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YesPay Merchant Services Review

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YesPay was founded in 2002 in the UK, quickly establishing itself as a small but quality merchant service provider.

In 2013, when YesPay had about 3,000 clients, WorldPay, a large international merchant service corporation, purchased the company and began offering YesPay as their small business merchant service solution.

Today, YesPay only exists as a subsidiary of WorldPay.

So let’s jump into the YesPay review now:


In this guide you will find



In 2017, Vantiv purchased WorldPay and subsequently moved all YesPay services under the umbrella of WorldPay. Vantiv moved YesPay and WorldPay to the U.S. with international operations located in the UK, and now offers a fully global merchant account service, with offerings for small to enterprise businesses under the same brand. So, all YesPay products are now sold as WorldPay, and all YesPay websites and offerings have been taken offline. But, the service itself still exists with the same rates and contract offerings.

  • Very transparent pricing
  • Credit card transaction costs average at 2.75% + 20p
  • Debit card transactions at 0.75%
  • Monthly contracts available with 18-month terminal lease
  • Flat-rate pricing available

While YesPay and WorldPay are among the largest merchant service providers available, it’s important that you know what they offer, what you will pay, and how the company compares to other offerings. You’re likely most concerned with YesPay’s transaction costs and rates.


YesPay Rates and Pricing


YesPay is priced using flat-rate transaction costs with monthly charges rather than Interchange +. This means you pay the same rate no matter what card you process, which can save you a great deal of money if you process high-rate cards but will be more expensive if you process cheaper interchange cards like Amex.

Account Pay as You Go Fixed Monthly Standard
Monthly Fee £49.99 Custom Custom
Transaction Fees Custom (Averaging 2.75%) Included Averaging 2.75% Credit and 0.75% Debit
Startup Costs £150 No No
Terminal Rental Included Included £17.45+ per month
Minimum Monthly Service Charge No Included £15 per month
PCI Management Included Included £29.99 per year
Contract Duration Monthly 12-36 Months 12-36 Months
Terminal Rental 18 Month 18 Month 18 Month


What other contract differences should you be aware of?

Pay as You Go – The Pay as You Go offering charges a large upfront fee with no additional monthly fees and does not lock you into a contract, but includes a high startup fee and no split rates for debit and credit cards. If you accept a great deal of debit cards, you will be losing money. And, because you’re locked into an 18-month Worldpay terminal contract anyway, it will be difficult to switch if you decide you don’t like the merchant service.

Fixed Monthly – The Fixed Monthly offering attempts to offer small businesses a single fixed rate for all costs including transaction costs at a flat rate based on volume. This can be highly advantageous if you want to avoid surprise payments, typically accept premium or more expensive cards, and accept high-value payments. However, you may lose money if your transaction volume fluctuates a great deal or your flat rate is higher than an average of 2.75%.

Standard – The Standard contract offers a custom price based on your transaction volume and needs, with split rates for credit and debit cards averaging at 2.75% and 0.75%. Terminals are available from £17.45 per month, but you will have a variety of options to choose from. You also have to meet a minimum monthly service charge of £15 per month and pay a PCI management fee of £29.99 per year. This option allows you to pay for what you get, but may be more expensive if you process large transactions.

You can also purchase add-on services for any contract.

Services Cost
Online Portal (My Business Dashboard) £0 – £4.99 per month
Virtual Terminal £9.95 per month
Pay by Link £9.95 per month
WorldPay Benefits Club * £5.99 per month
Online Payment Gateway** £19.95 per month

*The WorldPay Benefits Club is included in Fixed Monthly and Standard contracts

*The Online Payments Gateway is included in Pay as You Go and Standard contracts.

All three options make sense depending on your business structure, contract preferences, and contract needs. WorldPay and YesPay are also one of the only merchant account providers to offer such clear pricing, which does add confidence when you go to a salesperson. However, the transaction rate the sales team offers will depend on your business, industry, and transaction volume.


YesPay and WorldPay


WorldPay purchased YesPay in 2013 and offered YesPay services until August of 2017. When Vantiv completed their purchase of WorldPay on August 9, 2017, the new owners moved all YesPay services under WorldPay and took YesPay websites offline. This means that any YesPay small business services are now sold as WorldPay. However, the pricing and contract structure remain the same. Because WorldPay has been handling YesPay customer service since 2013, customer service and technical support are also the same.


YesPay Merchant Service Offerings


YesPay offers numerous merchant service offerings including merchant accounts, virtual terminals, online payment gateways, and card or PDQ machines.

Merchant Account

YesPay’s merchant account offers standard 7-day processing, flat rate transaction costs, dynamic currency conversion, and real-time online account management. While 7 days is considerably longer than the 2-3 business day processing on offer from most competitors, this does save you on costs, because deposits typically cost about 10 pence per. Over the course of a year, that will only save you around £7, but it’s still savings.


Virtual Terminal

The WorldPay virtual terminal costs £9.95 per month with transaction costs averaging at 2.75% per. However, if you have a fixed monthly contract you will pay a flat rate rather than a percentage. Virtual terminals enable you to accept MOTO payments (mail, telephone, email, etc.) with fraud prevention tools for card-not-present transactions.


Online Payment Gateway

YesPay’s online payment gateway is now sold under WorldPay, but at £19.99 or included in other contracts, it’s an affordable and extremely popular online payment solution. WorldPay offers multiple integration options including WorldPay hosted with a redirect to their checkout page as well integrated solutions and an API, allowing you to customise the checkout page or integrate it into custom apps and websites. The online payment gateway supports 116 currencies, integrates into nearly all major shopping carts and e-commerce platforms, and supports PayPal.


Card Machines

YesPay offers Ingenico card machines rebranded as WorldPay. You can typically choose from four models.

ICT250 Desktop Card Machine – The ICT250 desktop card machine is a high-security machine certified to PCI PTS 3.x standards, featuring a backlit keyboard, full-colour screen, and multiple personalisation options including sleeve and top casing. The model supports EMV, magstripe, NFC, and contactless payments over Ethernet.

IWL 251/252 Portable Card Terminal – The IWL252 is a mobile handheld card reader with PCI PTS 3.x security over wireless connections including Bluetooth, 3G, GPRS, and WiFi. The model supports EMV, magstripe, NFC, and contactless payments, prints receipts on location at up to 30 lines per second, and has a full-day battery life. The IWL251 is nearly identical.

IWL258 WiFi Card Reader – The IWL259 is a mobile card reader intended to be used either in portable situations or as a fully mobile reader on the go. The module features a SIM card, enabling it to connect over 3G/GPRS, as well as WIFI and Bluetooth connectivity for cost savings at your home-base. The reader accepts EMV, magstripe, NFC, and contactless payments with an average full-day battery life.

My Business Hub – My Business Hub is a full-service till system offered by WorldPay. The system integrates a till, card reader, and scanner with a tablet-based EPOS and with prices starting from £50 per month. My Business Hub is fully configurable to meet multiple existing industry needs – making it an ideal solution for startups. You can also purchase the handheld barcode scanner separately for £99.


YesPay Contract Length and Termination


WorldPay offers no-contract monthly services, but if you want cheaper rates, you will have to sign up for either 12 or 36 months. Importantly, both longer options include an automatic one-year renewal, if notice is not given of intent to cancel a minimum of 30 days  in advance. Early termination fees can also be quite steep, with fees for cancelling terminal rental as well as contract.

For example, some users report early termination fees ranging from £95 – £495 depending on the length of time left on the contract, terminal rental, and type of contract.

You may also have problems actually cancelling your contract once the term is up. Many customers complain that the cancellation process is difficult, and with a required 30 days’ notice for each acquiring agreements and terminal rental agreements, you may still be fined for not giving proper notice. Others mention that WorldPay continued to bill their account, even after closing services.


YesPay! Group


The YesPay! Group is not part of YesPay or WorldPay, but is instead a third-party organisation with a similar name offering similar services. YesPay! Is part of the HRNetGroup and offers payroll and other HR related payment services.


YesPay Customer Support and Service


YesPay is part of one of the largest merchant service providers in the world, unfortunately they do not have the customer service to match. The company has struggled significantly with continuing to provide quality customer service since being purchased by Vantiv, with even long-term customers seeing negative effects.

Many customers complain about problems including difficulty resolving errors, unexpected fines and bills, slow response time, or no response at all. For example, some users wait 5-7 days to receive an email answer back. If you do contact YesPay customer support, you are recommended to call in, and attempt to get a resolution while on the phone, as your case may be dropped if not.

YesPay appears to be attempting to resolve these problems, which are most likely because of a rapid expansion and merger with WorldPay.


YesPay Merchant Service Reputation


While YesPay offers quality merchant services and competitive fees the company definitely has problems with customer service and support. Almost all online complaints revolve around these two issues.

Otherwise, YesPay and WorldPay offer quality service, top-of-the-line technology, very good security standards, and transparent pricing. You should ensure that you are fully aware of the length of your contract and remember to send a notification of termination should you wish to cancel.

Some customers also complain about the minimum 18-month lease for card machines and terminals. This is in part because YesPay and WorldPay do not charge a setup fee for 12-36-month contracts. You will pay the setup fee and have an 18-month contract with a monthly contract.

Overall, the company has a stellar reputation for offering good services, but a very poor one for customer support and service.


Comparing YesPay


YesPay and WorldPay process in excess of 11 billion transactions each year, valued at more than £500 billion. The company is one of the largest payment processors in the world, and accepts all major credit and debit card schemes, with support for 116 currencies. However, you should take the time to compare the rates, offerings, and value of your top options to ensure that you’re getting the best merchant service provider for your business.


Merchant Account Yes Pay / Worldpay Global Payments Sage Pay HandePay Elavon
Transaction Fee From 2.75% credit cards /0.70%- 20p debit cards or custom flat rate 1.1%-3.3% + 20p (negotiable) 1.9% credit cards / 40p debit cards Yes 2.55% – 3.5%
Monthly Fee £19.95+ (+£9.95 per additional service) £10+ (per service) £20,90+ No Bespoke
Payment Processing Time 7 Days 2+ Business Days 2 Business Days Custom 2+ Business Days
Setup Fee £0 – £150 £150 – £250 None £9.99+ Bespoke
Termination Fee £0-£495 £150 – £500 Yes (Varies) N/A £0 – £295
Contract Length Monthly – 36 Month 12-36 month Monthly-36 Month £15 + Monthly – 24-month


YesPay and WorldPay charge industry standard to slightly above industry standard rates, and are more expensive across the board than alternative solutions like Sage Pay. With that in mind, you should definitely request custom quotes from each service so that you can compare your options based on your business-specific rates.


Who Should Use Yes Pay Merchant Services?


YesPay or WorldPay has a lot to offer for both small and larger businesses. With enterprise support as well as small business machines and solution, the company offers extremely versatile merchant services. However, a great deal of Yes Pay merchant services are ideal for specific types of businesses.

For example, large businesses and enterprise can almost always benefit from WorldPay by negotiating lower rates and using the company’s enterprise features. Very small businesses which have less room to negotiate can still benefit, because small-business oriented solutions like PayPal often charge as much as 3.5% per transaction.

If you frequently process very large transactions, such as for furniture or high-end good like art, you can also greatly benefit from WorldPay’s Fixed monthly rates. If you can calculate the total rate as less than 2.5% of your total average purchase, it’s likely cheaper per transaction than a percentage option.

However, WorldPay’s customer service issues mean that you may get slow support, especially as a small business without a dedicated account manager. It’s always a good idea to ensure that you have backup terminals or your own service solutions in place in case problems do happen.


Final Verdict


WorldPay and Yes Pay have a lot to offer for business of all sizes, but with definite issues surrounding customer support and service, it’s important that you do you go into an agreement carefully. Some of the company’s pricing schemes can also be more expensive than nearly any other competitor, so you need to do your research to make sure you aren’t paying more than you have to.

You can also save money using WorldPay Benefits Club, which can help you to reduce costs across your business. E-commerce sellers also benefit from solutions like dynamic currency conversion and automatic tax-free shopping for foreign customers which will increase conversion rate.

Overall, WorldPay offers quality services that can save specific types of businesses a great deal, but may be costly for others. Your best option is to get a custom quote, which the sales team will provide for free at no obligation, and then compare it to your other options.

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