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Vonage Business Phone Systems Review



So you want to know more about Vonage from an unbiased source? You must be tired of reading the same thing over and over again while researching – and that’s why you’re in the right place—this is the ultimate guide and review of Vonage business phone systems.

With that said

You’ll find all the information you need right here, without the need of probing through dozens of web pages!

Headquartered in New Jersey and with a head office in London, Vonage is an international leader of Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP, phone services for both home and business VoIP markets— as well as cloud-based communications services— with nearly 2 million international customers.

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With over 2000 employees, and more than 17 years of unified communications as a service (UCaaS).

Vonage for business offers flexible phone systems for businesses of all sizes and boasts one of the most successful VoIP companies internationally with over USD 1 Billion in annual revenue.

Their services facilitate 95,000 business accounts, with over 3,000 companies upgrading to the Vonage Cloud monthly.

Vonage has global offices in Germany, Israel, Singapore, Seoul, Hong Kong, Mainland China, and have recently won the 2017 Competitive Strategy Innovation and Leadership Award.

The reason is a leader in the field is that their easy-to-use services allow you to:

  • Work remotely through mobile apps, desktop clients, and remote office
  • Create an impression of a multi-desk office even if you’re working from home
  • Departmentalize calls
  • Conference calling with up to 50 colleagues
  • Make unlimited calls in the UK, and to 60+ countries internationally
  • Set up anywhere from one to over 40 lines, and more.


In this guide you will find:


I know you’re wondering – How much is this going to cost, and will I save money?


Vonage Costs and Fees


Vonage Business plans, or VoIP businesses in general, are designed to help business be efficient, flexible, and save money.

They offer three different basic plans:


Business Standard Business 1000 Business Unlimited
1000 minutes to UK landlines & mobiles. 1000 minutes to UK landlines & mobiles. Unlimited* calls to UK landlines & mobiles.
Calling to UK Landlines & Mobiles 1000 minutes 1000 minutes Unlimited*
Add Unlimited International Calling to 60+ countries £3.33/month additional £3.33/month additional £3.33/month additional
Make & Receive Calls on Multiple Devices
Keep your existing number or choose a UK area code & number
No installation or engineers required
Auto Attendant


/month exc VAT


/month exc VAT


/month exc VAT

There is also an option to upgrade your package to include an Unlimited International Package that allows you to call 60+ countries unlimited.

This package costs £20.33 per month excluding VAT.  For just an extra £3.33 per user per month excluding VAT, you can upgrade to the Vonage World Option.

With Vonage, you can decide to add this option after you have started your contract, and you can select how many users and who in your organisation should have it.

In August 2018 Vonage will be launching the Vonage Business Cloud, which will give you all of the features that you will currently get and more, at no extra cost:

  • Amazon Chime Integration-
    • Audio & video conferencing along with file sharing & instant message facility – start group meetings anywhere, with ease.
  • Call Recording
  • Enhanced mobile and computer app
    • When your team is travelling, hot desking or working from home.
  • Salesforce integration for great CRM
  • A new administration and online user interface
    • Manage and monitor call handling with ease and obtain detailed call reporting.

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I know what you’re thinking now: Are there any additional fees I should expect?


Yes, here is a summary of some charges Vonage says you could expect along with your plan:

  • Unlimited and inclusive calling applies to:
  • UK landline numbers starting with 01, 02, and 03
  • UK mobiles on all major UK mobile networks
  • Calls outside your call plan may have a Call set up fee
  • Calls outside your plan are billed by the minute
  • Ringing service numbers are charged
  • Advertised service charge + an access charge
  • Any minutes used on extensions including the app, mobile devices, and desktop applications are part of your call plan
  • There are early termination charges and disconnection fees

Understandably, fees apply when altering your packages such as fax line activation, fax line disconnection, virtual number activation, telephone number change, downgrading calling plan, line reactivation, and recovery fee for both single and two line Vonage boxes.


What are Vonage’s Core Services?


You can customise your Vonage Business packages with their wide range of features.

Here is a compiled table of every feature they offer along with which Packages include the features, let’s look at it in detail:

Incoming Calls Business Standard Business 1000 Business Unlimited*
Anonymous Call Rejection
Block Call Redirection
Call Forwarding
Call Pickup
Call Transfer
Call Waiting
Directed Call Pick Up
Do Not Disturb
Hunt Group 2 Included
Sequential Ring
Simultaneous Ring
Outgoing Calls
Call Return
Calling Line ID Delivery
Calling Plan
Hide My Number
Last Number Redial
Speed Dial
Conference / Multi-User
3-Way Call
6-Way Call
Barge-in Exempt
Call Monitoring
Conference Calling – 20 £10 per bridge per month
Conference Calling – 50 £16 per bridge per month
Group Calling Line ID
Auto Attendant 1 Included
Music On Hold
Voice Remote Access
Internal Use
Busy Lamp Field
Call Hold
Call Park
Calling Name Retrieval
Directory Name Privacy
Multi-Device Usage
Desktop / Laptop App
Multi-Device Extension
Remote Office
Mobile App £1.50 per user per month
Advanced Features
Authorised User
Call Recording £10 per user per month
Customer Originated Trace
Virtual Number


Vonage Customer Support


Vonage Business Phone Systems are available 24/7 you can call them, request a callback, use the live chat feature on their website, and for less urgent matters you can e-mail them and expect a response within 24 hours.

Another useful element they provide is their Support Page where you can find extensive information such as user guides, frequently asked questions, how-to videos, and you can even create a support case, or check your service status.


Vonage Sales Team


When you’re ready to order you can call Vonage, or have a consultant call you back by entering your number in the system and filling out the Captcha.

The sales team will call you back straight away to get you set up. It sounds simple. And it is.


Vonage Contract Length and Fees


The contract length at Vonage begins at 12 months, and after the first year you can set up a month-to-month contract, there are no hidden start-up fees.

However, as mentioned before, you will be charged for early termination and disconnections. (See: Section 2 for more information)


What do customers think of Vonage?


Vonage has been in business for approximately 17 years; it’s normal for a business that has been around for so long to garner a few negative reviews. However, Vonage’s Feefo score is a 4 out of 5-star rating.








The majority of their negative reviews point to their customer service and honouring promotions, but mainly their score is comparatively high.

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Comparing Vonage


You can use Vonage’s Business Savings Calculator tool to find out how much money you save per number of lines versus other business phone provides.

For example, if you select a 5 line plan with the Vonage Premium Unlimited package, your total cost for 12 months will be £750.00 compared to Ring Central Entry* which rings up at £1379.35, and BT Unlimited Anytime Calls* at £2009.35 annually.

Can this be true? Let’s put it to the test:

The Ring Central Premium package** is currently on sale, but usually, it is £23.99.

There is no connection charge but comes with only 2,000 minutes per month, and you have to buy their devices, which can cost up to £299.00.

Vonage currently offers a free device with your contract.

The BT Unlimited Anytime Calls** are priced at £6.50 Monthly and provide you with unlimited calls to UK Landlines, but not mobile phones.

It is possible to have two or more lines on the same account, though all the features that expand the advantageousness of Vonage are non-existent.

Additionally, like Ring Central, the package does not come with a device.

*Prices correct on 01/12/2017, excluding VAT
**Prices are accurate on 18/05/2018, excluding VAT


So, who should use Vonage Business?


Vonage Business Phone Systems are geared towards anyone who needs an advanced phone system for their business.

Whether you have a home business which requires 1 line or company which needs 100 lines—their features are attractive and reasonably priced.

The VoIP technology allows you to keep your existing phone number, make and receive calls on various devices, the set up is quick and easy.

And, there are packages tailored to every business, which can be customised further—Every company can find a package that meets their requirements.


Vonage Business Phone Systems Review
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There are so many VoIP companies nowadays that can provide you with great packages: Avaya, CircleLoop, Asterisk— and Vonage is one of them. While negative customer reviews might make you weary, and like with all technology, you can expect a few technical problems, and several disparities with customer care, as reported by existing customers.

However, the surplus of positive reviews, powerful features, no installation costs, competitive unlimited packages both in the UK and Internationally— not to mention the perk of not needing engineers should be more than enough to have you considering Vonage as your potential VoIP business solution.

And remember: Always read the fine print and ask as many questions as you can, to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

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