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The Best 7 Motorcycle GPS Trackers: Compare Prices From £179

Motorcycle Trackers

If you have a motorcycle, especially one that you have had for a long time, making sure that you keep it safe and can retrieve it when there’s been a theft is essential.

Car and van trackers typically aren’t suitable for motorcycles, as they might be too big or they won’t attach to your motorcycle correctly.

Luckily, there are tracking systems which are specifically designed for motorcycles, which will be an appropriate size and offer you the functionality you need.

In this guide, you’ll find out everything you need to know about motorcycle trackers, including what they are, how much they cost and where you can find them.

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What’s in this guide?

The Top 10 Motorcycle Trackers

1. MetaTrak M-6

Vehicle Tracking Tech

Type: Motorbike tracker

Pricing: £375 including 1 yr subscription

Supplier: Vehicle Tracking Tech

Insurance approved: Yes score: 4.9/5

The MetaTrak M-6 is a tracker which has been specifically designed for use with your motorcycle, which is both inexpensive and perhaps most importantly, it is insurance approved.

Some of the features of the MetaTrak M-6 are that you can view the location of your bike in real time, get alerts when there are any sudden movements, and you can also track your motorcycle’s route history.

You can also choose optional privacy modes, and in the case of theft, your motorcycle can be recovered with security operating centre monitoring.

✔ 24/7 monitoring

✔ Recover stolen bikes

✔ See real-time information

✔ Get motion alerts

✔ Optional privacy modes

✔ Track several vehicles

✔ Coverage in the UK and Europe

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2. SmarTrack MotoTrak Maxi

Vehicle Tracking Tech

Type: Motorbike tracker

Pricing: £311 including installation + 1-year subscription

Supplier: Vehicle Tracking Tech

Insurance approved: Yes score: 4.9/5

The SmarTrack MotoTrak Maxi from Vehicle Tracking Tech offers its customers insurance approved vehicle tracking technology, which allows you to see where your bikes are at any time, from your PC or phone.

This can be attached to almost any type of motorcycle, installed by an approved dealer who can come to your home or work.

You can benefit from setting up geofencing to alert you when your motorcycle moves out of a particular area, and things like updates every 2 hours when the motorcycle isn’t moving.

✔ 24/7 monitoring

✔ Insurance approved

✔ Motion alerts

✔ Monitor your vehicle remotely

✔ Get discounts on your insurance

✔ Compatible with all motorcycles

✔ Can be installed at your home

✔ Updates every 2 hours

✔ Live to track

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3. Tracker Monitor


Type: Motorbike tracker

Pricing: £361

Supplier: Tracker

Insurance approved: Yes

Trustpilot score: 2/5

From Tracker, the Monitor package provides customers with a device which is compatible with not only cars, vans, trucks and lorries, but also different types of motorcycles as well.

This covert and subtle tracker works by using very high frequencies to track and locate vehicles, which is why they specialise in recovering stolen machines, as they can track it even if it’s well hidden in a storage container or underground.

Some of the other features of this tracking device are that you can track your motorcycle in real time, you can monitor and receive motion alerts, and you can even get support from UK police in the case of theft.

✔ 24/7 monitoring

✔ Get motion alerts

✔ Anti-jamming technology

✔ Get help from UK police

✔ Track your vehicles over the UK and in Europe

✔ Get your vehicle recovered in the case of theft

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4. Tracker Retrieve


Type: Motorbike tracker

Pricing: £249

Supplier: Tracker

Insurance approved: Yes

Trustpilot score: 2/5

The Retrieve device from Tracker, unlike other devices, is ultimately battery powered, so it doesn’t need to be hardwired into your vehicle.

This type of tracker is one of the simplest to use and install, to track and protect your motorcycles and other similar assets.

You can benefit from the unique very high-frequency technology to track stolen vehicles, has up to five years of battery power on standby, it has high accuracy tracking and even has tracking coverage through Europe.

✔ High-quality tracking

✔ Coverage through the UK and Europe

✔ Support from the UK police

✔ 24/7 monitoring

✔ Built-in anti-jamming technology

✔ Accredited products

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5. Dguard eCall


Type: Motorbike tracker

Pricing: Bespoke

Supplier: Find your local Dguard dealer here

Insurance approved: Yes

eCall from Dguard provides customers with a device that is catered for use with motorcycles, that includes tracking and other features such as an anti-theft alarm, record your past routes, and the ability to find your bike.

One of the main advantages to Dguard is that it automatically sends out an SOS in the case of an accident, which could be instrumental in saving lives.

You can also send out an emergency call yourself by pressing an easy to reach the button on your handlebars.

After you send out this message, your location will reach the rescue coordination centre who will then call the emergency services.

✔ Track your vehicle

✔ Send out SOS

✔ Anti-theft alarm

✔ High safety standards

✔ Find your bike button

✔ Share your routes

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6. BikeTrac


Type: Motorbike tracker

Pricing: £299 + £9.99 subscription

Supplier: BikeTrac

Insurance approved: Yes

Google score: 4.4/5

BikeTrac is a provider of motorbike trackers which give you an excellent level of security and tracking, as it is a Thatcham Approved Category 7 tracker.

Some of the main features are that it has a covert design and can be placed in a strategic location, it gives you real-time tracking, it can record your journeys, and it has its battery.

Their radio frequency technology has the benefit of allowing you to track your vehicle in hard to see, or track, places, such as in underground parking spaces or outbuildings.

This can help you to obtain search warrants quicker, to make sure that you can recover any stolen vehicles.

✔ Thatcham approved

✔ Radio frequency tracking

✔ Covert, subtle installation

✔ Records your journeys

✔ Has an internal battery

✔ 24/7 monitoring

✔ Endorsed by Kawasaki and Ducati

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7. MoniMoto Motorcycle Tracker MM2


Type: Motorbike tracker

Pricing: £179

Supplier: MoniMoto

Insurance approved: Yes

From MoniMoto, the MM2 tracker is a global tracking device which can help you to keep your motorcycle safe, with precise data and motion alerts sent to your phone via a call.

Some of the benefits of having this motorcycle tracker are that it can be installed quickly, it doesn’t require wiring, and it is powered with long life batteries.

You can also benefit from the fact that the MoniMoto devices auto-arm themselves, and a 2-year warranty, with free shipping available.

✔ Track your vehicle remotely

✔ Easy installation

✔ No wiring required

✔ Global tracking

✔ Detailed tracking data

✔ Protects your vehicle from theft

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What is a motorcycle tracker?

A motorcycle tracker is a device which typically attaches to your bike and utilises either radio frequencies or GPS to track your vehicle.

This can help you to prevent theft, and even send out an SOS in case of an accident, which could potentially save lives.

Motorcycle trackers are specifically designed to be compatible with motorcycles, which usually means having a more modest size and design.

Typically, a motorcycle tracker will cost between £50 or even upwards of £300, depending on how advanced the device is and the features.

What are the benefits of tracking a motorcycle?

So, what are the benefits of tracking your motorcycle with a tracking device? Let’s take a look.

  • Track your motorcycle remotely
  • Get motion alerts when there’s movement
  • Many trackers have easy installation
  • Send out SOS when you’re in an accident
  • Record your journey history and share them
  • Some trackers have an anti-theft alarm
  • 24/7 monitoring and security
  • In some cases, you might be able to get UK police support
  • Your insurance costs might be lower with a tracker

Which motorcycle tracker is the best?

The best motorcycle tracker for you might depend on different factors, including the following points:

  • Your budget
  • How advanced you want your tracker to be
  • Whether you want your tracker to look covert
  • If you want to be able to install your tracker yourself
  • Should you wish to track your vehicle using an app
  • If you want to be able to recover your vehicle if it’s stolen
  • Some trackers allow you to track your vehicle globally

Can a motorcycle tracker stop my vehicle from being stolen?

Some motorcycle trackers will come with an alarm built in, but in the case that your alarm has been cut or disabled, you can often recover a stolen vehicle using your motorcycle tracker.

Companies like Tracker will liaise with the UK police force to help to retrieve your motorcycle.

Do I have to charge a motorcycle tracker?

Depending on the type of motorcycle tracker that you have, you might either have it hardwired into your vehicle, so it doesn’t require charging, or it might be battery powered.

If the motorcycle tracker is battery powered, you might need to charge it every few weeks, or in some cases, it might last several years on standby.

Can I track my motorcycle with an application?

If you are using a device to track your motorcycle, you might use an application on your phone or another smart device to track your vehicle in real time.

This means that you can track your motorcycle remotely, and sometimes you’ll be able to view your journey history and other factors like driver behaviour and speeds.

In some cases, you will get motion alerts through this application, which can help in the case of potential theft.

How long does it take to install a motorcycle tracker?

The time it takes to install your motorcycle tracker depends on whether it needs to be hardwired, or if it can be attached to the exterior of your vehicle.

For the DIY motorcycle trackers, you could have your tracker attached to your vehicle in less than 10 minutes, and set up your software in approximately 5 minutes.

For hardwired motorcycle trackers, your accredited dealer will install your tracker for you, typically at home or work.

Can I hide my motorcycle tracker?

Many motorcycle trackers have a covert design, which can help protect your motorcycle from being stolen as you will receive motion alerts, and it will be difficult to disable even if spotted.

Having a subtle installation can help you to keep your motorcycle and your tracker safe.


In conclusion, there are many excellent motorcycle trackers on the market today, with many features such as anti-theft software and remote tracking.

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