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Why is this so important?


The UK set up the feed in tariff (a government subsidy that gives money to people who install solar panels) in 2010 to aid the expansion of the UK solar market. The industry grew rapidly over the next 5 years until the government said it was going to reduce the tariff by 87% in January 2016. There is still a window until October to oppose these changes, it’s critical this gets as much coverage as possible to ensure the fledgling industry survives.


There are many thousands of job at stake, and un told environmental costs should Amber Rudd succeed in heavily reducing the feed-in tariffs. The industry agrees whole heartedly that there must be some kind of reduction, after all prices of equipment have been reduced considerably. But 87% is too high. We need a sensible approach to keep the industry alive, and not kill off one of the most brilliant things to happen to energy production in a generation.


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