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SAP Payroll: Review, Prices and How They Compare

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Are you interested in investing in software from SAP, but you want to learn more about the company first?

Then you’re in the right place.

In this review, you’ll find out everything you need to know about SAP, like who they are and what they offer you.

Let’s go!

What’s in this review?

Who is SAP?

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SAP has a history that stretches back 46 years, with experience in creating software for a wide range of company requirements, to make running your business as smooth and organised as possible.

Now, they have over 400,000 customers, total revenue of €23.46bn in FY2017 and boasts that 91% of the Forbes 2000 are their customers.

This goes to show that SAP is a trustworthy name in the IT industry, with an established reputation for reliability.

So, what does SAP offer their customers regarding payroll?

SAP SuccessFactors

SAP SuccessFactors is the name of the software that encapsulates everything you need related to your human resources, including managing your talent, payroll and workforce analytics.

This software integrates with many different solutions that SAP offers, meaning that you can always expand your tools should the need arise, or you can start with the full suite.

As it provides you with the ability to manage your employees around the globe, you can rest assured that it doesn’t matter where your employees are, you can still analyse performance and development from where you are.

Here are some of the benefits of using SAP:

  • Run your payrolls, such as calculating salaries and deductions
  • Simplify your payroll process
  • Combine both in-house and outsourced features
  • Analyse your employees and performance
  • Recruit the best employees for your company
  • Make sure your workers are paid accurately and on time
  • Monitor your payroll in real time
  • Information about local requirements, including taxes
  • Save on costs by reducing the need for human administration

SAP has created this software with the future in mind, so it is designed to be intuitive, collaborative and perfect for tech-savvy employees entering the workforce.

SAP Reviews

As SAP is a large company that offers a wide range of software to suit your business needs, there are several different pages on TrustRadius that covers the range that they provide.

SAP ERP, which covers HR and payroll as well as things like operations, has a score of 4-stars out of five, which is out of approximately 235 different reviews.

Most of the reviews state that the software is clean and easy to use, the only negative being that the customer support needs to be more available.

Online reviews aren’t always accurate, but you should consider them when deciding which software is best for you.

Positive SAP Review

A user on TrustRadius: The interface is clean and intuitive. Besides that, SAP is a well-known standard which is recognised and also used by many of our newly incorporated companies.

Negative SAP Review

Andy Barr on TrustRadius: The older modules, e.g. master data do not link particularly well with the newer ones so industry-specific changes may require double entry.

Customer Service

Do you want to speak to SAP directly? Do you have more questions?

Here’s how you can get in touch with SAP.

Send a letter to:

SAP UK Limited

Clockhouse Place, Bedfont Rd

Feltham, Middlesex TW14 8HD

Company Comparison

Company Customer Score Software / Service Flexibility Price
SAP Payroll ★★★★ ★★ Bespoke
Brightpay ★★★★★ ★★★★★ £99 – £999
Sage ★★★★ ★★★ £241.50 a year
Xero ★★★★ ★★ £10 – £27.50 a month


Have you found out everything you need to know about SAP?

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SAP Payroll Review
  • Customer Support
  • Cost
  • Software Flexibility

Final Verdict

SAP is a globally recognised company who can offer your company software for all areas of your business, including HR, payroll, management, operations and finances. This software is suitable for companies that operate worldwide, as you can rest assured that you will remain compliant regardless of which country your employee is in.


✔ Suitable for global companies
✔ Manage everything related to HR
✔ The software is incredibly flexible


✗ The software is more expensive than their competitors, priced at £1,000+
✗ Might not be suitable for smaller companies
✗ Their website doesn’t have a lot of information clearly displayed about the features of the software

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