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The Best 5 HR and Payroll Software Apps 2023

The Best HR and Payroll Software


Are you looking for software that combines HR and payroll?

Did you know that having a combination of HR and payroll can help you to streamline your processes better and keep everything organised?

In this guide, you’ll find out everything you need to know about HR and payroll software, including what it is and where you can find it.

Let’s dive in and find out more.

What’s in this guide?

Top 5 HR and Payroll Software

1. NGA


Type: HR & Payroll Software

Runs in the cloud: Yes

Available software: Payroll, HR

Featured Customers Score: 4.6/5

NGA is a highly rated provider of both payroll and HR software as well as outsourced services, who operate in multiple countries and offer detailed insights for your company data.

There are several HR and combined payroll software on offer from NGA that you can choose from, which come with many different features including the payroll process, employee costs, automation and compliance.

You can integrate your payroll software with their HR services or a combination that best suits you and your business.

✔ Services multiple countries

✔ Optimise your spending

✔ Cloud backup for data

✔ Integrates with HR software

✔ Payroll automation

✔ Scalable software

✔ Accurate reports for analysis

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Type: HR & Payroll Software

Runs in the cloud: Yes

Available software: Payroll, HR

Software Advice Score: 4/5

CIPHR provide cloud-based software which combines both HR and payroll needs, including processing payroll, payslips, forms such as P60s, quickly onboarding new staff and leavers.

You can benefit from being able to take a closer look at your detailed data reports to see where you are performing the best, and you can be assured that your information will be safe in the cloud.

Customers state that the software is easy to implement, and it is functional as well as simple to use.

✔ Online payslips

✔ Auto-enrolment

✔ Online forms

✔ Real-time information for HMRC

✔ Cloud-based solution

✔ Quick data entry

✔ Generates documents

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3. MHR


Type: HR & Payroll Software

Runs in the cloud: Yes

Available software: Payroll, HR

MHR is a well-known payroll and HR software and service company, which works in the cloud and comes with many features such as accuracy, efficiency, payroll processing, payslips, HR tasks and automation for things like pensions.

They have a stellar online reputation, with many satisfied testimonials on their website as well as case studies from popular companies such as Zoopla, TK Maxx and the British Transport Police.

Not only are MHR HMRC recognised, but they are also BACs supported too so that you can stay compliant.

✔ The choice between part managed and fully managed services

✔ Combined HR and payroll solutions for your business

✔ Access your data from anywhere at any time

✔ Manage your workforce and data

✔ 99.99% accuracy for your payroll

✔ Self-service for your employees helps you cut down on time and admin fees

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4. CoreHR


Type: HR & Payroll Software

Runs in the cloud: Yes

Available software: Payroll, HR

TrustRadius Score: 5/5

CoreHR is a highly rated payroll and HR software company who can provide their customers with award-winning software which includes features such as automation, payroll processing, integrates fully with HR software and reduces your company’s costs.

They claim that their software is easy to use, has a user-friendly interface and helps to simplify your payroll process.

Many well-known brands and organisations choose CoreHR for their software, including the University of Oxford, Flex and Cineworld to name a few.

✔ Real-time information

✔ Employee self-service

✔ User-friendly interface

✔ Progress status and reports

✔ Notifications for HR changes

✔ 1 million users worldwide

✔ Reward statements and forms

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5. Capita Employee Solutions


Type: HR & Payroll Software

Runs in the cloud: Yes

Available software: Payroll, HR, admin

Capita claim to provide services to their customers which take care of your employees throughout their lifecycle, including onboarding, payroll, HR needs and all of your required forms for leavers.

They have over 50 years of experience in the employee solutions industry, working with SMEs in many industries to provide HR consultancy and process £1.7 billion to 3 million clients across the UK.

✔ Specialist HR experts

✔ Allowances and bonuses

✔ Processing starters and leavers

✔ Performance management

✔ Able to upscale with you

✔ Suitable for businesses of all sizes

✔ Return to work services

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Which HR & payroll software is the best?

MHR offers comprehensive HR and payroll software which works from anywhere at any time.

This leaves you free to focus on recruiting the right people or making sure that everyone is paid on time.

With their ‘modules’, you can deal with your payroll, HR management, recruitment and analytics on one secure platform.

This software comes with full support and your relationship manager, so you know who to speak to whenever you have any questions or problems.

What is payroll software?

Payroll software is software that allows you to run payroll; including calculating your employee’s wages, deducting anything from tax to national insurance and producing payslips.

Generally speaking, you might do this every month, but sometimes you might employees every week – each time you do, you need to send specific information to HMRC.

This is known as ‘real-time information’, and it’s essential for companies of any size.

What is HR software?

HR software allows you to keep track of your employees, which might include analytics about your workforce, performance and anything to do with benefits and administration.

Using HR software takes away some of the need for menial administration tasks in the sense that your processes can be easily automated, saving time and effort.

How can integrated software help me?

By integrating your HR and payroll software, you can use a straightforward program to look at information ranging from typical HR issues like performance versus things like pay and holiday.

✔ Reduces the need for multiple data entry

✔ Less risk for human error and mistakes

✔ Allows your employees to view their payroll and personal information

✔ You can view your employees reports such as performance and absences or holidays

✔ Protects your HR and payroll information with encrypted data

✔ Some software includes things like managing pensions and auto-enrolment

What should I consider when choosing software?

How can you find out which type of software might be best for you?

You might want to consider these factors:

  • Cost of the product
  • Amount of support you will get
  • Features and flexibility
  • Customer reputation
  • Integration with other software
  • Ease of learning the program

How do I compare software providers?

There are a couple of ways that you can compare software and payroll service providers.

First of all, you could approach each payroll service provider separately and request a quote, which you can then compare and see if any of the options work for you.

This might be quite a time to consume, as you’ll want to try and compare as many providers as possible to make sure that you are getting the best deal.

The second option is to use a quick comparison tool, like the one at the top of the page.

Using this form you can see all of your available options within minutes, saving you a lot of time and effort.


In conclusion, combining your HR and payroll software can help you to streamline your process, which can help you keep an eye on your employees and make sure that everything is running smoothly.

Check out the ExpertSure guides to find out more about your business and payroll, or you could fill out the form at the top of the page.

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