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PSTN vs VoIP: What Are the Benefits of Using PSTN Compared to VoIP

PSTN vs VoIPReliable and easy to use phone system can make all the difference in your business.

And, a PSTN phone system will ensure that you communicate effectively without unnecessary disruptions or hitches.



What’s in this guide?

So, let’s get to it.

Definition of PSTN Phone Systems

PSTN telephone systems represent government and public owned phone systems used by both residents and businesses.

A PSTN phone system is also known as the Plain Old Telephone Service.

PSTN phone systems use circuit switching.

This allows users to make landline phone calls to each other.

Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) is commonly used by individuals who only need a single line to make a single conversation at any given time using a unique phone number.

What Benefits Should You Look for In a Phone System?

    • Scalability
    • Cost savings
    • Custom features

With that in mind, let us look at what a PSTN phone system has to offer.

What Are the Characteristics of PSTN Telephone Systems?

One main characteristic of PSTN phone systems is that it is not internet based. Other features are:

  • The phone system is usually operated as well as regulated by well-established telephony providers using dedicated copper wires.
  • It is mainly digital.
  • It relies on cellular networks and fibre optic cables together with non-digital local connections.

On the contrary, VoIP phone systems make calls with the help of IP networks.


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PSTN vs VoIP: What Are the Benefits of Using PSTN Compared to VoIP?

  • Call Quality

Although there have been advancements in the VoIP telephone system since its inception, it is not uncommon to find that many users would choose PSTN’s call quality over VoIP.

In case the internet connection is unstable, calls are dropped or become static.

However, PSTN phone systems are widely known for they consistent call quality at all times.

  • Reliability

PSTN telephone jacks do not need electricity to operate.

When using PSTN phone systems, you seldom have to worry about your calls being interrupted in case of power outages.

On the other hand, although some providers of VoIP may offer users a recovery plan in case of an emergency, the services are terminated once the internet fails.

  • Emergency Calling

Traditional telephone lines have emergency calling services. What’s more, 911 calls are traceable to your location.

In comparison, a majority of VoIP providers offer restricted emergency calling services.

Why Should You Have A PSTN Phone System for Your Business?

Here are the reasons why a PSTN telephone system is essential for your business.

  • Look Professional

Impressions matter in any business setting.

A dedicated line for your business means that you do not have to share your line with your business contacts.

This separates your work and personal life.

  • Enjoy Clarity

Some other signals might not be as clear as PSTN phone systems.

Essential business calls should be clear with no interference otherwise you risk losing out on relevant information or closing business deals.

A dedicated business number which is connected to a fixed network line is a better option against potential disruptions.

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Why Are PSTN Phone Systems Still Being Used?

After hundreds of years, you are probably wondering, are PSTN phone lines still relevant?


The technology is still relevant, and what’s more, it works.

Besides that, the reasons below also contribute a lot.

It offers a simple and easy method of effecting point-to-point communication

Vendors still support it

It is very stable even in remote places as compared to other options

Some facts back the relevancy PSTN phone systems.

And they are as shown below.

The Truth is in The Numbers

PSTN phone systems were still used back in the 1800s.

And although other systems have come up like VoIP, these traditional phone systems are still quite popular in the UK market and for good reasons as well.

The benefits back above the data shown below.

This statistic reveals the number of people in the United Kingdom who own PSTN lines.

In 2009 alone, the total number of PSTN lines registered in the UK were 29.3 million.  


Year Number of PSTN phone Lines (in millions)
2007 29.8
2008 29.6
2009 29.3
2010 29.7
2011 29.6
2012 29.8

Still not yet convinced, there’s more.


The costs of PSTN phone systems mainly depend on the standards set by the telecom industry and the phone companies.

Note: The costs indicated below are average estimates.

Line Only
£14.00 monthly/£154.00 yearly (£12.83 equivalent per month)
UK Landline Phone Calls-Unlimited Anytime  

£19.00 monthly/£209.00 yearly (£17.42 equivalent per month)

Call Packages:

UK numbers 03,02,01 -Unlimited Calls 

UK Landlines and Some International Calls-Unlimited Anytime Plus

£24.00 monthly/ £264.00 yearly (£22.00 equivalent per month)

Packages Includes:

Call credit to other calls of £2.50

UK numbers 03,02,01-Unlimited Calls

Call prices for landlines 03,02, and 01 average 1p per min.

Installation Costs

Now let’s take a look at the average installation costs.

Installation Type Costs
Installation of a new line £100.00
Starting a stopped line £25.00
New line plus broadband installation £125.00
Migration from different phone system £50.00-£100.00

To get PSTN telephone systems quotes specifically tailored for your business, contact us today.

Which Services are Available with PSTN Phone Systems?

The following services are available with PSTN phone systems although they come at a small additional monthly cost.

The cost depends on the number of calling features you wish to have.

  • One calling feature will cost an average of £5.00 per month
  • 2-4 calling features will cost an average of £9.25 monthly
  • Above five calling features will cost an average of £12.25 each month.

With that in mind, the following are some of the useful features that will make your life easier and communication more effective.

  • Call Waiting  

This feature alerts you of an incoming call when you are on another one.

You have the option of putting the first caller on hold and answering the incoming call or terminating the previous call.

  • Caller Display

Caller ID allows you to take charge of all incoming calls.

You will be able to view the name and number of the caller before answering their call.

  • Anonymous Call Rejection

Callers who choose to hide their identity will have their calls automatically rejected by this feature.

The callers are notified that your telephone doesn’t accept calls that are blocked.

  • Remote Call Forwarding

This service can forward incoming calls to a telephone number in a different or distant location.

For instance, your business could be having a local telephone number but no local office, your incoming calls.

In this case, will be forwarded to your primary office location even if it’s in another city.


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