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The 10 Most Efficient Biomass Boilers 2023

 Efficient Biomass Boilers


If you’re looking for the most energy efficient biomass boilers in 2023, then you’re in the right place.

Finding a new boiler can be tough, especially when you want to be eco-conscious and consider the impact of your heating on the planet.

Luckily for you, in this guide, you’ll find out which boilers are the most efficient in 2023, including where you can find them and their benefits.

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What’s in this guide?

The Most Efficient Biomass Boilers

1. Biomass Pellet Burner

Modern Stoves

Type: Pellet

System: Vented or unvented

Power: 21kW

Pricing: £1,899

Supplier: Modern Stoves

Trustpilot score: 3/5

This biomass pellet burner can heat both your home and your hot water, with eco-efficiency that is suitable for both unvented and vented systems.

Customers can benefit from 21kW of power, which makes it suitable for one or two bedrooms home with one bathroom.

Not only does it have an excellent efficiency rating of 92%, placing it above most gas boilers, but it also has a sleek and attractive design.

✔ 21kW output

✔ High energy efficiency

✔ Powered by sustainable pellets

✔ Minimum emissions

✔ Automated system

✔ Integrates with existing systems

✔ Modern design

✔ 2-year warranty for boilers

2. Klover Belvedere Pellet Boiler Stove

Stoves Online

Type: Pellet

Power: 13.9kW

Pricing: £4,035

Supplier: Stoves Online

From Klover, this pellet boiler stove can offer customers a manageable and aesthetically pleasing boiler which is powered by pellets and can give you 13.9kW of power to heat your home.

This type of boiler might be best suited to a one or two bedroom flat or house, with low heating needs.

You can benefit from a range of colour options, and it features a double glazed window and stainless steel finishes.

✔ 13.9kW output

✔ 4.6kW room output

✔ Variety of colours

✔ Powered by pellets

✔ 90% cleaner than open fires

✔ 91.1% energy efficiency

3. Stalmark Gajowy Wood Boiler

Woodman Store

Type: Wood, wood chips

Power: 38kW

Pricing: £1,968

Supplier: Woodman Store

Trustpilot score: 3/5

From the Woodman Store, the Stalmark Gajowy Wood boiler is fuelled by wood and wood chips, but you can also use coal in an emergency or when you are running low on your fuel.

This energy efficient boiler will give you a massive 38kW of power, which can heat a house with four or five bedrooms, with two bathrooms.

✔ 38kW power output

✔ Fuelled by wood chips

✔ Eco-friendly

✔ Highly efficient energy

✔ 2-year warranty

✔ 137-litre capacity

4. Stalmark Duo Pid 31kW Wood Boiler

Woodman Store

Type: Wood, wood chips

Power: 31kW

Pricing: £1,968

Supplier: Woodman Store

Trustpilot score: 3/5

The Stalmark Duo Pid wood boiler will give you an energy output of 31kW, which means it is suitable for a three bedroom home with up to two bathrooms.

This universal boiler has been specifically designed to be able to provide continuous heat and can be attached to a domestic water system.

✔ 2-year warranty

✔ 31kW power output

✔ Made from high-quality materials

✔ Low fuel emissions

✔ High power efficiency

✔ 90.3% efficiency rating

✔ 88-litre water capacity

5. Opus Calypso Wood Burning Boiler

Glowing Embers

Type: Wood

Power: 8.3kW

Pricing: £2,360

Supplier: Glowing Embers

Trustpilot score: 4/5

From Glowing Embers, a log burner and stove supplier based in Essex, this Opus Calypso Wood Burning boiler features an 8.3kW power output, which is suitable for a one bedroom house with low heating requirements.

It is fuelled by wooden logs and other wooden fuel, with a contemporary design and optional extras available like air kits and carbon monoxide alarms.

✔ 8.3kW output

✔ Fuelled by wood

✔ 5-year warranty

✔ 83.9% efficiency

✔ Modern design

✔ High efficiency

✔ Finance available

6. Arada Ecoboiler 25kW Wood Boiler

Glowing Embers

Type: Wood

Power: 25kW

Pricing: £2,745

Supplier: Glowing Embers

Trustpilot score: 4/5

Another offer from Glowing Embers is the Arada Ecoboiler, which provides you with 25kW of power that can comfortably heat a two bedroom home with one bathroom.

It has a high energy output; it is efficient, runs on sustainable fuel and with a modern design, it fits into any contemporary interior.

✔ 25kW power output

✔ Eco-friendly

✔ Economic for owners

✔ Stunning aesthetics

✔ Modern design

✔ Colour options available

✔ Safety thermostat

✔ 7-year warranty

7. Henley Faro 700 21kW Multifuel Boiler

Glowing Embers

Type: Wood

Power: 21kW

Pricing: £2,405

Supplier: Glowing Embers

Trustpilot score: 4/5

This Henley Faro 21kW boiler gives 15kW to your water heating, and a further 6kW to heating your room, with an energy efficiency of 82% and a modern, sleek design.

These types of boilers are made from the most premium materials including 12mm steel and have a 5-year warranty.

✔ 5-year warranty

✔ 21kW power output

✔ 82% efficiency

✔ Easy to maintain

✔ Sleek design

✔ Fits within your wall

✔ Seamless construction

8. Lincar Stella 740 Pellet Heater

Piping Hot Stoves

Type: Wood pellets

Power: 18.6kW

Pricing: £4,325

Supplier: Piping Hot Stoves

Facebook score: 4.9/5

From Piping Hot Stoves, this biomass boiler can give you 18.6kW of heating for your home and your hot water, with a high-efficiency rating of 97% and designed specifically for unvented systems.

This boiler is made from premium materials such as cast iron and ceramic and comes in a wide variety of colour options.

✔ Powered by wood pellets

✔ 18.6kW of power

✔ High-quality materials

✔ Excellent energy efficiency

✔ Qualifies for RHI payments

✔ Turns itself off and on

✔ Set heating schedules

9. Moretti Poseidon 3 Pellet Boiler

Piping Hot Stoves

Type: Wood pellets

Power: 34kW

Pricing: £6,083

Supplier: Piping Hot Stoves

Facebook score: 4.9/5

Moretti Camini is specialists when it comes to the design of solid fuel products and burners, which are highly efficient, have low emissions, and they can give you 34kW of power, which can power a three bedroom home easily.

These types of boilers come with many attractive features such as having a compact design, and a remote control system.

✔ High-quality products

✔ 34kW power output

✔ Low emissions

✔ Top energy efficiency

✔ Comes with a timer

✔ Storage for wood pellets

✔ On-demand burner

10. Ala Talkkari 100kW Wood Chip Boiler

Piping Hot Stoves

Type: Wood pellets

Power: 100kW

Pricing: £7,656

Supplier: Piping Hot Stoves

Facebook score: 4.9/5

This powerful 100kW boiler from Ala Talkkari is a heavy duty biomass boiler which is powered by wood chips, which is a sustainable source of fuel for your home.

These boilers are both highly efficient and give you low emissions, which makes them even more environmentally friendly for their customers.

✔ 100kW power output

✔ Powered by wood chips

✔ Sustainable power

✔ Highly energy efficient

✔ Eco-friendly

✔ Low emissions

✔ Heavy duty choice


What is a biomass boiler?

Instead of using gas or oil like traditional boilers, biomass boilers utilise sustainable sources of fuel such as wood pellets, logs or chips to power the heating and hot water of your home.

This offers customers a green energy alternative, which is more eco-friendly and often creates less of a carbon footprint.

These types of boilers are suitable for both domestic and commercial uses; however, the way that these boilers work will vary depending on the size of the property.

How do biomass boilers work?

While biomass boilers generally work similarly, there might be a few differences to what you will need for a commercial project versus a domestic set up.


Domestic biomass boilers will typically contain internal storage which will keep your wood pellets or chips, and then they will be fed into the main compartment to be burnt and generate energy.

Your water will traditionally be stored in a buffer tank, which then distributes hot water to your central heating system and your taps.

The tank will remain at a warm temperature which the biomass boiler boosts, which makes it a more efficient heating system.


Commercial biomass boilers will usually require a dedicated space to store your fuel, which can sometimes be an entire room which holds your deliveries of fuel.

In some commercial properties, the fuel room can be large enough only to need refilling four times a year, making it cost effective and eco-friendly.

The fuel is automatically fed into your biomass boiler, which then burns the fuel, and the gas is then used to heat your water and central heating system.

Why are biomass boilers so efficient?

There are a few factors that contribute towards how efficient a biomass boiler is, with many biomass boilers having above 90% efficiency, meaning they perform better than most gas and oil boilers.

Firstly, when it comes to sustainability, the carbon dioxide which is created by the burning of biomass fuels such as wood is equal to the same amount of carbon dioxide absorbed by that plant during its lifetime.

This means that as long as the trees or plants that are harvested for fuel are replanted, it is a sustainable option for customers.

There is a footprint created by the transport of these fuels, but if you can secure your fuel locally, it will still be less harmful to the environment than fossil fuels.

Secondly, there is also the cost efficiency as well, as the biomass boilers are so energy efficient that they can help you save significantly on your energy costs.

Which boiler is right for me?

Deciding which boiler is best for you might depend on many different factors, including your budget, the space you have to utilise and the amount of energy you need.

Let’s take a look at a few of your options and some of the benefits of each one.

Combination Boiler

Combination boilers can heat both your central heating and your hot water, and they don’t require a hot water cylinder or a cold water tank as they take water from your mains and distribute it directly.

These types of boilers are often inexpensive to purchase, run and they are suitable for households of all sizes.

✔ Compact size

✔ Affordable price

✔ Easily installed

✔ Economical to run

✔ Hot water is instant

✔ Quickly heats up

✔ Space saving

Regular Boiler

Unlike a combination boiler, a regular boiler will require a hot water cylinder which will store all of your hot water, and a cold water tank to save the water that your boiler uses to heat your home and taps.

This type of boiler will require more space, but one of the main benefits is that you can use hot water in several locations at the same time.

✔ Cheap to install

✔ Use hot water in several places

✔ Won’t lose any pressure

✔ Stores your hot water

✔ They can work with renewable sources

System Boiler

System boilers only require a hot water tank to store your hot water, as they take the cold water directly from your mains.

This means that you can benefit from being able to use hot water in multiple locations at the same time, but you won’t need to sacrifice space to a cold water tank.

✔ Energy efficient

✔ Cost-effective

✔ Use hot water in numerous locations

✔ Compatible with renewable energy

✔ Suitable for medium to large homes

Oil Boiler

Oil boilers are a perfect match for your home if you don’t have access to traditional mains gas, such as when you live in rural areas.

They are energy efficient and eco-friendly, and they can work with renewable energy sources such as solar power and they heat water on demand.

Some oil boilers will have an efficiency percentage of between 92% and 95%, making them even more efficient than typical biomass boilers.

✔ Energy efficient

✔ Low running costs

✔ Suitable for homes in rural areas

✔ Environmentally friendly

✔ More efficient fuel than gas

Biomass Boiler

Biomass boilers are the most sustainable option in regards to energy efficiency and the fact that this fuel will never run out, as long as more trees and plants are planted to replace those which are harvested.

You might need dedicated storage space for your fuel, although some domestic boilers have an internal compartment for storing wood chips or pellets.

✔ The most eco-friendly

✔ Highly energy efficient

✔ Sustainable fuels

✔ Low carbon footprint

✔ Benefit from RHI payments

What are the disadvantages of biomass boilers?

Although there are many advantages to choosing a biomass boiler for your home, there are also some disadvantages that you might want to consider before making a decision.

✗ Biomass boilers are usually more expensive to purchase

✗ You might need an ample space for storing fuel

✗ Manual biomass boilers need to be fed fuel

✗ You might need to clean your biomass boiler weekly

✗ The biomass boiler needs to be kept dry

Where can I find biomass boilers?

Finding a biomass boiler can be difficult, especially with all of the different models on offer as well as suppliers who can offer individual benefits.

Here are some of the places you can find biomass boilers today.

  • Piping Hot Stoves
  • Stoves Online
  • Modern Stoves
  • Glowing Embers
  • Woodman Store


In conclusion, there are many efficient biomass boilers on offer from many highly rated providers such as Woodman Store and Glowing Embers.

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