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DCI Fuel Cards: Review, Prices and How They Compare?

DCI Logo

Boasting the largest fuel network across Northern Ireland and the Irish Republic, with easy access to over 1,200 sites, Diesel Card Ireland, or DCI, leads the industry as Ireland’s premier fuel card provider.

After 20 years of experience in the business, DCI’s sales team and account managers know what best suits customers’ interests, which is why their fuel cards are free with no monthly minimum, fixed contract, or transaction, joining, or application fees.

DCI offers a range of attractive features and services, including but not limited to wholesale fixed pricing on diesel fuel, market-leading 24-hour online account management tools, e-route planning, PIN protection, and vehicle tracking software.

DCI also claims that it has the most flexible credit lines of any other provider.

In this review, you’ll find out everything you need to know about DCI, including who they are, what you can offer and customer support.

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Let’s look a deeper look at everything DCI has to offer:

In this guide you will find:

Who is DCI?

DCI Screenshot

DCI is owned by Radius Payment Solutions Ltd, one of Europe’s largest fuel card companies.

With over 17 offices located throughout Europe, as well as over 600 employees, Radius issues 1 million cards annually and manages over 2.7 billion litres of fuel each year.

Currently, DCI is headquartered in Galway with another office location in Derry.

DCI Costs and Fees

Set-up fee None
Annual fee £15 per card*
Per transaction fee None
Hard-copy invoice charge £5.95**
Monthly minimum None
Underused account charge None
Guard Card £1 per card per month***
Returned direct debit admin charge £75 per incident
Early termination fee None
Interest-free credit Up to 14 days

*No charge in first 12 months

**Electronic invoice free of charge


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DCI Core Services

They offer two different fuel cards depending on your unique fleet needs:

DCI Fuel Card

If your fleet is operating across Northern Ireland and The Republic of Ireland, then the DCI Card is the fuel card for you.

It provides access to the largest network of filling stations in Ireland and also boasts some of the most competitive fuel prices around, changing twice weekly in line with the oil market.

If your fleet operates throughout Ireland, including Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland than look no further.

With over 1000 fuel sites nationwide combined with fixed price diesel fuel, you’ll have access to top forecourts including Texaco, Esso, and Topaz, as well as motorway stops.

You’ll also have access to UK Fuel’s Britain-based fuel network.

Texaco Fastfuel Ireland

Providing access to over 300 sites throughout Ireland, this card is suitable for petrol and diesel fleets, as well as fleets using vans and cars.

Customers also have the benefit of wholesale fixed prices for diesel fuel, the rate of which is adjusted twice weekly according to the market.


24-hour online account management tools

Velocity, the industry-leading account management software, comes standard on all DCI cards.

It allows you to monitor and control multiple cards at once easily, and you can also group transaction reports by a variety of classifications, ensuring you a full picture of your drivers’ spending.

Their brand new Velocity Vehicle Check app also lets you set insurance and tax alerts, so managing your renewals is hassle-free.

Working in conjunction with Velocity, DCI’s bespoke vehicle tracking product, Kinesis, grants you access to detailed information regarding your drivers’ routes, start and finishing times, and mileage.

If you ever encounter trouble, tech support is also just one-click away.

Widest network coverage in Ireland

With a network of more than 1,000 stations nationwide, DCI drivers benefit from the largest coverage in Ireland, so you’ll never have to worry about your drivers wasting time and money looking for fuel.

The DCI network also includes sites in Northern Ireland and the UK Fuels network in Britain.

Updated twice weekly fuel pricing

DCI customers can enjoy competitive diesel and petrol prices with their fixed pricing structure.

You’ll also have the advantage of twice-weekly price change notifications by SMS or e-mail free of charge, ensuring you’ll always know you’ll be paying at the pump.

E-route route planning

With their online e-route planner, which you can access through their Smartphone app or download straight to your SatNav, you can effectively plan journeys and locate DCI fuel sites.

Diesel Price Guarantee

DCI promises the lowest diesel prices on the market.

They’ll refund you the difference if you find diesel at a lower price through a different fuel card on the same day of use and the same network site.

Advanced security

In addition to improved efficiency and minimum hassle with DCI’s management platform, Velocity, you can also quickly spot and flag unusual or suspicious transactions, and further action will be taken.

All DCI cards come equipped with PIN security, as well.

DCI Sales Team

DCI’s sales team operates in-house at either the Galway or Derry offices.

With 20 years of industry experience, DCI ensures its clients that their knowledgeable sales reps with matching them to the card that best suited for their business needs.

The best part is that there’s no contract to negotiate, so the application process should be relatively simple and straightforward.

There’s also no application or joining fee, and the annual charge of £15 per card doesn’t kick in until after the first 12 months.

DCI Contract Length and Fees

One of the main benefits of signing on with DCI fuel cards is that you don’t have to commit to a lengthy contract or go through the trial of negotiating terms with a sales rep.

There’s also no application or joining fee.

Should you decide to cancel your account or switch fuel card companies at any time, you can do so without having to pay an early termination fee or paying out the rest of a contract.

DCI Reviews

DCI has received a positive public response for their innovative Velocity Vehicle Check app and Kinesis platform, both of which solutions are pioneering the fleet management industry.

Although they’re the largest fuel card company in Ireland, there isn’t a wealth of reviews available online.

DCI regularly updates their Facebook page but has only one positive customer review highlighted on their timeline.

Unfortunately, DCI don’t have any unbiased reviews from websites such as Trustpilot.

DCI Customer Support

As the leading fuel card provider in Ireland, DCI’s customer support team is top-notch.

Headquartered in Galway with an office in Derry, customer service and sales reps are reachable by phone and e-mail Monday through Friday during regular business hours.

They also regularly update their Facebook page and quickly respond to customer’s comments and queries via direct message.

Here’s how you can get in touch:

Or, check out their address here:

Diesel Card International Limited
Unit 42 Campsie Industrial Estate
McLean Road
Eglinton, Co Derry
BT47 3XX

Company Comparison

DCI Fuelwise Morgan Fuels Esso
Set-up fee None None None None
Annual fee £15 per card* €15 per card** £9.75 per card*** £18 per card
Transaction fee None None None None
Monthly card fee None None None £1.50 per card
Hard-copy invoice fee £5.95 per invoice €2.95 per invoice None £6.00 per invoice
Monthly spending minimum None None None £300 per card
Underused account charge None None None £40*
Late payment charge Price upon request 5% of outstanding invoice value 2% of outstanding invoice value £20
Replacement card fee Price upon request Free, price included in the annual fee £9.75 per card £15 per card
Returned direct debit admin charge £75 per incident €50 per incident N/A £55 per incident
Interest-free credit Up to 14 days Up to 14 days Up to 30 days Up to 30 days

*No charge in first 12 months

**No charge in the first 12 months

***No charge in the first 12 months

*****Applied quarterly to accounts that have not had any card transactions in the previous 3 months.

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Who Should Use fuelGenie?

There’s a lot of good things about DCI’s fuel cards, but no two fleets are the same, so you want to think about your fleet’s individual needs before choosing a provider.

Their cards also come equipped with the account management software, Velocity, their own bespoke telematics tool, a vehicle tracking app, as well as GPS and mapping tools.

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Final Verdict

At no extra cost, including interest-free credit, while also boasting Ireland’s widest fuel network, DCI is clearly an industry leader for a reason.

Based in Galway with offices in Derry, DCI is known for their flexible credit lines, no-contract philosophy, and forward-thinking know-how.

Are you ready to compare? Take a quick look at the comparison tool at the top of the page. Or, check out the ExpertSure guides here to find out more about fuel cards.

DCI Review
  • Customer Support
  • Range of Services
  • Card Flexibility

Final Verdict

DCI’s industry-leading technology is a selling point in and of itself. From their fully integrated GPS tools and vehicle tracking to their advanced online account management software and e-route planning, you’ll be able to manage every aspect of your fleet.


✔ Flexible card choices
✔ No set up fee
✔ No transaction fees


✗ More expensive invoice fee
✗ No unbiased customer reviews online

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1 Filwood Park Lane

0800 234 3036