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Compare The Top 10 UK Business Phone Line Providers

Business phone linesAre all your communication needs currently being met by your business phone line?

Seeing as you are here, I’m guessing your answer is no.

That’s alright!

Because this is your essential guide to the best business phone line providers in the UK, how they help you cut costs, and what call packages are the most suitable for your business.

Every savvy business owner like yourself knows the importance of a good communication solution for their business’ success. The best business phone lines:

  • Improve your business capability
  • Cut down on your current phone bills
  • Make you more accessible to your clients and suppliers
  • Strengthen your client and supplier relationships
  • Project a professional image for your business

But how do you know which business phone line provider and the package are right for you? 

In a rush? Jump to the top 10 phone line providers.


Keep on reading, and you will find out exactly how to select the best business phone line provider and package for your business.

This guide will cover:

By the time you’re done the reading, you will have all the tools and knowledge to find the right business phone line provider for your business.

So let’s begin.

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Business Phone Line Overview


Business phone lines are an affordable communication solution for small businesses that allow you to grow your company, establish solid relationships with clients and suppliers, as well as reduce your current phone costs.

Now, I know what you’re thinking.

Wouldn’t it be cheaper to conduct business using your phone line?

Not necessarily.

Even for a new startup, business phone lines offer crucial services such as unlimited domestic calls, discounted international calls, and telecommunication capabilities that aren’t available on regular phone lines.

Plus, providers offer business phone line packages at extremely affordable rates that usually range from £15 to £25 per month. The total cost depends on how many lines you need, the calling capacity of your solution, and what additional features you purchase.

A business phone line allows you to obtain a unique phone number that establishes your business’ identity. Clients and suppliers will associate this number with your company, which makes it all the more critical for you to select the best provider possible.

I’m guessing you have noticed that technology has allowed a lot of business to be conducted through the Internet, with clients and suppliers never having to interact with you. This makes you doubt the need for a phone at all, but the truth is that speaking over the phone always establishes a more personal connection, which only strengthens your relationships and solidifies your business’ reputation.


Business Phone Line Benefits


So why do you need a business phone line?

Business phone lines provide a cost-effective communication solution with call packages that essentially allow you to make and receive more calls at an overall cheaper rate. What this means is that you can effortlessly keep in touch with your clients and suppliers, without worrying about the minutes adding up or pesky long-distance charges.

Furthermore, you’ll be glad to hear that some providers such as BT include unlimited calls within the UK, as part of their monthly charge. Other providers give you the option to purchase unlimited calls within the UK, or even overseas, for a very affordable rate.

Besides cutting down your costs, business phone lines also have many features that are incredibly useful if you want to streamline and improve communication.

For example, call management is a popular feature that allows you to customise the parameters of your telephone calls so that when someone phones in, they are automatically directed to the appropriate person or department.

Modern business phone lines, such as ISDN or Integrated Services Digital Network, utilise digital networks which allow you to operate multiple tracks at the same time. This means that multiple employees can be reached through the same business phone number that represents your business. ISDN or multi-line systems are ideal if your business is involved in sales or is a call centre.


Business Phone Line Costs


Fact: Business phone lines aren’t expensive.

Yes, you read that right.

Total monthly costs generally range from £15 to £25 per month, depending on your phone package features, additional services, and the volume of calls you plan to handle.

You’ll find that the initial costs are:

  • Installation fee
  • Monthly line rental charges
  • Calling charges

And good news! Since you are purchasing a phone line and the technology that comes with it, you won’t face the hefty costs of purchasing extra hardware. Your business phone line is quickly installed into your office phones, and you get back to business right away.

If you choose to purchase additional features and services to enhance your business communication, you’ll pay a monthly fee for each of them. But don’t worry. In general, the costs of using additional features only runs from £1 to £10 per month, depending on the complexity of the service.

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How to Select the Right Business Phone Line


To select the best business phone line for your business, you need to know about the different types. This will ensure that you avoid costly mistakes by having a good understanding of what business phone line you want.

The two primary types of business phone lines are PSTN or Public Switched Telephone Network, and ISDN or Integrated Services Digital Network.

PSTN is the traditional version of business phone lines and uses analogue signals to transmit your voice communications. PSTN lines only allow one call per line at a time, which means that it’s best suited if your business operates out of your home, or is very small. It is the simplest form of business phone lines and is the ideal solution when you don’t require a lot of lines and extra features.

ISDN phone lines digitally transmit your voice, video, and data using a broadband connection which offers more capabilities and features than PSTN lines. Most importantly, ISDN allows more than one call per line at a time, which means that it can easily scale as your business grows.

There is a variety of ISDN versions, such as ISDN30 which is suitable for larger businesses as it allows you to access over eight channels through your business phone line.

Right, now that you’ve covered the different types of business phone lines, what are the things to look for?


Here’s a simple list of the main things to consider when you select a business phone line:

  • Cost-effectiveness

Make sure that your business phone line cuts down your current phone costs.

  • Customer support

Your provider should offer accessible, effective, and fast customer support because when you are faced with a communication problem, you need to be able to fix it fast.

  • Broadband speed

If you are using a digital or ISDN phone line, check that your broadband is capable of handling calls without sacrificing quality.

  • Scalability

Always have a plan for the future by ensuring that your business phone line can scale as your business grows. You may need to handle more calls and require additional features to improve collaboration and communication between an increasing number of employees.

  • Features

Make sure that all your business communication needs are met by your business phone line, through the features and services offered in your package.

  • Contracts

Consider if you want to be tied down in a long-term contract, or if your provider requires a minimum period of usage.


Best 10 Business Phone Line Providers


Now that you have complete knowledge of business phone lines let’s finally get started on a comparison of the top providers in the UK.

The following providers are judged by a criterion that includes cost, customer support, and phone line features.


 BT Logo

  • Phone lines starting from £17.60/month
  • Includes two phone features: BT Answer 1571 and BT 1471 (voicemail and last number calling in)
  • Minimum 12-month contract
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Available upgrades for features, phone lines, and service level

Supplier Rating:  

BT or British Telecommunications is a durable industry leader of business phone lines systems for businesses in the UK. Currently, BT has an impressive record of over 900,000 users due to their value packages and features.

BT contracts start from 12 months and go up to 60 months for businesses looking for a long-term solution. Their business phone line packages also include at least two additional features at no extra cost.

BT business phone line packages are as follows:

  • Value Line starts at £17.60/month with a pay-as-you-go call plan
  • Standard Line starts at £23.40/month with the ability to connect to a phone system and 60 free minutes with your call plan
  • Featureline Compact starts at £24.80/month with 14 phone features included, the ability to connect to a phone system, and 60 free minutes with your call plan

It should be noted that installation charges are not included in the above prices.

What are the benefits of BT phone lines for your business?

  • BT fixes your phone line faults within two days of the problem being reported
  • Purchase a phone line and broadband from BT at an overall cheaper cost
  • Unlimited calls within the UK starting at £12/month



Virgin Media Business


Virgin Media Business

  • Unlimited domestic and international calls
  • Additional features such as call divert, caller display, auto call-back can be added from around £3/month.
  • Reliable service level agreement
  • Keep your existing numbers
  • Fast switching process
  • 24/7 customer service and phone support

Supplier Rating: 

Virgin Media Business is another top business phone line provider that offers industry-specific solutions and expertise in sectors such as retail, health, and professional services. Their pricing and contracts are simple and straightforward, making them a popular choice for many businesses.

Virgin offers cost-effective business phone line packages for small businesses that start at:

  • £17.50/month for analogue lines
  • £20/month for ISDN30 lines
  • £27.50/month for ISDN2 lines

Additionally, you have the option to purchase extra service for a higher level of support, which is reassuring if you feel that you want to receive consistently available and personal service.

What are the benefits of Virgin Media phone lines for your business?

  • Virgin Media operates their fibre-optic network so that they can offer affordable prices
  • Ability to customise your phone line package by adding important features for a reasonable fee
  • Smooth setup and installation process with an assigned Order Manager that facilitates the entire process



XLN Telecom


XLN Telecom

  • Phone line packages starting at £16.95/month
  • Unlimited calls to UK landlines and major mobile networks for £1 extra
  • Keep your existing numbers
  • Competitive calling rates that are 92% cheaper than competitors


Supplier Rating: 

XLN Telecom is an award-winning telecoms provider that primarily focuses on small businesses in the UK. They have over 400,000 customers that use their simple and affordable business phone line packages, specifically tailored for small businesses.

XLN claim to provide more cost savings than the other larger providers such as BT, with their total costs coming in at £19.95/month.

And get this – for only £1 extra, you get unlimited calls to UK landlines!

On Trustpilot, XLN Telecom currently has a 4-star rating with over 3,500 satisfied customers praising their straightforward contracts, responsiveness, and helpful support.

What are the benefits of XLN Telecom phone lines for your business?

  • Excellent customer service with calls guaranteed to be answered
  • Simple switching process with a UK-based team
  • Reliable network with extensive nationwide coverage





  • Up to 100 lines available, beginning at £15 per user/month
  • 20 business telephony features included in the basic package
  • Additional features such as voicemail-to-email and a free mobile app
  • Unlimited domestic and international calling packages available for purchase


Supplier Rating: 

Vonage is a worldwide leader in telecommunications, with solutions that support all types of businesses from different industries and sizes. Their innovation has allowed them to adequately understand basic business communication needs and provide straightforward solutions to your communication issues.

Vonage provides up to 100 lines for your business, starting at only £15 per user/month with 20 features included.

Vonage maintains a solid 4-star rating on Trustpilot, with reviews praising their smooth process, excellent support, and minimal issues encountered.

What are the benefits of Vonage phone lines for your business?

  • More cost savings than other providers, with no hidden costs in their contracts
  • Flexible and scalable phone line packages, with an easy installation process for immediate use
  • Become more accessible and connected with your clients and suppliers, building a stronger relationship than before





  • Unlimited calls to UK mobiles and landlines
  • Free WiFi business calling
  • Inclusive Secure Net software built into the Vodafone network to protect your business phones from viruses and malware
  • Online access to call records and billing information
  • Seamless procedure to switch over to Vodafone
  • Use UK data and minutes anywhere in Vodafone-covered zones throughout Europe

Supplier rating: 

Vodafone delivers a rich selection of phone line packages, with multiple choices for small businesses with less than ten employees, as well as larger businesses with more significant needs. They are one of the most widely-used telecommunications providers in the UK and have thus developed effective solutions for your business.

For small businesses with less than ten employees, Vodafone offers:


  • Business Value package from £18.74 to £27.07/month with unlimited domestic calls and WiFi calling
  • Business Value Extra package from £27.90 to £38.31/month with up to 10GB data and damage insurance
  • Business Value Premier package from £36.23 to £46.64/month with up to 20GB data and 100 minutes of international calling
  • Business Black package with inclusive roaming across covered zones in Europe and features that make working remotely much easier


What are the benefits of Vodafone phone lines for your business?

  • Cost-effective business line packages with unlimited domestic calls and discounted international calls
  • Improve productivity through bill consultation that analyses your spending and usage patterns
  • Secure and reliable Vodafone network spans the entirety of the UK
  • A variety of tailored packages to choose from
  • Choice of PSTN, Analogue, ISDN2, or ISDN30 lines



Gamma Telecom



  • Save up to 35% on business line rentals and calling rates
  • Keep the existing business phone number
  • A single, inclusive bill for all your line rentals and calls
  • Protects you from phone fraud and hacking through their security feature, CallGuard
  • Carbon neutral calls to ensure compliance with environmental policies

Supplier rating: 

Gamma Telecom is one of the largest voice services providers in the UK, with award-winning telecommunication products and solutions covering a wide range of business industries. Since they specialise in business communications, Gamma is able to fully dedicate their resources to offer the best solutions for all types of businesses.

What’s more, they claim to provide you with higher cost savings than other providers such as BT. This is possible because their IP network is one of the largest in the UK and even connects with other providers, which allows them to give nationwide coverage at competitive prices.

What are the benefits of Gamma Telecom phone lines for your business?

  • Hassle-free and lower cost calls within the  Gamma network
  • Friendly UK-based support team readily available to help you
  • Seamless, hassle-free switching process to Gamma from your current phone line provider, within ten working days
  • Online portal to easily view your calling records and bills


Daisy Group


Daisy Group

  • Phone line rentals begin at £13.74/month
  • The basic package includes free transfers, installation, online billing and reporting
  • 5p/hour capped calls to UK local and national numbers
  • 20p/hour capped calls to UK mobiles and fixed-line international numbers
  • 24/7 customer support from a UK-based team


Supplier rating: 

Daisy Group is a UK-based telecommunications provider, focusing on creating innovative solutions that combine the possibilities of IT and communication. They offer unique end-to-end products for business phone lines and calling, connectivity, unified communications, and supply chain services.

For small to medium-sized businesses, Daisy offers a variety of cost-effective business phone line plans. You have the choice of selecting one of Daisy’s packages or create your tailored package to suit your business communication needs.

Daisy Group currently has a strong 9.2/10 rating on Trustpilot, with the majority of customers praising excellent customer service, easy account management, and overall positive experiences.

What are the benefits of Daisy Group phone lines for your business?

  • Cost-effective phone line rental with inclusive transfers, installation, and essential features
  • Quick and effective customer service from a UK-based support team
  • Manage your costs and billing online
  • 15 years of industry experience to deliver the best communication solutions for your business


Chess Telecom


Chess Logo

  • Tailored phone line and call packages
  • The UK-based customer support team
  • Integrated voice and data solutions
  • Mobility to transfer your business phone line onto your other smart devices
  • Inclusive business phone features including call barring and divert


Supplier rating: 

Chess Telecom is technology specialists that focus on delivering the most cost-effective and modern business communication solutions. Their Voice & Connect products are specifically designed for your business needs to provide you with the most effective service at affordable rates.

Additionally, Chess Telecom phone lines come with a range of features such as call barring, divert, that streamlines your communication and eliminates inefficiencies. Their tailored packages promise to reduce your phone bills by integrating your voice and data, which in turn frees up your resources.

Chess Telecom also gives you the option between a variety of phone lines, including ISDN2 and ISDN30.

What are the benefits of Chess Telecom phone lines for your business?

  • Tailored phone line and calling packages based on your communication challenges and needs
  • Advanced communication technology that helps you improve your calling experiences, customer engagement, and productivity





bOnline Logo

  • Full mobility of use on mobile, tablet, and laptop
  • Transparent pricing
  • Simple set up
  • No contracts
  • Over 40 features including caller menus, conference lines, call forwarding, and voicemail

Supplier rating: 

bOnline is a cloud communication services provider that supports the business growth and interconnectivity with their low-cost cloud-based solutions. They aim to eliminate the need for multiple expensive providers for aspects such as broadband, VoIP, and phone lines by instead providing a wholesome and affordable solution for all of your business communication needs.

For business phone lines, bOnline offers three distinctive packages:

  • Cloud Talk starting at £9 with 100 minutes to UK mobiles and landlines
  • Cloud Talk 1200 starting at £13 with 1200 minutes to UK mobiles and landlines
  • Cloud Talk Unlimited starting at £6 with unlimited calls to UK mobiles and landlines

Moreover, bOnline includes over 40 features and full business communication mobility with their phone line packages. You can use your phone line from anywhere and access advanced features such as visual voicemail, selective call rejection, and call waiting for up to 4 calls.

What are the benefits of bOnline phone lines for your business?

  • Scalable and cost-effective communication solution
  • Combine your entire IT and communications network onto a single platform
  • Discounted international calls at 1p to 3p/minute depending on the destination country






  • Combined broadband and phone packages
  • Line rentals from £10.50/month
  • Unlimited Anytime calls to UK 01, 02, and 03 landline numbers
  • Call plans with 500 or 1000 minutes to the UK and International mobiles and landlines
  • 12 or 24-month contracts
  • 24/7 UK-based customer support

Supplier rating: 

Plusnet is an Internet services provider that also offers inclusive phone line packages in combination with their broadband services. You will be able to gain both broadband and phone lines at competitive prices, as opposed to having separate providers.

When you purchase Plusnet Business Phone, their comprehensive phone service, you can rent phone lines and purchase broadband all from the same package. You will also be able to make free calls to other Plusnet Business or Home Phone users, which saves you even more on your monthly phone bills.

What are the benefits of Plusnet phone lines for your business?

  • Take advantage of Plusnet nationwide coverage which means better deployment and higher capacity
  • Simple monthly bill with all your phone line and broadband charges
  • Seamless deployment of the phone line and broadband service within 2-3 weeks

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Well done!

Now that you have read through this guide to Business Phone Line providers in the UK, you are more than prepared to begin choosing the best solution for your business.

Don’t forget to keep the above checklist in mind, so that you’ve covered all the bases.

Good luck, and let us know how it goes!


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