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XLN Telecom Review

XLN Telecom

Most of the small businesses aims to maximise their efficiency to increase their productivity, and profitability while reducing costs and improving customer service.

For this to happen, one of the critical investments you must make in your business is to ensure that you have an excellent telecommunication system.

After all, business is all about communication.

This article seeks to explore what XLN has to offer as a telecom company and how it can benefit your business.

In this page you will find:


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So, let’s get down to business.

Who is XLN Telecom?

XLN is a leading telecom company in the UK that provides utility services including telecoms, broadband, business mobile, and fibre to medium and small businesses.

The company was founded in 2002 and has about 350 employees with a customer base of over 249,000 clients.

Why Should You Choose XLN?

There are some reasons why among them:

  • It provides reliable services.
  • In case you have a problem with any of your services, they have quick response times.
  • Their customer service is efficient and friendly.

Which Products and Services Does XLN Provide?

XLN telecom has a variety of products and services including:

  • Business broadband
  • Business mobile
  • Cloud voice

Let’s explore these products and services.

Business Broadband

The superfast internet access provided by XLN business broadband has some advantages to your business including:

  • Improved productivity-High broadband speeds ensure that that the flow of business is not disrupted.  
  • Reduced stress levels- Slow internet speeds can be quite frustrating. They increase your tension levels especially if you are relying on the internet to meet deadlines. Having high-speed broadband will keep you calm, relaxed, and settled as you work.

XLN telecom offers low-cost affordable broadband services with the following essential features:

Online security

24/7 customer support

high-speed internet

Email addresses

The company’s broadband service is available at:

  • Broadband only
  • Phone line only
  • Broadband plus phone
  • Fibre broadband

You get to pick a deal that best suits your business. Below are some of the product pricing.




Broadband plus Phone £95.00
  • Free installation
  • Usage allowance is unlimited
  • Line rental
  • Low-cost PAYG calls
  • Download speeds of up to 17Mbps
  • The wireless router is free
  • Internet security is free
  • Some email addresses
Broadband Only £95.00
  • Speeds of up 17Mbps
  • Free setup
  • The wireless router is free
Phone Line Only   £15.45
  • Line rental
  • Affordable PAYG calls

Another product offered by XLN telecom is Business Mobile.

Business Mobile

Benefits for the mobile business services include:

✓Unlimited calls on a monthly basis

✓Call cost per minute is 5p

✓Each SMS text costs 5p


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Contract Plans




Mobile 400 £7.99 per month
  • 400 texts or minutes
  • SIM card is free
  • Calls are free to other landlines and mobiles on a similar XLN account
Mobile 600 £13.99 per month
  • 600 texts or minutes
  • SIM card is free
  • Calls are free to other landlines and mobiles on a similar XLN account

So, just how affordable are XLN telecom business telephone lines rentals? Let’s take a look, shall we?

Line rental for business phones

What do you get with line rental from XLN?

  • The set-up is easy and fast
  • You have the option of retaining your existing phone number
  • The contract is valid for 24 months
  • PAYG calls are 92% cheaper compared to BT, formerly British Telecom.

Comparison between XLN telecom and BT Group plc

BT Group Plc XLN
Installation £125.00 £99.00
Line Rental £16.90 £16.95
National/Local Calls 26p 2p
Mobile Calls 26p 9.95p

See the difference? Keep reading; the services get better.

Cloud Voice

Cloud voice is data and internet-based communication.

The switching, storage, and telecommunications in cloud voice is hosted by a 3rd party outside your business and can be accessed via the public internet.

Landlines are now shifting to the digital platform, and your business should not be left behind.

Cloud voice costs much less compared to traditional lines.

Why Should Your Business Use Cloud Voice?

  • Cost. It is quite affordable. The value of cloud voice depends on various factors among them the size of your business, and the extra features you need to be included in your package. The low cost can also be attributed to the minimal hardware required to set up the system.
  • Ease of use. It is quite easy to use. It is possible to have user interfaces customised to your individual preferences.
  • Convenient. It is possible to send voicemail messages directly to your email. Therefore, you can quickly and conveniently access your messages without physically having to dial the voicemail system.
  • Customer service. Better and improved technology means improved and superior customer service. With cloud voice, you will be able to track the information of calls more efficiently. That is, you can extract the data from a caller’s account with the help of your computer and swiftly respond to their concerns and questions.

Did you Know?

XLN has no activation or installation fee for cloud voice and what’s more, it’s easy to add some users to the system.

Let’s have a look at two cloud voice packages XLN offers.

Package Cost Features
Unlimited Cloud Voice £14.95
  • Retain your existing number
  • Free handset
  • UK mobile and landline calls are unlimited
Pay As You Go Cloud Voice £9.95
  • Retain your existing number
  • Free handset
  • PAYG calls

Let’ now dig a little deeper on the free handsets that come with the packages

Free Handsets

You get to choose a handset that best fits your business needs from the variety available at XLN telecom.

Free Handsets

You get to choose a handset that best fits your business needs from the variety available at XLN telecom.

Cordless Handset (Free)

Yealink W52P (with base station) and W52H  

Price £80.00


  • 3-year warranty
  • Four calls can be simultaneously made with each base
  • 1.8-inch TGT LCD backlight colour display
  • Indoors range is 50m
  • Outdoors range is 300m
  • Standby hours-100
  • Talk time hours-10

Desktop Handset (Free)

Polycom VVX411        

Price £199.00

One-off power supply charge of £15.00


  • 3-year warranty
  • colour display 3.5-inch TGT
  • keys with a speed dial or 12 lines
  • 10 hours talk time, 100 hours standby

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  1. Can XLN telecom install a line for me?

Installation only happens if it is not possible to port or transfer an existing line. However, you will pay a small installation fee.

  1. What is the process of switching to XLN?

The process is as seamless as it is easy. It takes only ten days(working).

  1. If I move to another premise, what happens?

You need to notify XLN one month in advance to give them enough time to move your phone lines.

If it’s impossible to retain your old line in your new premise, they will ensure that the transition to a different line is smooth. 

Does XLN offer Support?

Yes, they do.

Their email correspondence expected timeline is within 24 hours.

If you need additional maintenance, they offer various packages.

They have four care levels for your phone line.

The levels are:   

  1. Fault response between 6 hours-£5.49 for a single line per month
  2. The response between 24 hours-£3.95 for a single line per month
  3. Fault response between 48 hours-£1.20 for a single line per month
  4. The response between 3 working days-Free  


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Who should use these enhanced care packages?

If your business heavily relies on the internet or telephone, then you should get one of the packages to avoid unnecessary business interruptions.

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