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The Top 10 Phone Vehicle Tracking Apps in 2023

Phone Tracking Apps

There are many reasons you might want to be able to track a phone; for locating a lost phone, tracking your family members locations or even for business purposes, to see where your employees are.

So, which phone tracking app should you pick?

Here’s where ExpertSure comes in.

In this guide, you’ll discover what you need to know about phone tracking apps, including the top 10 picks and frequently asked questions.

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What’s in this guide?

The Top 10 Phone Tracking Apps

1. Life360

Life360 App

Type: GPS App

Pricing: Free

Company: Life360

Google Play score: 4.5/5

The Life360 application combines both phone tracking and chat functionalities to provide you with an excellent app, that means you can track your family members and talk to them too.

This provides you with accurate GPS tracking that updates in real time and saves your route history for up to two days with the free version.

There is also a ‘check-in’ function so you can get notified when your family member reaches a particular area; this might be your home, school or their friend’s house.

You can also benefit from the paid versions of this app, which gives you the added benefits of driver reports, to tell you how your family members have been driving.

✔ GPS tracking

✔ Track your phone

✔ Records route history

✔ Get help alerts

✔ Set geofencing areas

✔ See where your family members are

✔ Real-time tracking

✔ Both free and paid versions

✔ Can be used for vehicle tracking

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2. Find my Friends

Find my Friends

Type: GPS App

Pricing: Free

Company: Family Safety Production

Google Play score: 4.2/5

The Find my Friends application from Family Safety Production provides customers with an accurate tracking function, which allows you to find and share your location on an interactive map.

This helps you to get an exact ETA for your friends or family members; you can chat through the app and share news.

You can invite your friends to see your location and share their own, which means that you can customise who sees where you are and when.

There is the additional benefit of being able to see that your friends have arrived home safely after an event or shopping trip.

✔ See where your friends are

✔ Real-time location sharing

✔ Chat via the application

✔ Invite your friends and family

✔ Share your location

✔ Free app

✔ Check your friends got home safely

✔ Can be used for vehicle tracking

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3. Hellotracks


Type: GPS App

Pricing: Free

Company: Hellotracks

Google Play score: 4.3/5

The Hellotracks application is a free solution which you can use to track your mobile workforce in real time and see where your vehicles have been in the past too.

You can even get an activity tracker to check in and out of certain areas, which can help you to organise your employees.

There is also the benefit of allowing you to send out panic alerts to keep you and your drivers safe.

In the case that you lose your phone, you can also use this app to track your device and find it, even in the case of theft.

✔ Track your employees

✔ Set geofencing areas

✔ See where your drivers have been

✔ Send out a panic alert

✔ Find any lost devices

✔ Free application

✔ Send your drivers routes and directions

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4. Mobile Tracker

Mobile Tracker

Type: GPS App

Pricing: Free

Company: Mobile Tracker

Google Play score: 4.6/5

The Mobile Tracker app on Google Play provides customers with accurate phone tracking, which allows you to track your device, share your location with family and friends, and see street views.

This device features a user-friendly interface; you can password protect your location and send messages for free.

You can also switch your map to satellite view, which gives you an alternative viewing option for your interactive map.

✔ Real-time tracking

✔ Password protected

✔ Send messages to your friends

✔ User-friendly

✔ Highly rated application

✔ See a street view

✔ Find any lost devices

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5. Phone Tracker by Number

Phone Tracker by Numbers

Type: GPS App

Pricing: Free

Company: Family Locator Inc

Google Play score: 4.4/5

This application allows users to track their friends and family via their phone number for free, with a highly rated app using GPS technology, and you will receive notifications based on where your users are.

For businesses, you could utilise this application to see where your employees are and log all of your visited locations.

The phone tracker is free to use and doesn’t cost any extra for their wide range of features which are available today.

Such as a limitless number of users, notifications and tracking of any lost devices.

✔ GPS tracking

✔ Unlimited users

✔ Track in real time

✔ Get notifications

✔ Log past routes

✔ Free features

✔ Highly rated app

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6. iCar


Type: GPS App

Pricing: Free

Company: TraceEz Technology

Google Play score: 3.9/5

The iCar application from TraceEz Technology is a GPS tracker which is specially designed and developed for tracking vehicles, which you can check at any time from anywhere with your smartphone.

This application is easy to use and free to install, with historical data collected and provides you with real-time information.

You can share location information with anyone you want, and set geofencing areas to notify you when you enter or leave an area.

There is also the option to view the status of your vehicle, such as whether it is moving or if it has stopped.

✔ Free app

✔ Quick installation

✔ Collects data

✔ Easy to use

✔ Share location information

✔ Set geofencing areas

✔ See the status of your vehicle

✔ Track from your smartphone

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7. Wayo GPS Tracker


Type: GPS App

Pricing: Free

Company: Wayo Inc

Google Play score: 4.5/5

The Wayo GPS Tracker from Wayo Inc is a free application that allows you to track your friends and family with GPS technology, with private groups that can also let you send protected messages too.

You will be able to receive notifications when people enter or leave geofenced areas, which might be your home, work or school, for example.

Some of the additional features include real-time tracking, SOS alerts, creating groups and hiding your location when necessary.

✔ Real-time tracking

✔ SOS alerts

✔ Set emergency contacts

✔ Share your location with friends

✔ Get notifications

✔ Hide your location

✔ Free application

✔ Set geofencing areas

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8. GPS Tracker

GPS Server

Type: GPS App

Pricing: €15 – €420

Company: GPS Server

Google Play score: 4.1/5

The GPS Tracking app from GPS Server provides customers with comprehensive GPS tracking via the internet in real time, allowing you to record your vehicle history and review journeys.

Some of the additional features include allowing you to recover stolen devices, SOS alerts, chat functionality, it’s password protected and it will automatically start when the phone is turned on.

You can also set geofencing areas to let you know when a vehicle enters or leaves a specific area.

There is a range of plans on offer, from personal accounts to those which are suitable for small to larger companies.

✔ For both personal and professional use

✔ Real-time tracking ability

✔ View vehicle history

✔ Send out SOS alerts

✔ Automatically starts when the device is on

✔ Set geofencing areas

✔ Search for addresses and calculate distances

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What is a phone tracking app?

A phone tracking application is a software which is specifically used to locate and track the movements of your mobile phone, utilising GPS technology.

Often, a phone tracking app will be able to show you where the user is, where they have been, and if they enter or leave any geofencing areas via an interactive map.

Sometimes, phone tracking applications will also provide you with a private chat function so you can send messages directly to your friends and family, or your employees.

How does a phone tracking app work?

A phone tracking app will usually use GPS technology, which means that it pinpoints your location by pinging your device’s location about three satellites, which are already orbiting the earth.

This information is relayed back to your device or software, which you can then use to analyse your trips and for businesses, see where you could be reducing your costs.

What are the benefits of tracking a phone?

So, what are the advantages of tracking a phone?

Let’s take a look.

  • See where your family members, friends or employees are
  • Track your users accurately using GPS
  • View which routes take the least time and improve efficiency
  • For businesses, it could help you to reduce your fuel costs
  • Allows users to send out an SOS alert in the case of accidents
  • Opt to share your location with individuals and employees
  • Works on iOS and Android smartphones and devices

Which phone tracking app is the best?

The best phone tracking app for you, your home and your business might depend on many different factors, including the following:

  • Your budget
  • How many users you need to track
  • Whether you want a chat function
  • How accurate you need it to be
  • Whether you wish geofencing alerts
  • If you want to be able to find your device
  • Benefit from advanced features like keeping journey histories

Is it legal to track a phone?

There are some essential laws and regulations when it comes to phone tracking, the main point being that whoever you are tracking needs to be aware of the monitoring, and consent to it as well.

How much do phone tracking apps cost?

Generally speaking, phone tracking applications will often cost nothing to install, but you might need to pay a subscription fee for full tracking features.

Or, you might be able to benefit from full functionality which costs nothing.


In conclusion, there is a wide range of phone tracking applications, which can be used for both personal, family and business use.

This could help you to view the most useful routes and track your vehicle history.

Have you learnt what you need to know about phone tracking apps?

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