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10 Ways Companies Can Benefit from Vehicle Tracking

 How Companies can Benefit from Vehicle Tracking

Did you know that using vehicle trackers could help you to protect your business assets?

Or, that vehicle trackers are an inexpensive way of learning how you can reduce your fuel costs and maintenance fees?

Yes, really.

In this guide, you’ll find out what you need to know about how companies can benefit from vehicle tracking, such as your return on investment.

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What’s in this guide?

10 Ways Companies can Benefit from Vehicle Tracking

If you’re running a fleet of vehicles, or your business uses commercial cars, you might already track the whereabouts of your vehicles; even their past routes and journey histories.

But did you know that modern vehicle trackers can give you much more information, such as driver behaviour and they can help you to reduce your costs?

Or, that you can use some vehicle tracking systems to re-route vehicles, in the case of traffic or construction work?

You read that right.

So, what are the ten ways your company could benefit from using a vehicle tracking system? Let’s take a closer look and find out.

1. Track in real time

Vehicle tracking systems typically provide you with either active or passive tracking, which means you can either see where your vehicles are in real time, or you might have a delay of about 10 minutes.

Being able to track your cars or trucks in real time can be an essential advantage for your business because with some software you could re-route your vehicles in the case of traffic.

This means less time idling, saving on fuel consumption and improving customer satisfaction.

You could also see which of your vehicles are where on an interactive map, and so you can identify the best drivers to pick up new assignments, based on their current location.

2. Plan your routes

Many vehicles tracking systems and software will allow you to plan the paths of your vehicles, based on either past journeys, smart information or using regularly updated information like traffic in real time.

Sometimes, you will be able to plan routes for the day using paths which are generated by your software, which considers many variables.

You can then send this information directly to your drivers in an instant, so they can adjust their plans and stick to the new route.

3. View your vehicle’s history

Being able to view your vehicle’s history can give you several advantages such as the following; you can see which routes are the most efficient, as well as find out if any of your drivers divert from their allocated path.

It will also tell you which of your drivers were assigned to which tasks, which can be helpful when collecting information for analysing data about how your business is performing.

4. Learn about driver behaviour

Many modern tracking devices will be able to not only track your vehicle but also give you an insight into the driving abilities of your employees.

For instance, some devices will give you information such as how fast your employee has been driving, when they accelerate and if there’s any erratic braking or swerving.

In some cases, the software will provide your driver with a ‘driver score’, typically out of a total of 100, telling them how well they have driven that week.

This can help to improve your employees driving skills, as well as create healthy competition to see which driver is the safest on the road.

5. Protect your vehicle

One of the main advantages of using a vehicle tracking system is that it could help to prevent your cars from being stolen.

This is because with some vehicle trackers, the device is hardwired into your vehicle’s system, and so you can immobilise it remotely.

Or, it will send out a silent alarm, to tell you or local authorities that the vehicle is being tampered with by unauthorised individuals.

6. Recover stolen vehicle

In the case that your car is stolen, what authorities have said is that usually the vehicle will be hidden in a location for up to 24 hours, to check if it is being tracked.

If it is being tracked by a device, you will more than likely be able to recover your vehicle efficiently.

These types of trackers can also put potential thieves off trying to steal your vehicle, giving you added protection.

7. See where you can make savings

Using a vehicle tracker can help you to find out where you could be making significant savings in your business.

This might be identifying which vehicles aren’t used often, which routes are the most efficient and how you could be saving on fuel consumption.

You can have reports sent regularly to your email or even your smartphone, to give you data regarding how your business is performing.

8. Reduce your fuel consumption

Reducing fuel consumption can help you to save on your overall operation costs, and you can achieve this by making sure you only use the most efficient routes.

As well as being able to divert vehicles around traffic or construction work, as well as road accidents and congestion.

You can do this by checking an interactive map, and sending information to your drivers directly.

9. Get motion and tamper alerts

Motion and tamper alerts can tell you when your vehicle is being moved, or if your vehicle tracker is being tampered with, which can help you to avoid theft.

Typically, these types of alerts will be sent to your email or via SMS to your phone so you can act immediately to protect your assets.

10. 24/7 monitoring by experts

With some versions of vehicle trackers, you can subscribe to 24/7 monitoring by experts, which can be instrumental in protecting your vehicles.

This can ensure that if there’s even a single unexpected movement, you will be alerted to it instantly and be able to check on your vehicle.

Top 7 Vehicle Trackers


1. Pay as You Go Live Fleet Tracker


Type: Vehicle tracker

Pricing: £154.80

Supplier: Back2You

Google score: 4.8/5

This pay as you go fleet tracker from Back2You is a low-cost solution for your fleet tracking needs, with live tracking, simple installation and you can use a free application on your phone.

One of the advantages to this tracker is that you can install it yourself, as it sits on top of your existing car battery and requires two wires to attach it safely.

You can benefit from being able to choose how long you want to pay for your tracking, which means you can benefit from only having to pay when you want to track.

✔ Live to track

✔ Free app

✔ Self-installation

✔ Compact design

✔ Highly rated company

✔ Suitable for companies

✔ Pay as you go

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2. Plug and Play GPS Tracker


Type: Vehicle tracker

Pricing: £195

Supplier: Back2You

Google score: 4.8/5

This easy Plug and Play GPS Tracker from Back2You can be easily installed in moments, as it just plugs into your OBD port, which means you can quickly change it from vehicle to vehicle as needed.

Some of the main features are that you can track your vehicle in real time from your smartphone or device, you can see your full tracking history and the data can be stored for three years.

You can get 12 months of tracking for free, and there’s no hidden costs or contracts.

✔ Simple installation

✔ Live tracking

✔ Easily switched

✔ Suitable for professional use

✔ Data is stored for three years

✔ 12 months of tracking for free

✔ Track from your phone

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3. Teltonika FMB630 GPS Tracking Device

Rewire Security

Type: Vehicle tracker

Pricing: £109.99

Supplier: Rewire Security

Google score: 4.3/5

The Teltonika FMB630 Tracking Device from Rewire Security provides customers with real-time tracking, which you can view from your smartphone or device, and you can track things like driver behaviour.

Their pay as you go service will benefit you by giving you tracking coverage in over 180 countries and get instant notifications to your phone or PC, making it an excellent fit for commercial fleets.

You can get movement, speeding and towing alerts sent to you directly, and comprehensive reports will be sent to you regularly.

✔ Live tracking

✔ Driver behaviour

✔ Track via the internet

✔ Coverage in 180 countries

✔ Movement and speeding alerts

✔ Get detailed reports

✔ Set geofencing areas

✔ Get tamper and low battery alerts

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4. 104 Pro Vehicle GPS Tracker

Rewire Security

Type: Vehicle tracker

Pricing: £99.99

Supplier: Rewire Security

Google score: 4.3/5

The 104 Pro Vehicle GPS Tracker is a device which can be attached to your vehicle via magnets and can give you access to live tracking in real time, via your phone or smart device.

Some of the additional features include a battery life of up to four months, it’s ready to use out of the box and can provide you with full reports.

You can benefit from seeing your route histories, set geofencing areas, get speeding alerts, and there’s a built-in battery as well.

✔ Real-time tracking

✔ Track via your phone

✔ Long battery life

✔ Extensive reports

✔ See route history

✔ Set geofencing areas

✔ Get speeding alerts

✔ Global tracking coverage

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5. Vodafone V Auto Car Tracker


Type: Vehicle tracker

Pricing: £85

Supplier: Argos

Trustpilot score: 4/5

Argos is one of the UK’s leading online and in-store retailers, with a wide variety of products on offer and benefits such as same-day delivery or collection.

The Vodafone V Auto Car Tracker is an affordable solution to your vehicle tracking needs, which comes with features such as real-time tracking, past journeys, it gives you a driver score, and it can even send out an SOS if you are in a collision.

The Vodafone team will then ring you to see if you need emergency assistance, which can be instrumental in the case of an accident.

✔ Track in real time

✔ See journey histories

✔ View driver behaviour

✔ Get a driver safety score

✔ Sends out an SOS

✔ Find your car easily

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6. StreetWize GPS Tracker


Type: Vehicle tracker

Pricing: £44.99

Supplier: Halfords

Trustpilot score: 3/5

The StreetWize GPS Tracker from Halfords is one of the least expensive GPS trackers on the market today and provides you with accurate tracking of up to 10 meters, it has a compact size, and it can help you find lost or stolen vehicles.

This type of tracker might be an excellent fit for personal use, as it comes pre-programmed, and there are no subscription charges.

You can benefit from being able to attach this device to your vehicle quickly, you can set geofencing areas, and there’s a 1-year manufacturer’s guarantee.

✔ Track your vehicle live

✔ Find your vehicle

✔ Get locations by text

✔ Set geofencing areas

✔ Accurate up to 10 meters

✔ Compact design

✔ Subscription free

✔ Excellent for personal use

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7. Locate Manager


Type: Vehicle tracker

Pricing: £462

Supplier: Tracker

The Locate Manager tracking device from Tracker is designed and built specifically for business use, with features such as real-time monitoring for your fleet, subtle installation from experts, there’s European coverage, and there’s a backup battery.

One of the main advantages to the Locate Manager is that the product is supported by the UK police force, which means you can benefit from quickly recovering any stolen assets or vehicles.

This device is a Thatcham accredited Category 7 vehicle tracker, which means that it could help you to lower your insurance costs.

✔ Real-time monitoring

✔ Low battery alerts

✔ Advanced technology

✔ European coverage

✔ Supported by UK police

✔ Accredited installation

✔ Set geofencing areas

✔ Thatcham approved

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In conclusion, there are many ways that vehicle trackers can benefit your business; such as real-time tracking on an interactive map, helps you to reduce your costs, and there’s the ability to re-route vehicles.

Have you learnt what you need to know about vehicle tracking for your business?

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