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Top 9 Vehicle Tracking Suppliers: Best GPS Car Trackers 2023

Car Tracking Suppliers

Did you know that with vehicle trackers, you can pinpoint the location of one of your drivers within five feet?

Or that with car tracking suppliers, you might be able to choose from a wide range of devices, from the basics to advanced systems?

In this guide, you’ll find out everything you need to know about the top 9 vehicle tracking suppliers, including who they are and what they can offer.

What’s in this guide?

Top 9 Vehicle Tracking Suppliers

1. Tracker


Type: Telematics company

Pricing: £462

Trustpilot Score: 3/5

Tracker offers their customers a range of telematics solutions to help manage your cars, vans or even fleets with exceptional software and tracking devices.

The locate manager means that you can benefit from tracking vehicles in real time and review things such as how well they are being driven.

✔ Stolen vehicle recovery service
✔ Defence against car theft
✔ Monitor where your vehicles are
✔ See how well they are being driven
✔ Business mileage reporting
✔ Journey playback

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2. Rewire Security

Rewire Security

Type: Telematics company

Pricing: £130

Trustpilot Score: 4/5

Rewire Security specialises in high-quality GPS software for tracking individual vehicles, fleets and body-worn cameras for those in positions of authority.

And the price gives it one of the best values for money in regards to car trackers.

Providing services to 500+ businesses in the UK, they claim that their software has been an irreplaceable tool for many fleet managers.

✔ Speed alerts
✔ Route history
✔ Alerts for idling
✔ Ignition status
✔ Out of hours usage
✔ Push notifications

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3. Back2You


Type: Telematics company

Pricing: £150

Trustpilot Score: 5/5

With a history of almost 20 years, Back2You produces GPS systems to the UK police force and security services, which includes devices such as fleet tracking and individual car trackers.

The Guardian Magnetic GPS Tracker from Back2You attaches to your vehicle, and you can use your phone to call your tracker, and it will pingback with its exact location.

✔ Movement alerts via text
✔ All you need is a working SIM
✔ 3-month battery life
✔ Magnetic attachment
✔ SIM card included
✔ No subscription necessary

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4. Tracker Fit

Tracker Fit

Type: Telematics company

Pricing: £199 with a yearly subscription

Google Score: 4/5

Tracker Fit has over 25 years of experience within the industry, with qualified engineers and stolen car trackers working to keep your vehicles safe.

They offer a wide range of products which include trackers for most vehicles, including cars, vans, boats, motorbikes, caravans and motorhomes for instance.

✔ Includes motion sensing alerts
✔ Fits onto any model of car
✔ Price includes installation
✔ 3-year warranty on products
✔ Devices are manufactured in the UK
✔ Battery backup

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5. Trackmatic


Type: Telematics company

Pricing: Bespoke

Trustpilot Score: 5/5

Trackmatic is a five-star rating company, on trusted websites such as Trustpilot and claims to be one of the world leaders in regards to top level tracking software.

This includes creating automated reports to help you free up time, or live monitoring to see where your vehicles are at any time.

✔ Know where your vehicle is at any time
✔ Reduce expenses such as fuel costs
✔ Potentially boost productivity
✔ Increase communication and be more proactive
✔ Eco-friendly tracking solution

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6. Tracking My Car

Tracking My Car

Type: Telematics company

Pricing: £199+

Trustpilot Score: 5/5

Tracking My Car was founded in 2002 and aims to provide car tracking services which specialise in tracking and recovering stolen vehicles.

Their products utilise both GPS and VHF technology, to not only track your cars but also try and prevent any potential theft.

✔ Leading brands like Vodafone and Tracker
✔ Award-winning products on offer
✔ Accredited engineers to fit your devices
✔ 3-year warranty on products
✔ Free expert advice

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7. Scorpion Automotive

Scorpion Automotive

Type: Telematics company

Pricing: Bespoke

Trustpilot Score: 4.3/5

Scorpion Automotive is a company that has been around since the 1970s and specialises in supplying car trackers for your business regardless of whether you have five cars or 5,000.

You can choose between either opting for a monitored or an unmonitored service, which can be utilised 24/7, 365 days of the year.

✔ Reduce your costs
✔ Manage fuel consumption
✔ Optimise your driver’s routes
✔ Reduce your insurance costs
✔ Improve safety
✔ High-quality customer service

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8. Samsara


Type: Telematics company

Pricing: Bespoke

Software Advice Score: 4.5/5

Although Samsara is a relatively new company, having only been around since 2015, the young business has already established themselves as a leading telematics company.

They have over 5,000 customers worldwide, over 500 employees and offices in San Francisco and London.

✔ Fleet management
✔ Dash cameras
✔ Vehicle tracking
✔ Wireless sensors for monitoring
✔ Driving app for routing and messaging
✔ Bespoke solutions for fleets
✔ Reporting and alerts for fuel and activity

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9. Tracking Centre

Tracking Centre

Type: Telematics company

Pricing: £114.99+

Tracking Centre offers their customers a wide range of tracking products, such as those for motorcycles, cars, vans, boats and machinery.

Having one of their tracking devices means that you can benefit from reducing the risk of theft and simple installation.

✔ Free delivery
✔ Built-in battery
✔ Quick installation
✔ The cover on a global basis
✔ Tracking platform
✔ Works with any model

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10. Movolytics


Type: Telematics company

Pricing: Bespokes

Google Score: 4.6/5

Movolytics claim to give their customers the benefits of being able to track their vehicles, cut their overall costs and collect essential data when it comes to your driver’s behaviour.

According to trusted third party sites, such as their Google page, they have a high 4.6 out of 5 rating, with many customers stating that they have friendly customer service.

✔ Increase productivity
✔ Help you cut your costs
✔ Reduce fuel waste
✔ Track your fleet
✔ Look at drivers routes
✔ View live traffic reports

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What is a vehicle tracker?

A car tracker is a device or an app which tracks your drivers or loved one’s movements, utilising GPS technology.

GPS uses satellites which orbit the earth, that send information back down to a central hub or your device so you can see where the target is within 5 feet.

How much do car trackers cost?

This depends on whether you would rather invest in software, or if you would instead use an application for your phone.

Applications can be free. However, these types of apps usually don’t have a high degree of accuracy, and sometimes users will complain about bugs or errors.

The software is often far more accurate and advanced so you can see extra things such as how your driver is driving, a load of your vehicle as well as previous routes they have taken.

However, this will be a lot more expensive; with some devices costing as much as £500.

Where can I find a car tracker?

You can find car trackers in some physical stores such as Halfords, Argos or Currys.

Online, you can find them on websites such as eBay and Amazon, as well as suppliers sites like Tracker and TrackerFit.

What is the cheapest vehicle tracker?

The Vodafone V Auto Car Tracker, which you can find at Argos, is only £85 and includes these features:

✔ Tracks your vehicle
✔ Get a driver safety score
✔ Auto SOS in the case of accidents
✔ See where your car has been
✔ Includes a SIM built into the device

Is it legal to track a car?

If a car is owned by you or you and your spouse, it is probably legal to place a tracker on it for the case of theft or accidents.

For your business, you can track any vehicle owned by your company as it is your property.

What is a car tracking supplier?

A car tracking supplier provides car trackers to customers, that can either be their own branded product, or they could supply many different types of trackers.

Sometimes, car tracking suppliers will also offer a subscription service, which might include advanced features and reports for your fleet maintenance and past vehicle use.

Who is the best car tracking supplier?

Deciding which car tracking supplier might be best for you depends on these factors:

  • The price of the car trackers
  • How big the range of car trackers are
  • Whether they have a comparison service
  • If they offer additional services
  • Their customer reputation

How do I pick the best car tracker?

First of all, you could approach each supplier and make a list of each car tracking product, as well as each of their features or advantages.

This could take quite a lot of time, however, as to get the best deal you need to make sure you go to as many suppliers as possible.

On the other hand, you could use a comparison tool such as the one at the top of the page to see all of your available options right now.

Or, check out the ExpertSure guides to find out more about your business needs.


Have you found out who the best car tracking suppliers are?

Did you know that you can compare all of your options right now?

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