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The Cheapest 8 GPS Car Trackers From £44.99

Cheapest Car Trackers

Are you looking for the top 8 cheapest car trackers on the market today?

Then you’re in the right place.

Choosing the right car tracker for you and your home or business can be difficult, especially with all of the brands and options on offer.

Especially considering that you might need to stick to a strict budget.

Luckily, in this guide, you’ll find out everything you need to know about the cheapest car trackers, such as the prices you can expect and their main benefits.

Ready to get this show on the road?

What’s in this guide?

Top 8 Cheapest Car Trackers

1. Vodafone V-Auto


Type: Car tracker

Pricing: £85

Supplier: Argos

Trustpilot score: 4/5

The V-Auto by Vodafone is a highly rated device which can be easily fitted to most makes and models of cars and tracks your vehicle from an application.

You can also benefit from having a driver score based on how well you have been driving; you can look up your past routes and even find your car, using GPS technology and your SIM.

This device is also an inexpensive option for the functionality it provides, which on average costs you approximately £85, making it one of the cheapest trackers on the market.

✔ Cheap car tracker

✔ Track your vehicle remotely

✔ Sends out an SOS in the case of an accident

✔ Fits to almost every make and model of car

✔ Find your car with directions via the app

✔ Get a driver score based on how well you drive

✔ See detailed past journey information and routes

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2. Streetwize GPS Tracker


Type: Car tracker

Pricing: £44.99

Supplier: Halfords

Trustpilot score: 3/5

The Streetwize GPS Tracker, available from many retail outlets such as Halfords and directly from the Streetwize website, allows you to track a single vehicle, or even a fleet, for an inexpensive price.

This tracker works by sending a message to the tracker, which will then show you where it is on a map, with an accuracy of up to 10 meters.

Some of the main benefits of choosing Streetwize are that you don’t have to worry about paying a subscription fee, and they are suitable for tracking company cars as well as personal vehicles.

Priced at just £44.99, this is one of the cheapest car trackers on offer.

✔ Accurate up to 10 meters

✔ Ideal for personal and business use

✔ An inexpensive solution

✔ Recover stolen vehicles

✔ Track your vehicles online

✔ Set up geofencing to give you alarms

✔ Can be easily attached to your car battery for constant power

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3. DB2 Self-Install GPS Tracker

Rewire Security

Type: Car tracker

Pricing: £59.99

Supplier: Rewire Security

Google score: 4.3/5

The DB2 GPS tracker from Rewire Security has the benefit of being a tracker you can install by yourself, which can be accessed by any smartphone or another similar device, so you don’t need any special software.

Although the UK and Europe are already covered as part of your package, you can choose to have coverage in over 120 countries too.

Some of the benefits to choosing this device are that you can track your vehicle remotely, your past routes will be stored in the cloud for 12 months, installation only takes a few minutes, and you can get motion alerts.

Complete and extensive reports mean that you can analyse aspects such as mileage, speeds and locations of your vehicles.

✔ Self-install

✔ Inexpensive costs

✔ Track your vehicle remotely

✔ See detailed reports

✔ View past routes and journeys

✔ Get motion or towing alerts

✔ Set geofencing areas

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4. 104 Pro Vehicle Magnetic GPS Tracker

Rewire Security

Type: Car tracker

Pricing: £99.99

Supplier: Rewire Security

Google score: 4.3/5

The 104 Pro magnetic GPS tracker gives you the benefits of a vehicle tracker, but without needing to spend a lot of time on installation and wiring, as it attaches to any surface made from metal.

Such as the underside of your car, giving you a covert and straightforward solution, making it harder for your car to be stolen.

You can track your vehicles using any typical smart device or phone, utilising user-friendly software which allows you to track remotely.

This device can give you detailed tracking information, such as if you need to use your trackers for fleets and company vehicles.

✔ Track vehicles in real time

✔ User-friendly software

✔ Uses magnets to attach to vehicles

✔ Get speeding alerts

✔ Set motion alarms

✔ See past routes and journeys

✔ Get extensive reports

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5. Teltonika FMB630 Advanced GPS Tracker

Rewire Security

Type: Car tracker

Pricing: £109.99

Supplier: Rewire Security

Google score: 4.3/5

The Teltonika FMB630 GPS tracker allows you to benefit from an inexpensive tracking solution, which means you can track vehicles in real time and from your smart devices.

Some of the benefits of choosing this device are that they are an excellent choice for fleets because you can track your vehicles and learn about driver behaviour, in around 180 countries worldwide.

The tracking software compatible with this tracker will give you detailed reports, with information such as specific locations, events and things such as route times.

You can benefit from the low price of this car tracker, which makes it one of the cheapest options available.

✔ Low-cost solution

✔ Highly rated company

✔ Get detailed reports

✔ Track vehicles in real time

✔ Get alerts via SMS or emails

✔ See your route histories

✔ Set geofencing areas

✔ Get tamper and towing alerts

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6. The Micro Magnetic 4 GPS Tracker

GPS Trackershop

Type: Car tracker

Pricing: £129

Supplier: Trackershop

Google score: 5/5

The Micro Magnetic 4 GPS tracker provides customers with a covert and subtle design, which can be attached to any metal surface for an inexpensive price, and the company has an excellent 5-star rating.

You can use the tracker right out of the box, see your vehicles in real time and remotely, as well as benefiting from only needing to charge your battery every ten days.

This device is waterproof, resistant; you can get motion alerts and set things like geofencing, which can help you to avoid theft or misuse of company vehicles for business purposes.

✔ Track your vehicle remotely

✔ See a full tracking history

✔ The battery lasts over a week

✔ Set motion alerts

✔ Free tracking applications

✔ Highly rated company

✔ Covert design

✔ Ready to use out of the box

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7. Eye200 GPS Magnetic Car Tracker


Type: Car tracker

Pricing: £134.40

Supplier: EyeTek

Google score: 4.4/5

This magnetic car tracker from EyeTek is suitable for many different vehicles including cars, vans and even commercial vehicles, from a highly rated company and low pricing options.

Having a covert design and size, you can install your car tracker within a few minutes on any metal surfaces, being made with magnets.

The versatile Eye200 car tracker benefits from many features such as having excellent performance, tracking abilities, it is hard to find and allows you to see your route histories.

✔ Track your vehicle live

✔ Highly rated company

✔ Attaches via magnets

✔ Set motion alerts

✔ See your route histories

✔ The battery lasts for ten days

✔ Low cost

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8. Guardian Compact GPS Vehicle Tracker


Type: Car tracker

Pricing: £150

Supplier: Back2You

Google score: 4.8/5

From Back2You, the Guardian Compact GPS vehicle tracker has the benefit of not requiring a subscription; it provides you with high-quality tracking and doesn’t require an app or software.

You can receive alerts and tracking information via SMS, or you could view your vehicle on Google maps.

This device is an excellent option for anti-theft purposes as well, as it has a compact size and attaches to your car battery for constant power.

✔ Get updates via SMS

✔ See your vehicle on Google maps

✔ Doesn’t require an app or software

✔ Set instant motion alerts

✔ Comes ready to use

✔ Quick installation available

✔ No subscription fees required

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What is a car tracker?

A car tracker is a device which is specially designed and built to track your car, typically by using GPS technology, which utilises some of the satellites currently in orbit around the earth.

Depending on which device you choose, it can give you a basic idea of where your car is within 10 meters of accuracy, or it could be advanced and tell you information such as driver behaviour like acceleration, braking and speeding.

Car trackers can range from anywhere between £40 to upwards of £700, with many different functionalities available.

When are car trackers useful?

There are many scenarios in which a car tracker could be useful, including the following:

  • If you are a first-time driver
  • Should you want to protect family cars
  • To lower the cost of your insurance
  • Helps you to improve your driving skills
  • For tracking company vehicles
  • To make sure business assets aren’t being misused

What are the different types of car trackers?

When it comes to car trackers, many different factors go into making each type of tracker unique, such as how it is attached to your car, how it tracks and what information you can collect.

For instance, some car trackers attach to your vehicle using magnets on metal surfaces, whereas others might be hardwired into your car.

Or, you might have a car tracker which uses GPS to track the vehicle, or in some cases, it might use radio frequencies.

There are also differences regarding what information your tracker could provide you with, such as the basics such as where exactly your vehicle is, to tracking driver behaviour like acceleration or braking.

What are the benefits of car trackers?

So, what exactly are the benefits of using a car tracker for your personal or business vehicles?

Let’s take a look.

  • Track your vehicles location from anywhere
  • See where your vehicle has been
  • Check factors such as speeding and braking
  • Find out the quickest routes and where traffic is
  • Help recover your vehicle if there’s a potential theft
  • A tracker lowers your insurance costs
  • Helps you to reduce your fuel consumption and costs
  • For businesses, it helps you to manage your fleet
  • You can also manage your employees with vehicle tracker software

Which car tracker is the best?

The best car tracker for you, your family or your business might depend on several important factors, including these points:

  • Your budget
  • How advanced you need your tracker to be
  • How many vehicles you own
  • Whether you want it to send out an SOS in accidents
  • If you want to be able to track your vehicle remotely
  • Should you want to learn about different elements such as fuel consumption, or driver behaviour and safety
  • If you want to be able to lower your insurance costs
  • Some car trackers allow you to track a vehicle covertly and subtly

How much do car trackers cost?

In general, a car tracker will cost you between £40 and upwards of £700, depending on how advanced the tracker is and any additional functions.

Which car tracker is the cheapest?

The Streetwize GPS tracker from Streetwize is one of the cheapest car trackers available, at approximately £44.99 from Halfords.


In conclusion, there are many affordable car trackers available on the market today, with different options available such as the cheapest trackers which start at £44.99, and more advanced trackers which can help you retrieve stolen vehicles for £700 or more.

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