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Weatherseal Windows – Review, Prices & How To Get The Best Deal

Weatherseal windowsWeatherseal is one of the largest double glazing installers in the UK. If you’re considering using them for your home improvements, you are probably wondering if the company offers quality windows and how to get the best deal on your double glazing.

  • Weatherseal is famous for pressure sales tactics, but if you can get around the sales team, the company has a lot to offer.  
  • Weatherseal is part of the Entu Group, which includes manufacturing, retail, and installation.  
  • Weatherseal offers competitive pricing, and a wide range of high quality products.  
  • Purchase perks including cash back, financing, and regular special offers can greatly reduce the cost of installation.

About Weatherseal

Weatherseal is part of the Entu Group, a nationwide conglomeration of home renovation companies owned or partially owned by investor Brian Kennedy. The company was purchased by Kennedy after he purchased and sold off Everest in 1999, and became one of the largest double glazing installers in the UK. Today, Weatherseal is among the top four largest glazing installers in the UK, with a wide range of products including boilers, double glazing, doors, conservatories, and roofline.

Weatherseal Review

While Weatherseal installs thousands of doors and windows each year, they do have a reputation for poor quality service and shady sales tactics. For this reason, you should be careful when purchasing double glazing from Weatherseal so that you know you are getting a good deal.


Weatherseal offers competitive pricing on their range of uPVC windows, but costs will vary depending on your home, the installation, and the sales process.

In 2014, Weatherseal agreed to improve their sales team practices, to offer more training to salespersons, and to follow up every sales visit with a query to ensure that you understand what you are agreeing to or going to purchase. However, the company still uses shady sales tactics including pressure tactics to attempt to speed up contracts.

Some of these include:

  • Offering a highly-inflated price and dropping it by 50% or more in one sitting (still not a good deal)
  • Offering “today only” sales or deals
  • Using ‘hard sell’ lines (“This is the cheapest you will find anywhere” “UK Scrappage scheme approved, etc.)
  • Not providing notice of cancellation right
  • Etc.

These tactics are all used to attempt to drive the price up and to get you to sign a contract more quickly. If you have signed a same-day contract with Weatherseal, you have the right to terminate it within 7 days providing it was signed in your own home under the “Cancellation of Contracts made in a Consumer’s Home or Place of Work etc. Regulations 2008″.

What are Good Prices?

Weatherseal primarily only sells uPVC doors and windows, which means that their pricing is in the lower range. While rates for any double glazing installation will heavily depend on the types of windows and frames and the scope of the installation, you can expect the following price ranges for windows.

Type of Window   Average Cost   
Casement   £250-570
Sash   £500-1,050
Tilt & Turn   £400-675

These prices will change dramatically depending on the installation, fittings, service, insurance, and other factors. In most cases, the following factors will affect your quote the most.

  • Fittings – Weatherseal offers 4-8 fitting styles on most of their product range. Some options cost more than others.
  • Glass – Weatherseal offers a variety of double glazing options including stained, Georgian, sandblasted, decorative, obscure, resin, ecoA, and more.
  • Frames – Weatherseal sells Casement, Sash, and Tilt & Turn uPVC windows
  • Your Home – Your home will greatly affect the installation cost, which means that you cannot get an accurate quote without an inspection. Details like the condition of your walls, the height of your home, your existing windows, and even the existing frame in the windows will affect installation costs.

It’s always a good idea to decide which types of windows and doors you need and why before you schedule a sales appointment. This will allow you to get a better price and will allow you to avoid pressure sales tactics to upgrade to a more expensive window or model.

Weatherseal Guarantee

Weatherseal offers a standard 10-year guarantee on all their products including double glazing, frames, conservatories, boilers, uPVC doors, and roof line. Weatherseal’s 10-year guarantee is fully GGFI insured, meaning that your warranty will be honored, even if Weatherseal goes out of business.

A 10-year guarantee is the minimum warranty on double glazing sealed units under FENSA. This means that Weatherseal meets minimum requirements on product warranty and that’s it.


Weatherseal offers a variety of financing programs through credit finance brokers. However, Weatherseal financing can cost more than 19%, which will greatly increase the cost of any windows or doors you are financing. Weatherseal offers different terms based on credit history and the installation.

Customer Service

Weatherseal has a history of offering poor customer service and poor aftercare service. This may be a concern if you are investing a great deal of money in your doors and windows.

Poor Customer Service – In many cases, it can be difficult to schedule surveys and follow-up surveys when getting a quote. This can delay the installation process, but is not a problem everywhere.

Inactive Phone Numbers – Talking to customer service representatives can be frustrating because they sometimes give out phone numbers that do not work. Weatherseal has numerous complaints regarding this issue.

After Care – It can be difficult to contact Weatherseal regarding your installation, even if you have an issue that requires fixing. While this varies from branch to branch, there are consumer complaints of issues that take months to fix. This is a concern, and it is something that Weatherseal stated on their blog that they are working on correcting.

Quality of Installation  

Weatherseal installations are typically good quality, installed by reputable fitters, and their double glazing is very good. However, not all installations go smoothly. It is in your best interest to double check the installation before signing off on it to ensure that the work is completed to your satisfaction.

The Entu Group

The Entu Group is a group of home improvement companies listed in the UK. These include manufacturing, installation, and retail companies including two of the biggest double glazing installers in the UK.

  • Zenith
  • Weatherseal
  • Penicuik
  • St. Helen’s Glass
  • Europlas
  • St. Andrews Home Improvements
  • Entu
  • Zest
  • Job Worth Doing

This group of businesses all operate within the UK, and enable Weatherseal and other Entu group companies to offer reduced prices, because they own nearly every stage from manufacture to installation.

Weatherseal vs. Entu – While Weatherseal is the better known double glazing installer, the company’s parent and partner company, Entu offers many of the same products with better services and guarantees. Entu has a price match guarantee, which enables you to get an even lower price or to price match against sales and discounted products. Entu also offers a finance program with 10.4% APR. Fixed Rate of Interest 9.9%, which can be lower than the rates that you get through Weatherseal.

In short, Weatherseal’s sister company offers better services, has a better reputation, and provides the same products. For this reason, you may be better off choosing Entu rather than Weatherseal.

Zenith – Weatherseal and Zenith are sister companies offering almost exactly the same products However, Zenith offers additional frame types such as bay windows, and has a better reputation than Weatherseal.

Getting a Good Deal from Weatherseal

Weatherseal has a reputation for providing lower quality service and poor sales practices, but you can get quality windows from the company for a good price. If you’re interested in following through with the company, you can use these tactics to get a good deal.

Get Quotes – Request quotes from other companies in advance so that you know what your project is worth and so you can show the lowest offers to the Weatherseal salesperson.

Plan Your Windows – It’s important to know what you want and why before you meet with a surveyor. Taking the time to conduct research to learn what your installation should be worth can also help you to get a good deal.

Be Careful – Don’t sign anything same day, ask for time to review your contract, and make sure you review your offerings and what’s included. In some cases, you may be asked to pay for mandatory insurance (it’s illegal to require insurance), and other fees, so you should take the time to look these up online.

Review the Work – Take the time to review all work completed by the fitters before signing off on it.

Weatherseal is a mostly quality double glazing company with some issues that they have to work out. However, you can still get a good deal on double glazing from the company.

If you’re looking for the best deal from a top-rated company, use our free service to find and compare top rated installers in your area. We will search for quotes based on your specifications and forward you the top 3, so you can choose your favorite, or not, there’s no obligation.


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