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Miami’s Bus Shelters Go Solar

Fuel Outdoor.)Outdoor advertising might not sound very green — after all, who wouldn’t rather see a row of flowers along the sidewalk than a row of billboards? — but most realists have to accept that ad-driven media aren’t going away anytime soon. So if you have to stare at an electronic fashion ad or fragrance promo while waiting for the bus, wouldn’t you at least like to know the hype doesn’t come with carbon emissions?

That’s the plus that Fuel Outdoor Holdings LLC is bringing to Miami. Through its subsidiary, Fuel Miami LLC, the New York-based OOH media (that’s “out-of-home” advertising) company is installing 600 solar-powered bus shelters throughout the city. Under the 20-year arrangement, Miami gets the shelters for free and Fuel gets a place to display its customers’ ads, no electrical outlets required.

Fuel says the solar-powered ad panels will save a little over 2 tons of carbon emissions each. And, as far as bus shelters go, the installations are rather sleek and attractive … with the added benefit of providing light for safety and security as nighttime commuters wait for their buses.

“As the largest city in the Sunshine State, it makes perfect sense that we utilize one of Miami’s most abundant renewable resources – sunlight,” said Miami Mayor Manny Diaz.

And, if you have to have outdoor ads at all, it’s also nice to see a focus on solar-powered advertising on bus shelters rather than on highway-facing billboards. All we need now is a lot more buses in cities across the country: that could be an eco-friendly way of keeping companies like Fuel busy into the future.