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Top Telephone System Faults and How to Report or Solve Them

Telephone System Faults and How to Report or Solve ThemHave you ever found yourself faced with the frustrating reality of telephone system faults?

Have you, as a result, wondered how in the world can I report this?

We’ve all been there, you’re on an urgent business call, and the phone line cuts out, or the static is unbearable, you’re out of luck, right? Wrong!

There is a way to report these telephone system faults to facilitate in avoiding these faults in the future and fixing them.

How do I do that?

Keep reading our step-by-step guide to reporting those pesky complications.

Depending on your service provider, or service providers, there are several ways to go about reporting telephone system faults:

  • Online troubleshooting/reporting
  • Online Chat
  • Technical Support helpline

Let’s not forget: Before contacting technical support there are a few things you need to figure out first for the efficient service experience.

Bear with me, because this guide will show you how to identify your problem to the best of your ability properly, and subsequently report it to your service provider to repair these faults.

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In this guide you will find


Identifying The Problem


If you have faults with your telephone system, it could be one or even several factors contributing to this fault.

It could be a network problem, wiring, or your telephone equipment.

Now get this: wiring and telephone equipment are easily solvable issues that you could fix yourself!

That way, you would restore working order immediately avoiding a pricey visit from an engineer.

Below are some common faults you might have, and even a question checklist to examine them:


Is the ringer on?
Is your phone cordless? And charged?
Are your phones all hooked up to receive calls?
Are there any wires that look damaged?


Did you check if you could dial from all the phones in your house?
If you have a network provider try dialling using their prefix if this works the problem is with your telephone calls provider.


Does this only happen when you call a particular number?

    • If so, the fault might be from their end.
Are you a broadband customer? Are you using a microfilter on all devices?

    • Microfilters help diminish sound interference between telephones and digital devices
    • These should be installed on every single piece of equipment on your line
Is your phone a cordless one?

    • If so try connecting a corded phone to the socket, if the problem is solved, it might be an issue with your telephone.

If your problem persists, don’t worry.

There are still some more thorough tests you can carry out to identify your problem such as testing your main socket.

The best way to do this is to check if there is a repair guide on your provider’s website, if you are unable to find this, you might want to call your provider to attain a repair guide, or for them to guide you or one of your employees over the phone.


Identifying The Correct Service Provider


If you are subscribed to several telecom companies for different services, ensure you have all the necessary information on which provider supplies which service.

This will prevent the headache of calling a provider –being placed on hold for 48 minutes— only to find out that you had to call a completely different company!

Here’s a list that will simplify what you need to know:

  • Essential incoming and outgoing telephone services
    • Who is the provider?
    • What other services are they responsible for?
  • Switchboard

[Interconnects circuits of telephones to establish telephone calls]

      • Who provides maintenance for this?
      • Does this provider also maintain telephones? Faxes?
  • Carriers
    • Who is the provider?

Make sure all the above information is readily available for any employees who may need to report a telephone system fault.

This might sound like a headache to compile – but it is well worth it, and if you do it as soon as you sign up for the service, you might avoid a series of headaches.

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Check For Online Tutorials From Your Service Provider


Many service providers today offer online tutorials in the form of videos, PDFs, or articles, which aim to provide you with information regarding how to test your phone lines and your telephone equipment.

Taking these steps could save you unnecessary waiting times, as well as engineer costs.

For example, if your provider is BT, they could charge you £129.99 to send an engineer to improve. It’s only free of charge if the problem is with their network.

Therefore, it is worth the simple effort of going through available tutorials to avoid hefty fees, gruelling waiting times, and to minimise disruption to your business.


Run Troubleshooting Tests Online


Check your providers’ website to see if they offer troubleshooting tests online. Certain providers offer a “Report and Fix” or “Troubleshooting” feature which will help you pinpoint the source of the problem. Some issues may appear to be network related, but in reality are results of faulty wiring or equipment.




You’ve tried everything. But the problem is still persistent. What now? Now it’s time to contact your service provider to report your telephone system faults to receive assistance in solving these faults if you were unable to do this on your own.

Check to see if they have different support for business or residential customers to avoid unnecessary waiting on the line.




Once you or your service providers have solved the faults with your telephone system.

Keep monitoring your line for any similar issues. If the problem persists, you may have to speak with your provider to change to a plan that’s better suited for you.

You may even consider switching to a VoIP provider which largely aim to diminish telephone system faults, additional reporting and even solving these faults are simplified for smooth customer experience.


Is Your Service Provider Unhelpful?


In a case where your service provider is unable or unwilling to solve said faults, it is possible to contact the Telecommunications Industry Association which engages with policymakers to ensure all codes of conduct are being met.

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The Bottom Line


Experiencing telephone system faults can be extremely aggravating: We’ve all been there, and we all hate it.

The good news is that there are ways to check, report, and fix these faults relatively easily. Make sure you check all possible factors to identify the problem, service provider, try and troubleshooting order to fix these complications.

If you are unable to solve these issues yourself, or if you are certain the fault is with your service provider you can contact them.

So that they may assist you in solving your telephone system faults.

If after speaking with a manager your problem remains unsolved you can report this to a higher authority— the Telecommunications Industry Association. Good luck!


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