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The Top 10 Taxi Dispatch Software Solutions in the UK

Taxi Dispatch Software

Are you looking for the top 10 taxi dispatch software in the UK?

Then you’re in the right place.

Choosing the right software for you might depend on many different factors, including how you want to track your vehicles and whether you want to be able to give your customers tailored applications.

Luckily, in this guide, you’ll find out what you need to know about taxi dispatch software, including what it is, where you can find it and average prices.

Ready? Let’s find the right taxi dispatch software for you.

What’s in this guide?

Top 10 Taxi Dispatch Software

1. Plug and Play GPS Taxi Tracker


Type: GPS tracker

Price: £195

Supplier: Back2You

Trustpilot score: 5/5

The Plug and Play GPS Taxi Tracker by Back2You comes with many beneficial features such as easy installation, motion alerts, speed reports and it tracks how quickly your drivers are going.

This could be an excellent choice for taxis that could benefit from being able to move a tracker to another vehicle quickly.

Back2You is a highly rated company with many excellent reviews on Trustpilot, with customers stating that the service is excellent and the staff are friendly and helpful.

✔ Live vehicle tracking

✔ Highly rated company

✔ Track using an app

✔ Easy and quick installation

✔ Set geofencing areas

✔ View a full history

✔ Data is stored for up to 3 years

✔ A cost-effective solution

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2. Smart Dispatch


Type: GPS tracker

Price: Bespoke

Supplier: MtData

Smart Dispatch is the software provided by MtData and allows for tracking of multiple taxi vehicles with information regarding status, location and smart vehicle optimisation.

Some of the extra features include improving your companies efficiency, gives your drivers more income, and you can configure the software to match the needs of your business.

MtData also offers its customers solutions for many industries including transport, mining, agriculture, waste management and courier purposes.

✔ Customisable software

✔ GPS tracking technology

✔ Track your vehicles

✔ See your vehicle status

✔ Improve vehicle efficiency

✔ Drivers can earn more

✔ Vehicle optimisation

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3. Ghost Cloud Premium


Type: GPS tracker

Price: Bespoke

Supplier: Autocab

Trustpilot score: 3.1/5

From Autocab, the Ghost Cloud Premium package comes with many benefits such as allowing you to book and dispatch taxis, track your vehicles, automate your process and increase your capacity for booking.

You can even allow your drivers to get rated by your customers, provide loyalty cards to promote customer retention and you can text information to your drivers.

Autocab has a 3.1/5 rating on their Google page, with customers stating that the system is effective and there is a range of solutions on offer.

✔ Automate your process

✔ Track your vehicles

✔ Book and dispatch taxis

✔ Live to track

✔ Cloud-based data storage

✔ Advanced tools for management

✔ Access your system from anywhere

✔ Automate 70% of your calls

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4. Envoy Taxi Dispatch System


Type: GPS tracker

Price: £2 per vehicle

Supplier: Envoy

Google score: 5/5

Envoy provides their customers with a taxi dispatch system which is cost-effective, at just £2 per vehicle per week, so your final cost will depend on how many vehicles are in your fleet.

Some of the main advantages of choosing this taxi system are that you can book, dispatch and track your vehicles, produce invoices and statements, as well as view full history for each one of your taxis.

You can manage repeat bookings, send texts to your customers, and find bookings using just the phone number of your customer.

✔ Highly rated company

✔ View a booking calendar

✔ Track your taxis

✔ Low costs

✔ Send texts to customers

✔ Manage repeat bookings

✔ Send invoices via email

✔ Manage accounts easily

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5. Samsara for Passenger Transport


Type: GPS tracker

Price: Bespoke

Supplier: Samsara

Software Advice score: 4.2/5

Samsara offers its customers solutions for a range of purposes and industries such as passenger transport, construction as well as food and beverage.

Some of the main benefits to choosing Samsara are that you can track your vehicles, improve driver safety, see dashcam footage, see your cars in real time and keep your customers informed about the status of your taxi.

Samsara has an excellent 4.2/5 score on Software Advice, with many happy customers stating that the system is great; it is easy to use and simplifies a lot of the fleet management process.

✔ Improve driver safety

✔ Score your drivers

✔ Track vehicles in real time

✔ Send customers direct updates

✔ Integrates with other software

✔ Increase efficiency

✔ View data and productivity

✔ Track your customer loyalty

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6. Fleetholder


Type: GPS tracker

Price: Bespoke

Supplier: Fleetholder

Software Advice score: 5/5

Fleetholder provides its customers with comprehensive fleet management software, which allows you to manage all of your workers from anywhere; including dispatching and finances as well as additional features like instant messaging and automatic notifications.

This powerful platform uses GPS tracking technology; they help you to optimise your routes and plan the routes of your vehicles for efficiency.

The software utilises an easy drag and drops function, with simple organisational tools and the ability to reassign vehicles as necessary.

✔ Monitor your vehicles 24/7

✔ View your drivers status

✔ Optimise your vehicle use

✔ Track fleet performance

✔ Instant messaging function

✔ Get automatic notifications

✔ Manage your resources

✔ Highly rated software

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7. Trimble Pulse Telematics Software


Type: GPS tracker

Price: Bespoke

Supplier: Trimble

Software Advice score: 4/5

Trimble is a well-known software developer, who creates software for many different purposes including CAD, water management, real estate, data management and fleet management for vehicles.

Some of the benefits to their fleet management software are that you can locate your vehicles in real time, set geofencing areas, monitor the performance of your fleet as well as things like fuel consumption.

Trimble has a 4/5 rating on Software Advice, with a review that states that the software can be configured and it is suitable for any company.

✔ Track your vehicles

✔ Analyses data

✔ Boost productivity

✔ Create maintenance schedules

✔ Monitor driver behaviour

✔ Integrates with other applications

✔ Track fuel consumption

✔ Highly rated software

✔ Adapts to different businesses

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8. Smart 2 Car


Type: GPS tracker

Price: Bespoke

Supplier: InsoftDev

Google score: 4.3/5

Smart 2 Car is highly rated cloud taxi dispatch software, which has many attractive benefits such as being accessible from anywhere, live tracking for your vehicles, it has caller ID built in and it is fully automated.

You can also benefit from their branded applications which can allow customers to book your taxis, give driver ratings, view live tracking and see future bookings.

InsoftDev has a high 4.3/5 rating on their Google page, with customers stating that they provide solutions to your problems, and the service is excellent.

✔ Highly rated company

✔ Lots of solutions available

✔ Branded applications

✔ Automated dispatcher

✔ Cloud-based

✔ Access from anywhere

✔ Multiple languages

✔ Detailed journeys

✔ Configurable software

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9. Easy Taxi Office

Web Solutions Workshop

Type: GPS tracker

Price: £50 per month

Supplier: Web Solutions Workshop

Google score: 4/5

Easy Taxi Office is dispatch software from Web Solutions Workshop and provides customers with many attractive features such as allowing your customers to book taxis via an application, sending jobs to your drivers and live tracking information.

You can also view the jobs that you have in progress and automatic information such as how much a journey cost and how much your driver has earnt.

This can help your business to stay organised and allows you to view business updates in real time.

Easy Taxi Office also has an excellent 4/5 rating on Google, with customers reviewing the company by saying that they offer great support and service.

✔ Highly rated software

✔ Low cost

✔ Track taxis in real time

✔ Booking software

✔ Constant software development

✔ See updates in real time

✔ Business support

✔ Apps tailored to your company

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10. Gazoop


Type: GPS tracker

Price: £5.47 – £25.33 per driver per month

Supplier: Gazoop

Google Play score: 3.7/5

Gazoop provides their customers with a cost-effective solution per driver per month, with features such as unlimited dispatching, fleet management, no fuss bookings and the ability for customers to track vehicles using a smooth application.

Some more attractive benefits are that you can get accurate arrival times for your taxis, reach your drivers with SMS and set fares per mile.

Users on Google Play have stated that they find the application easy to use, and Gazoop offers fantastic customer service.

✔ Powerful dispatch system

✔ Set customised fares

✔ Cloud-based system

✔ Send SMS to your drivers

✔ Manage your drivers and schedules

✔ Calculate future income and statistics

✔ Low cost per driver per month

✔ Full range of features available

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What is a taxi dispatch software?

Taxi dispatch software is used by dispatchers or ‘starters’ to assign jobs to drivers, depending on the status of the driver, their history, where they are and what they are available to do.

This might mean choosing the closest vehicle for an assignment, or checking whose shift is about to end.

There also might be information regarding which drivers earn the most, and are the most efficient from point A to point B.

You can track your vehicles in real time, and in some cases, you can even let your customers track their taxi and journey on an easy to use application.

How can taxi dispatch software help me?

This type of software is primarily used for managing your fleet, which can help you become more productivity and efficiency.

What are the other advantages?

Here are some of the other advantages of choosing taxi dispatch software, to help your company to become more organised.

✔ Dispatch the most suitable drivers

✔ Access information from anywhere

✔ Track vehicles in real time

✔ Utilise booking software

✔ Analyse data and get statistics

✔ Boost your productivity

Are there different types of products?

Not only can you get taxi dispatch software which uses GPS, typically from your driver’s mobile phones, but you can also purchase hardware which plugs into your vehicle.

This can help you to get more detailed and accurate information about the location of your vehicles, how much fuel they have used and how efficient they are.

Where can I find taxi dispatch software?

There are many taxi dispatch software providers, so why not take a look at the list you can find at the top of the page, to see the top 10 taxi dispatch software?

Or, you could fill out the form here for a quick and customised quote.

Who offers the best taxi dispatch software?

The best taxi dispatch software for you and your business might depend on many different factors, such as the following points:

  • Your company’s budget
  • How many vehicles you have
  • If you want an app for customers
  • The software company’s rating
  • If you want to track taxis in real time
  • If you’re going to be able to send SMS to your driver’s phones

How much does taxi dispatch software cost?

Typically, taxi dispatch software can cost as little as £5.47 per driver per month, to as much as £195 per vehicle and then a subscription charge on an annual basis.

This will depend mainly on the number of drivers or vehicles you have in your fleet, as well as the features you want your software to have.

Is tracking a vehicle legal?

When it comes to vehicle tracking and the law, you can only track a vehicle if your employee is aware of the tracking and consents to it too.

You can only gather a certain amount of information from tracking, it needs to pertain to the running of your company, and you can only keep it as long as it’s strictly necessary.


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