infographic - what if everyone rode bikes

Infographic: What if Everyone Rode Bikes?

As bicycles become a bigger and bigger part of life in American cities, questions about cyclist and pedestrian safety – even the way we design our roads – are getting asked more and more frequently. One question that isn’t often asked, however, is a much more theoretical one: what would happen if EVERYONE rode bikes? That’s the question British money experts at Pounds to Pocket tried to find out, and they came up with some staggering numbers. For starters, if…

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Cycling in Amsterdam – Stories on Video

When it comes to bicycle culture and cycling safety, Europe is way ahead of the US (although we’re catching up!). That’s especially true in Amsterdam, where it’s less about bikes co-existing with cars, and more and more about Amsterdammers rejecting automobiles altogether for a system that works better for everyone. That’s the kind of cycling culture that this video- titled “Bicycle Anecdotes from Amsterdam” and originally posted at our sister site, Bikocity- is trying to capture and convey. You can…

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Zero Packaging Grocery Stores are Increasingly Popular

As our landfills overflow and the Great Pacific Garbage Patch grows, some good news is that zero packaging grocery stores are spreading across the globe; from Germany to Colorado, more people can buy locally grown food in bulk without wasteful packaging.

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Fighting for Equality: Female Sports and Saudi Arabia

Some countries consider woman to be “eternal minors in need of a male guardianship”, and prevent females from equally partaking in society, as well as in sports; though a handful of brave girls are now fighting back to challenge this discrimination.

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Need for Immigration Reform Being Underlined in Blood

Two months ago 15 people drowned trying to cross the border, after the Spanish military police shot rubber bullets at the frightened and exhausted, people. As untold numbers perish trying to flee to safety, the desperate need for immigration reform continues to be written in the blood of these dead refugees.

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Message in a Bottle: the Method Method

Method Soap and Sustainable Coastlines have teamed up to bring some much needed mainstream attention to the problem of plastic pollution. In 2012, the two did a pioneering, eyebrow raising project to gather plastic trash from Hawaii’s beaches, and turn them into new bottles that Method then used for new soap products. Method, which was founded in 2001, is one of the companies we love here at the Important Media Network. They not only make a very healthy set of…

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How You Can Make Bikes vs Cars Documentary a Reality

The planned documentary Bikes vs Cars is more than a film, it is part of a global movement to fundamentally change how we get around. Although the simple bicycle is an affordable, sustainable, healthy and fun method of transportation, in many cultures the polluting inefficient automobile still continues to prevail. This powerful film analyzes the politics and consequences of subsidizing the car, and also highlights individuals from around the world who are fighting to improve bike access and infrastructure.

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Thai Video Shows Why Caring about Each Other Matters

This week’s moment of inspiration comes in the form of a three-minute video entitled “Giving”, which beautifully chronicles the story of a humble shop keeper who is suddenly repaid for some of the selfless and caring deeds that he performed over the course of his life.

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Graffiti, Public Art and Images that Make You Think

Sometimes the simplest graffiti can offer wise insight into very dense and complicated issues, while at other times art installations may just strive to celebrate life’s ordinary moments. Here are a few examples of some recent thought-provoking public murals, knitter tagging and clever graffiti.

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Adelaide Creates World’s First Solar-Powered Public Transit System

Many local communities are looking at ways that they can incorporate green technology into their city’s municipal infrastructure. One impressive success story is the Tindo electric bus in Adelaide, Australia. Although many cities have experimented with using hybrid or electric technology in their public transport systems, this vehicle is the world’s first 100% solar-powered electric bus; and not only is it powered by the sun, but this service is also offered free of charge.

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