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Top 7 Benefits to having a Conservatory: How much value can you add?

7 Benefits to having a Conservatory


Are you considering having a conservatory installed, but you aren’t sure about the benefits to your property?

Did you know that a conservatory could raise your property’s value by 5%, which could be more than £15,000?

In this guide, you’ll find out everything that you need to know about the benefits of having a conservatory, including pricing and advantages.

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What’s in this guide?

Top 7 Benefits of having a Conservatory

1. Increases property prices

One of the main benefits to having a conservatory is mainly the value that it could potentially add to your home; sometimes as much as 5% to the overall price of your property, which could be more than £15,000.

Having a conservatory could attract potential buyers to your home, as they allow you to view your garden and feel connected to the outside, but while being protected from the weather.

2. Connects your home to your garden

A conservatory is like a connection between your home and your garden, while it’s not the same as the rest of your home, it still protects you from the weather and could even be used as a kitchen or lounge.

But, unlike your house, it will be mostly made out of glass fit in wooden, uPVC or metal frames.

Also, planning permission tends to be more straightforward for a conservatory vs an extension, as an extension needs to be identical to the rest of your home.

3. Gives you an extra room

Modern conservatories are so well built and protected from the outside that they can even be used as a bedroom, a lounge or even a kitchen.

Provided that you can work with a conservatory company to arrange things like plumbing.

4. A cheaper alternative to an extension

Many customers prefer having a conservatory to an extension because extensions are typically £30,000+, while a conservatory can cost as little as £3,000.

This is because conservatories are made out of fewer materials than extensions, and tend to be an attachment to your home rather than an additional room with traditional elements.

5. Variety of choices available

With conservatories, there is a wide range of options that you can choose from, which include the following:

  • Edwardian
  • Victorian
  • York
  • Lean to
  • Gable
  • P-shaped
  • T-shaped

6. Creates an interior ambience

As conservatories often feature lots of natural light and uninterrupted views to your garden, many customers that don’t necessarily mind about increasing value to their home still opt for conservatories, as they can be wonderful places to unwind and relax.

They also conserve heat in the winter and keep cool during the summer, thanks to the insulation that comes as standard for many modern conservatories, which is why they are attractive in both the winter and the summer.

7. Excellent security and guarantees

Many conservatory companies offer guarantees that can sometimes last up to 10 years, so if anything breaks you are protected, but they also offer locking and security systems to keep you and your home safe.

Top 10 Conservatory Companies and their Benefits

1. Crown Conservatories and Double Glazing

Crown Conservatories, Windows and Doors

Type: Conservatory company

Offers: Conservatories, windows, doors, roofs

Location: Milton Keynes

Google Score: 5/5

Crown Conservatories and Double Glazing is a conservatory company who specialises in conservatories, windows, doors and roofs for their customers.

They provide their deliveries and installation services throughout the Midlands, primarily in Milton Keynes and the surrounding areas.

There are many benefits to using Crown Conservatories and Double Glazing for your conservatory:

✔ Free consultation service

✔ 10-year guarantee for conservatories

✔ 5-star rating on their Google review page

✔ Qualified and accredited installers

✔ Refer a friend and get £100

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2. Uniseal


Type: Conservatory company

Offers: Conservatories, orangeries, windows, doors

Location: Wolverhampton

Google Score: 5/5

Uniseal is a Wolverhampton-based conservatory company which supplies high-quality conservatories, orangeries, windows and doors in a variety of styles and colours.

Their service includes a CAD design service to help you find the best solution for your needs and your home, manufacturing and installation of conservatories.

There are many benefits to choosing Uniseal for your conservatory, including these points:

✔ CAD design service

✔ Highly rated on Check a Trade

✔ Secured by Design license for products

✔ A wide range of products on offer

✔ Regular sales

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3. Custom Conservatories

Custom Conservatories

Type: Conservatory company

Offers: Conservatories, extensions, windows and doors

Location: Bristol

Google Score: 5/5

Custom Conservatories are a conservatory company who has a high rating on review sites such as their Google page, with customers stating that the staff are helpful and the conservatories are excellent value for money.

Based in Bristol, Custom Conservatories offers its customers conservatories, extensions as well as windows and doors.

There are some excellent advantages to choosing Custom Conservatories, including the following:

✔ Small but experienced team

✔ Conservatories are custom made

✔ Accredited company and staff

✔ Insurance backed guarantee

✔ Competitive pricing

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4. Finesse Windows

Finesse Windows

Type: Conservatory company

Offers: Conservatories, windows, doors, home improvements

Location: Birmingham

Google Score: 4.8/5

Finesse Windows are a conservatory company which is based in Birmingham, who provides their customers with conservatories, windows, doors and home improvements.

This family-run business offers a wide range of conservatories including orangeries, traditional conservatories and garden rooms.

There are many benefits to choosing Finesse windows, which is a highly rated service on both Google and Which? Trusted Traders.

✔ Which? Trusted Trader

✔ Free consultation appointment

✔ Free home surveys

✔ 30 years of experience

✔ Highly rated company

✔ Custom made products

✔ Finance options available

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5. T & J Conservatories

T & J Conservatories

Type: Conservatory company

Offers: Conservatories, roofs, home improvements

Location: Manchester

Google Score: 4.8/5

T & J Conservatories are a highly rated conservatory company who can offer home improvements to their customers in the North West.

They can provide you with bespoke conservatories that can be used year-round, in a variety of glass types and colours.

These are some of the advantages of choosing T & J Conservatories:

✔ Pay nothing until 2020 option

✔ 30 years of experience

✔ Spread the cost with finance

✔ 0% interest-free credit

✔ 10-year insurance guarantee

✔ Self-cleaning glass options

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6. Aspen Home Improvements


Type: Conservatory company

Offers: Windows, doors, conservatories, orangeries, rooflines

Location: Essex

Google Score: 4.7/5

Aspen Home Improvements is an Essex-based home improvement company who can provide their customers with a wide variety of products like windows, doors and conservatories, as well as orangeries and rooflines.

Their range comes with many customizable options such as the materials used, colours, as well as the windows and doors for your conservatory.

They mainly specialise in conservatories with clean lines and a sleek design.

Here are some of the benefits of choosing Aspen Home Improvements:

✔ Reduce your bills by up to 20%

✔ Competitive prices

✔ Free consultations

✔ High-quality products

✔ Excellent customer service

✔ Refurbishment service

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7. Majestic Designs

Majestic Designs

Type: Conservatory company

Offers: Windows, doors, conservatories, porches, rooflines

Location: Cheddar

Google Score: 4.7/5

Majestic Designs is a family-run company based in Cheddar, who provides conservatories, windows and doors to Somerset and the surrounding areas.

They have an excellent five-star rating on Google, with many reviews stating that the team are professional, pleasant and ensure that your home will be clean and tidy after installation.

There are many benefits to choosing Majestic Designs for your conservatory, including the following:

✔ 40% off discounts

✔ 10-year guarantee

✔ Spread your cost with finance

✔ A+ rated windows

✔ Bespoke designs available

✔ 5-star rating on Google

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8. Conservatory Land

Conservatory Land

Type: Conservatory company

Offers: DIY conservatories, steel bases

Location: Mansfield

Google Score: 4.7/5

Conservatory Land is a DIY conservatory company which is based in Mansfield, with an excellent 4.7/5 rating on trusted review sites such as their Google page.

They can offer their customers conservatory kits that you can build yourself, which they claim will only take a few days to construct.

Conservatory Land offers its customers many benefits, which include the following:

✔ DIY conservatories

✔ 10-year guarantee

✔ Finance with a small deposit and 0% interest-free credit

✔ Free UK delivery on all conservatories

✔ Delivery to all of England and Wales

✔ Aftercare available from specialists

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9. Safestyle UK

Safestyle UK

Type: Conservatory company

Offers: Windows, doors, conservatories

Location: Multiple locations UK-wide

Google Score: 4.5/5

Safestyle UK is a conservatory company who has multiple locations across the UK, primarily in London and the surrounding areas.

They provide their customers with doors, windows and conservatories in a range of styles and designs, to match different aesthetics.

This company has over 800,000 customers in the UK and over 14,000 positive reviews on review sites such as Trustpilot.

These reviews state that the Safestyle UK has high-quality products and excellent service.

✔ Free quotes

✔ 10-year guarantee

✔ 20 years of experience

✔ Energy Trust recommended

✔ High rating on review sites

✔ 30% lower prices

✔ TrustMark guarantee

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10. SolarFrame


Type: Conservatory company

Offers: Conservatories, orangeries, roofs, doors, windows

Location: Yorkshire

Google Score: 4.3/5

SolarFrame is a Yorkshire-based conservatory company who has a high rating, which provides a range of products and services to the North of England such as conservatories, doors and windows.

They have over 30 years of experience in the conservatory industry, with qualified installers on offer with accreditations like BSI and BBA.

Here are some of the benefits of using SolarFrame:

✔ Open seven days a week

✔ Open bank holidays

✔ Which? Trusted Trader

✔ Accredited company

✔ 30 years of experience

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What is a conservatory?

A conservatory attaches to your home, typically at the back in your garden, and they are mostly made from glass which is held by wooden, uPVC or metal frames, that are sometimes built on brick foundations.

Conservatories allow you to view your garden while being protected from harsh weather, and they can add value to your home too.

How much should a conservatory cost?

Sometimes, a conservatory could cost as little as £3,000, or they could be upwards of £20,000 – it depends on how big it is, the materials that you use and how advanced you want your conservatory to be.

This could include benefits like having a tiled roof, an advanced security system and things like plumbing so you can use your conservatory as a kitchen.

How long should a conservatory last?

A conservatory can last around 20 years, but this is usually dependent on whether you keep your conservatory up to date and regularly cleaned.

Condensation, for example, can quickly lead to mould and could potentially damage your conservatory, lowering how long it will last.

Can I use a conservatory all year round?

Yes, a conservatory is appropriate for use both in the winter and in the summer; this is because using insulation a conservatory will stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Is a conservatory cheaper than an extension?

Yes, generally speaking, a conservatory will be much cheaper than an extension – but this is dependent on the size and the materials that you use.

Do I need planning permission?

You might need planning permission for your conservatory, but many conservatory companies will help you both with the paperwork and submitting this paperwork too.


In conclusion, there are many benefits to having a conservatory. Such as the value that it will add to your home as well as what you can use it for.

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