size: 2.5m x 2.6m

Price: £899

The Ultimate Sunroom by Norfolk Greenhouses features a modern lean-to design which is large enough to be able to a comfortable seated area or space for storage.

This conservatory comes with a rigid uPVC frame, with polypropylene roofing and clear glazing panels, which are weather resistant and come with a 5-year guarantee.

Customers have stated that this sunroom is an excellent value for money, and can be assembled with basic DIY knowledge.

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6. Edwardian P-Shaped Conservatory

Trade Price Conservatories

Supplier: Trade Price Conservatories

Type: Edwardian P-shaped

Size: 4m x 5m

Price: £5,281

From Trade Price Conservatories, the Edwardian P-Shaped conservatory features A-rated toughened energy efficient glass, polycarbonate roof system and a PVCu frame.

Each french door system includes security locking which can be adjusted, and the package includes all of the fixings and sealants.

The Edwardian P-Shaped conservatory comes with a 10-year guarantee.

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7. Victorian Full Height Conservatory


Supplier: Fascias

Type: Victorian

Size: 3.5m x 4m

Price: £3,099.98

Victorian Full Height Conservatories from Fascias have an A-rated linar profile, with A-rated argon glass and many customisable options such as the windows and door.

You can choose the size of your conservatory as each one if custom made, and comes with french doors as standard.

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8. Lean-to DIY Conservatory


Supplier: DIY2Go

Type: Lean-to

Size: 4.6m x 2.3m

Price: £3,149

Conservatories from DIY2Go allows you to take control over the design, delivery and assembly of your conservatory, with many of their products featuring construction which you can do yourself.

You can customise certain factors such as the colour of your uPVC frame, whether you want your steel base and your glass options.

This cost-effective option allows you to have a conservatory that has value for money but without sacrificing on quality.

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9. Full Height Gullwing Conservatory

Trade Price Conservatories

Supplier: Trade Price Conservatories

Type: Gullwing

Size: 3m x 4m

Price: £3,891

The full height Gullwing conservatory from Trade Price DIY Conservatories features full length toughened safety glass panels, with strong PVCu reinforced frames, and a polycarbonate roof.

All of their frames come with a 10-year guarantee, hi-security locking for the french doors and finishings included.

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10. Euramax Edwardian Solid Roof Conservatory


Supplier: Wickes

Type: Edwardian

Size: 15ft x 10ft

Price: £7,425

From Wickes, the Euramax Edwardian Solid Roof conservatory has an elegant three-sided design with a pitched roof which is made out of thermally efficient tiles and insulated panels.

This conservatory has an A+ energy efficiency rating, with clear double glazing and aluminium-reinforced PVCu.

You can benefit from a robust 10-year warranty and free delivery over £75.

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What is a conservatory?

A conservatory is an extension of your home, which is typically made with a metal or wooden frame, and lots of glass windows to allow you to view your garden.

Sometimes, these conservatories will be fully glazed to ensure that they trap in heat in the winter but are cool in the summer, and could even be used as a bedroom.

How much is a conservatory on average?

On average, a conservatory costs around £6,000 to £7,500, although any specific prices will depend mainly on the amount of glass is used and if it is double glazed, as well as any security measures or how big it is.

What is the cheapest conservatory?

Wickes sells a lean-to conservatory that only costs around £2,199.99, which is less expensive than many other conservatories; however, it will still be a hefty investment to include installation.

More expensive conservatories could be as much as £30,000 or even more, depending on the size of your conservatory and which materials you decide to use.

Where can I find cost-effective conservatories?

There are many different options when it comes to finding the best conservatories, especially considering that there are many large companies that offer installations, as well as one-man-bands.

Take a look at our top 10 conservatory companies at the top of the page, to find some ExpertSure recommended companies.

What affects conservatory pricing?

So, what exactly affects conservatory costs?

Walls and frames

One of the essential components to your conservatory will be the frames and the wall panels which make up your conservatory.

Starting with the frames, the material that you decide to use can affect the price of your conservatory significantly, because of both the quality of the materials and their properties.

For instance, an aluminium frame might cost more than a uPVC frame. However, it will likely last a lot longer and need less maintenance than alternatives, as well as the fact that aluminium is a more robust material.

Another example is wood for your conservatory frame, which looks aesthetically attractive, but one of the negatives is that wood needs more maintenance, and it is at risk for things like rot and infestations.



Frame Material


3.5m x 3.5mEdwardianWood£13,500+
3.5m x 3.5mEdwardianuPVC£9,500+
3.5m x 3.5mLean-toWood£12,750+
3.5m x 3.5mLean-touPVC£9,500+
3.5m x 3.5mVictorianWood£16,000+
3.5m x 3.5mVictorianuPVC£12,000+

This is why you should always compare your options, and take a look at helpful guides such as the ExpertSure guides you can find here.

Next, let’s take a look at conservatory walls and panels.

There are a few main options when it comes to the walls and panels for your conservatory, which depend on both your specific tastes as well as what would be best in your climate.

One of the options you can choose from is having a dwarf wall make up the foundation of your conservatory, then the rest of the height will be made from panels of either glass or polycarbonate.

This can be an excellent choice for you if you want your conservatory to match the rest of your home, with the added insulation typically associated with using brick materials.

Another popular choice for customers is to have full-length glazed windows for your conservatory, which can let in a considerable amount of light and allow you to see freely into your garden.

Many modern homes will have full-length aluminium frames with full-length windows, due to the streamlined look and unobstructed views.


When it comes to flooring choices for your conservatory, this can make a significant impact not just on how your conservatory looks, but also how much work you’ll need to put in to keep it looking spotless.

There are four main types of conservatory flooring to consider.


Laminate flooring is one of the most affordable options on the market, with the pricing potentially costing you as little as £4 per meter squared, depending on the supplier and quality of the flooring.

This type of flooring can come in many different textures and grains, such as mimicking wood but without the price tag associated with genuine wood.

Plus, laminate flooring can be easy to clean, as any accidental spills or muddy boots can be wiped away with minimal fuss.


Carpet is a popular choice for many homeowners because it is a soft material which gives a warm appearance and it’s comfortable underfoot.

Because of the materials used to make up carpets, they tend to be more expensive than with laminate flooring, but this is generally worth it for many customers because of the high quality.

On average, your carpet might cost between £10 and £15 per square meter.

The only negative to having a carpet is that it might need more regular care, as it is a bit harder to clean than smooth floorings like vinyl or wood.


With tile flooring, there is a vast range of choices on offer which ranges from plain high quality white ceramic tiles to adventurous patterned slabs which can be vibrant and exotic or in certain styles like Victorian or Edwardian.

This wide variety of options vary in price, with the lower end costing around £8.99 per square meter, or more expensive options which are priced at £54 per square meter.

Tiles are traditionally a lot easier to care for than specific alternatives because they can be wiped clean and require very little maintenance.


Wooden flooring is a very attractive option to many customers, because of the classic looks on offer and the warmth that an interior is given by having wooden flooring.

Using this wood can increase the price of your conservatory by a significant amount, depending on the quality of the wood you choose and your supplier.

High quality oiled solid wood flooring with a thickness of 15mm could cost you as much as £119.99 per square meter.

On the other hand, a low-cost budget option could be priced as low as £20 per square meter.


Another essential element to your conservatory is your roof, the price of which can vary hugely depending on both the design of your conservatory and the materials used.

For example, if you look at the table below, a lantern roof will be one of the more expensive roof types because of the complexity of the design, whereas a lean-to conservatory will be one of the cheapest options.

Let’s take a closer look at some roof types and the costs associated with them, as well as the benefits.





Lean to2.5m x 3m£2,100£2,300
Victorian3m x 3m£3,350£3,550
Edwardian3m x 3m£3,350£3,650
Gable3m x 3m£3,350£3,650
Georgian3m x 3m£3,350£3,650
Lantern3m x 3m£3,850£4,000


Lean-to conservatory roofs feature a diagonal slant, which allows both rainwater and snow to slip off the top of your roof without needing to worry about removing it yourself.

These types of roofs tend to be the least expensive because of their simplicity, and they can be made from either polycarbonate or glass panels.

Both polycarbonate and glass lean-to roofs can be well insulated for both heat and sound, giving you privacy and comfort.


Conservatories initially became more popular in the Victorian era, because wealthy individuals would use them to grow exotic plants which wouldn’t be able to survive harsh British weather.

Even today, Victorian-style conservatories are a popular choice for many homeowners.

They feature a pitched roof with between three and five faces, often with ornate mouldings and high-quality materials.

You can customise your Victorian style conservatory to make it more modern, using clear glass panels and uPVC for the frame of your conservatory, which can come in different colours to match your home’s style.


An Edwardian conservatory is similar to the Victorian style, but usually has more facets and less ornate designs, making it appear more modern and sleek.

Edwardian roofs can come with a variety of materials such as solar glass, self-cleaning glass and polycarbonate materials too.

Solid roofs are another excellent option, which might be a perfect fit for you if you want more privacy in your conservatory.


Gable conservatories have a square shape, with a pitched roof that appears more like the end of a house, with an A-frame.

These types of conservatories are a contemporary choice for many homeowners, and they can come in a variety of materials including glass, polycarbonate and solid roof tile systems.

Do I need planning permission?

Yes, for conservatories you need planning permission; however, some conservatory companies such as Everest will submit your paperwork for you, and help you every step of the way.

Do conservatories add value to my property?

On average, a conservatory that costs around £10,000 could add a value of 5% to your home – which could be approximately £15,000.

What is the average price of a conservatory per square meter?

On the whole, the average cost of a conservatory per square meter is between £2,000 and £2,500, so for a 16 square ft conservatory you can expect to pay around £30,000.

Where can I find conservatories?

You can find conservatories from a wide range of suppliers, from big companies such as Wickes, Argos and Screwfix, to installers like Everest and BriteLite.

Who is the best conservatory supplier?

The best conservatory supplier depends on many different factors, which might include the following:

  • The price of the conservatory
  • Cost of the installation
  • The quality of the structure
  • How secure it is
  • If there is double glazing
  • How weatherproof it is
  • The length of the installation

How much does an extension cost?

A total extension could cost as much as £30,000, while the average conservatory might only be around £6,000.

This makes it far more cost friendly to those who are currently working with a budget.


In conclusion, there are many different factors which affect the pricing of your conservatory, including what flooring you choose or the glazing for your conservatory windows.

Do you want to learn more about purchasing a conservatory?

Or would you like to discover more about conservatory suppliers?

Take a look at the ExpertSure guides to find out more, or you could check out the comparison tool at the top of the page.

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