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9 Top Advantages to Fleet Management

Advantages of Fleet Management

Do you want to find the best way to manage your fleet, but you aren’t sure where to start?

Or, have you had contact with different fleet management software providers, but you still aren’t sure which supplier might be best for you?

Luckily, ExpertSure has you covered.

In this guide, you’ll find out about the top 9 advantages to fleet management, as well as what to look for in software and the top 8 fleet management software you can find today.


Let’s go!

What’s in this guide?

9 Advantages to Fleet Management

1. Manage your vehicles

The primary use of fleet management software is to manage all of the vehicles in your fleet, regardless of whether you need to manage one car or an entire fleet of hundreds of trucks or HGVs.

This means giving you a list of the vehicles currently in your fleet, their status, maintenance schedules and it could reduce your insurance costs.

You can also see insights into your productivity and performance, which can help you to run your company better.

2. Manage your drivers

Being able to manage your drivers is another benefit to fleet management software, which might tell you which one of your drivers are in which vehicles, their location, and how long they have been driving.

This might be able to help you to stay compliant, as there are strict rules and regulations regarding how long a driver can be on the road.

Especially without specific rests in between, which could cost you in the form of a hefty fine or prosecution.

You’ll also be able to see when your drivers need to renew their training or licenses, as well as their vehicle history.

3. Schedule repairs

Part of keeping your vehicles maintained and up to date is making sure that you schedule regular maintenance and repairs when necessary.

Using fleet management software, you can quickly identify vehicles which are approaching an MOT date, or gather feedback from drivers about elements of their allocated cars.

This means you can quickly see a vehicle which might need to be repaired, and schedule it immediately.

4. Plan and manage routes

Planning and managing the courses your drivers are taking for the day is an essential part of fleet management, but did you know some software will also allow you to adapt to changing traffic and congestion?

Yes, really.

Software such as the Google Cloud platform can give you up to date traffic updates in real time, and show your drivers the quickest routes and ETAs, which you could then communicate to your driver.

This could help you save significantly on both time, and fuel costs due to reduced fuel consumption, as your vehicles, won’t be sitting in traffic for hours.

5. Track your vehicles

Being able to track your cars in real time can help you to divert vehicles from traffic, and tells you which vehicle might be best suited to pick up a new assignment.

For deliveries, this means being able to quickly ask a driver to take a detour to pick up a new package, or to deliver goods at short notice.

You might also be able to see where your vehicles have been in the past, so you can better answer questions from your customers.

6. See driver scores

Driver safety is another essential part of running a fleet of vehicles, as you need to ensure that your drivers are safe on the road, and they are representing your company in the right way.

Some fleet management software will give your drivers individual driver scores, which will let you and your employee know how well they have been driving, according to speeding, sudden braking and acceleration.

This can also help to encourage healthy competition, with things like leaderboards to show you the safest drivers in your fleet.

You can then reward the best drivers and see where there’s room for improvement.

7. Reduce your fuel consumption

Tracking your vehicle’s location in real time can allow you to quickly divert and adapt to new routes, based on vital information.

This can help you to reduce your fuel consumption, as you can find the quickest routes not only by distance but also elements such as traffic or accidents, which can happen suddenly without prior warning.

You can benefit from reducing your costs across your fleet, and see which drivers save you the most in terms of fuel use.

8. Improve customer reputation

You can improve your customer reputation by being able to quickly divert to jobs at a moments notice and deliver goods efficiently.

This might include giving your customers up to date information about where their deliveries are, as well as estimated times of arrival.

9. Analyse business data

When you collect the information from your vehicles and drivers, you can benefit from being able to analyse this data to identify areas of improvement in your business and see where you are performing the best.

This could mean reducing your costs, seeing which vehicles are underused or break down regularly, and find out if you could benefit from purchasing new assets.

The Top 8 Fleet Management Software

1. Jaama Commercial Vehicle Fleet Management


Type: Fleet management

Pricing: Bespoke

Supplier: Jaama

Google score: 4.8/5

The commercial vehicle fleet management software from Jaama allows you to manage and track your assets, your drivers, as well as training schedules, and you will receive notifications too.

You will also be able to store information such as documents and images, which can be retrieved from anywhere at any time.

This software provides you with an excellent way to stay compliant with rules and regulations, as well as making sure your driver’s training and qualifications are up to date.

✔ Manage your vehicles

✔ Track your drivers

✔ Access information from anywhere

✔ Stay compliant with laws

✔ Get automated notifications

✔ Manage your health and safety needs

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2. FleetCheck Fleet Management Software


Type: Fleet management

Pricing: £3.50 per vehicle per month

Supplier: FleetCheck

Google score: 5/5

The FleetCheck fleet management software is a low-cost solution, which provides customers with comprehensive vehicle management.

Such as licenses, reports and schedules as well as driver management such as assignments, managing accidents and status reports.

You can benefit from being able to choose the lowest cost plan, which allows you to manage vehicles of up to 3.5 tonnes, or complex enterprise fleets which will require a bespoke quote.

This is because it will depend on your specific needs.

✔ Manage your fleet

✔ Low-cost solution

✔ Manage drivers

✔ Assign tasks

✔ View driver history

✔ Monitor training

✔ Schedule maintenance

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3. FleetFocus


Type: Fleet management

Pricing: Bespoke

Supplier: AssetWorks

Software Advice score: 4/5

FleetFocus from AssetWorks is highly rated software which can be used for managing your fleet, fuel consumption, analysing data and scheduling essential maintenance and repairs to your vehicles.

You can also boost your relationships with your customers by being able to handle assignments quickly and efficiently.

This can help you to save significantly on both time and overall operating costs, which can help your business to improve its performance.

✔ Manage your fleet

✔ Reduce fuel consumption

✔ Improve relationships

✔ Schedule maintenance

✔ Save on your costs

✔ Organise your vehicles

✔ Save time

✔ Extend the life of your vehicle

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4. Fleet Wave


Type: Fleet management

Pricing: Bespoke

Supplier: Chevin

Google score: 4.9/5

The Fleet Wave software from Chevin allows you to manage your fleet by accessing data such as the following; vehicle and asset management, driver management, maintenance, fleet reporting, and invoicing too.

This might also include budgets and forecasts, giving you a well-rounded view of the past, present and future of your vehicles and drivers.

When it comes to awards, this fleet management software is one of the most recognised software in the industry.

Such as the Technology Elite Awards 2018, Fleetworld Winner 2018, the 2018 Small Business Awards from CV Magazine and Market Leaders from Featured Customers.

✔ Highly rated software

✔ Award winning

✔ Vehicle management

✔ Driver management

✔ Get reports

✔ Schedule maintenance

✔ Send invoicing

✔ Customise your software

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5. Fleet Management Software from Refleet


Type: Fleet management

Pricing: £3.50 +

Supplier: Refleet

The fleet management software on offer from Refleet allows you to easily manage all of the vehicles and drivers in your company, allowing you to see if your vehicles are up to date on their MOTs, and your drivers have licenses in date.

You can also get alerts when you need to schedule services or pay taxes, integrates with fuel cards and the information will be stored securely in the cloud.

Refleet also offers fuel cards and vehicle tracking, which means that you can manage all of your information remotely, at any time.

They offer their customers a free demo of their software, so you can check to see if it’s the right fit for you before purchase.

✔ Manage your fleet

✔ Check drivers are up to date

✔ View licenses and expiry dates

✔ Schedule maintenance

✔ Be reminded when you need to pay taxes

✔ Save time and money

✔ Keep your information in one place

✔ Low-cost solution for fleet management

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6. Fleet Management Software from Truckfile


Type: Fleet management

Pricing: Bespoke

Supplier: Truckfile

Google score: 4.5/5

Truckfile offers their customers fleet management software which can help you to manage your vehicles, see when there needs to be maintenance, repairs or when you need to schedule an MOT for example.

You can also record comprehensive information about specific vehicles, such as which of your cars are currently free, how much they cost and if they are compliant.

This information will be protected by both secure passwords and logins, so you can ensure that your details remain safe.

✔ Safely secure information

✔ Record vehicle stats

✔ Schedule maintenance

✔ View available vehicles

✔ See if your vehicles are compliant

✔ View your specific budgets

✔ Optional telematics module

✔ Optional walk around checks module

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7. Fleet-X

Bridge Fleet Solutions

Type: Fleet management

Pricing: Bespoke

Supplier: Bridge Fleet Solutions

Fleet-X is a fleet management system from Bridge Fleet Solutions, which offers customers a quick and easy way to manage your fleets maintenance, such as registrations, MOTs, driver information and qualifications.

This information allows you to better schedule maintenance and repairs, and you can even receive reminders to let you know when you need to get your vehicles serviced.

Your drivers will be able to carry out and log daily vehicle checks and report any elements that might need replacing or repairing.

✔ Manage fleet maintenance

✔ Schedule repairs

✔ Get driver feedback

✔ Receive reminders

✔ Arrange a service

✔ Get regular reports from your fleet

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8. Verizon Connect


Type: Fleet management

Pricing: Bespoke

Supplier: Verizon

SiteJabber score: 3.5/5

Verizon Connect offers their customers a wide range of fleet management tools, such as fleet tracking software, tachograph readers, driver management and route optimisation, giving you all the tools you need to manage your fleet successfully.

This also includes field servicing and scheduling, to make sure that your vehicles will remain safely on the road and compliant.

Customers have stated that Verizon offers both excellent network coverage, as well as high-quality customer service.

✔ Manage your fleet

✔ Manage your drivers

✔ Schedule maintenance

✔ Optimise your routes

✔ Track your vehicles

✔ Stay road safe and compliant

✔ Get personalised service for enterprises

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In conclusion, there are many advantages to fleet management, which might include reducing your costs, staying organised and identifying areas of potential improvement.

Have you learnt what you need to know about fleet management?

Do you want to learn more about vehicle tracking?

Let’s start comparing! Or, you can take a quick look at the ExpertSure guides which you can find here.

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