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Is Samsung’s DCS 816 the simple and practical choice for your small business?



So, you are looking to buy an IP-PBX system, might a Samsung DCS 816 be right for your office?

Straight off the bat, Samsung is a name that needs no introduction.

You might even have a Samsung device at home.

Samsung is a name that you will instantly recognise.

Samsung was founded in 1938 but only entered the telecommunicating market in the 1980s.

As the master craftsmen of the electronics business with almost 40 years in the industry, Samsung has already climbed to the top with a range of products in every category.

From home appliances to business hardware, Samsung knows its technology and how to make it work for you.

This article will offer you all you need to know about Samsung DCS 816 office phone system and even bring some other noteworthy options to your attention.

What’s in this review?


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Samsung DCS 816 features and costs


The Samsung DCS 816 is one model in Samsung’s DCS line. As a DCS ( Digital Communication System) the DCS 816 is an IP-PBX.

Perfect for businesses with just a few people up to small-sized companies, the Samsung DCS 816 is easy to set up and scale according to your needs.

It is an easy to use option for you if you know that you need some extra communication infrastructure, but want to keep things simple.

You will see all of the components that make up the Samsung DCS 816.

There are five points that make up the system:

  1. The main cabinet
  2. Analog cards
  3. ISDN cards
  4. Voicemail unit
  5. Auto Attendant card


The main cabinet

This is the core of the whole system and its most crucial component.

The min cabinet gives you essential calling functions and basic features.

You then have the option to add extensions to scale up your system with increased trunks, ports and special features.


Samsung DCS 816 – main cabinet

  • Up to 12 digital extensions
  • Up to 4 analogue extensions
  • DECT compatible for cordless phones
  • Call forwarding
  • Conference calling
  • Speed dialling
Price: £180


Analogue trunk cards

You will need a trunk card to complete your set up.

You can pick between 4 or 8 trunk lines, depending on how many people you have in your office.

As there is only one slot for trunk extensions, you will need to choose just one card but can upgrade from the 4 to 8 trunk card later.


Samsung DCS816 – 4 circuit Samsung DCS816 – 8 circuit

  • Four analogue trunk lines

  • Eight analogue trunk lines
Price: £40 Price: £48


ISDN cards

You can choose to put in a 2 or 4 BRI trunk card depending on how many you need.

The BRI trunk aids in faster connection speeds and smoother connectivity.

The more you have, the better.

Just make sure you don’t spend more than you need as they don’t come cheap either.


Samsung DCS816 – 2 circuit ISDN card Samsung DCS816 – 4 circuit ISDN card

  • Four digital trunks 2 x ISDN 2e

  • Four digital trunks 4 x ISDN 2e
Price: £90 Price: £160


Voicemail unit

The voicemail unit an optional add-on and gives you a robust voicemail system and a bunch of call management tools.

It is a good idea to buy the voicemail unit if you get a lot of call traffic.

The choice between ports come down to how many calls you receive.

If you receive a steady stream of incoming calls or if you have a busy period in the day, having four ports for your callers may be wise.

Samsung DCS 408 MVM400 2 port voicemail unit Samsung DCS 408 MVM400 4 port voicemail unit
These features are in both the 2 and four port options.

  • Records save, deletes, listens and forwards messages
  • Voice prompts and vocal directions
  • Audio text
  • Auto Answering
  • Call forwarding
Price: £300 Price: £395


Auto attendant card

The Auto attendant card will provide customer services while the line is busy and will redirect the call to an available number that has been pre-programmed into its system.

With this feature, customers are never left unattended and are guided to select between options to direct their call.

Samsung DCS 816 Auto Attendant Card

  • 24-hour reception
  • Direct dial to an extension number
  • Individualised greetings
  • Operator bypass
Price: £100


What else Samsung has to offer


The Samsung DCS 816 is a proven workhorse that will serve you well.

However, if you like to have the latest technology, then it is also worth considering Samsung’s Office 7030.

Samsung has released a range of IP PBXs for small-medium sized businesses.

They are all built on the same technology but different scales.

The smallest is the 7030; it includes all the best features, just built for 4-20 users.

Here is some more info so you can see if its a better fit for your business:


Samsung Office 7030

The smallest of the 7000 series is perfect for any micro business that operates from 4-20 users.

The OS 7030 will perform all fundamental functions of a regular PBX and keep the basics running for you.

Samsung Office 7030

  • Up to 20 users
  • VoIP technology
  • SIP trunking
  • Wifi
  • Auto Attendant
  • Uniform call distribution
  • Call recording
Price: £332


Samsung customer support


Samsung takes great care in supporting the needs of their customers.

They have a help centre dedicated to supporting you as a business client,  with quick query response times.

You can make a call to their customer support, and their experts will help you fix any problem or issue you might have.

When buying your Samsung PBX, they offer the option to register your products through a Samsung account.

By doing this, you benefit from their extra services.

  1. Service and Support – This option helps you accurately solve problems faster and diagnose your troubleshooting with greater efficiency.
  2. Recall Notifications – they will notify you if there are any product recalls or system updates for your safety.
  3. Special promotions – To help you stay on top of the pack, you can opt-in to receive special offers from Samsung, including discounts.


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Samsung sales team


If you aren’t entirely sure you have found the perfect product, Samsung’s business sales experts will help you find a communication solution.

Samsung can connect you will find a distributor in your area, who will help you choose the right products and get them to you as quick as possible.

Alternatively, you can contact them via email or fill out the form on their website.

This way you will give Samsung’s business sales team the initial information they need to help you, and they will get back to you as soon as they can.

Samsung is no small company and has its presence on a global scale.

To get to you, Samsung’s STEP (Samsung Team of Empowered Partners) and SEAP ( Samsung Enterprise Alliance Program) departments have made sure to extend their reach as far as they can to make sure you can find Samsung products as close to you as possible.


Customer reputation


Overall, Samsung PBX products are well liked by users. Both the DCS 816 and the Office 7030 receive lots of praise from customers with few criticisms.

The worst complaint so far has been one from 2016 about faulty audio quality.

Of course, sometimes you will run into an issue when setting up and operating a new piece of equipment, this is where Samsung’s customer care comes into play.

Most reviews have praised the DCS 816 and the OS 7000 series for their ease of use and installation.

Performing well, and as designed, Samsung IP-PBXs keep customers happy.


Comparing Samsung with other companies


Here is a comparison between the big names in the game for on-premises IP-PBX phone systems for small to medium-sized businesses:

Provider Aastra Cisco Samsung ShoreTel
Product type On-premises IP-PBX
System size Small to medium Medium Small to medium Small to medium
Capacity 4 to 400 users 100 to 1000 users 1 to 500 users Up to 120 IP phones
Auto attendant Yes Yes Yes Yes
Instant messaging Yes Yes Optional Yes
Voicemail Yes Yes Yes Yes
Call centre features available Yes Yes Yes Yes
Other key features

-Interactive voice response (IVR)

-Call routing

-Desktop sharing


-Video conferencing

-IP faxing

-DECT mobility

-Virtualisation software for server sharing

-software based attendant consoles

-Automatic call distribution

-Interactive voice response (IVR)

– Unified voice, email and fax communications

-Web conferencing

-Audio conferencing

-Desktop and application sharing

-Online presentations

-Multimedia recording

Trunking Analogue, ISDN, SIP H.323 or SIP Analogue, ISDN2, SIP Analogue, SIP
Unified communications

-Unified messaging

-Integrated chat, desktop sharing and video conferencing

-Fixed-mobile convergence

-Integrated softphone

-Future- orientated, VoIP based

-Integrated messaging and presence

-Cisco Unity Connection unified messaging

-Single-number reach integrates calling to/from the desktop, home and mobile phones

-Unified messaging

-Mobile integration

-Integrated softphones

-Integrated video conferencing

-Unified messaging

-Find-me routing

-Mobile integration

-Integrated user interface

-Integrated video conferencing

User interface OfficeSuite Client software Desktop client software Web portal ShoreTel communicator and Roam Anywhere for mobile
Pricing and billing Hardware purchase
Installation Professional


Is a Samsung PBX right for you?


Samsung is best for you if you want a reliable system with sound engineering.

Samsung is a high-end manufacturer, so their products won’t be the cheapest out there.

However, with the DCS 816 and the Office 7030, Samsung is working hard to offer their great technology at a scale and price that will suit the smallest of businesses.

With their customer support and carefully designed systems, you will be in great hands with Samsung.


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Final Verdict


The Samsung DCS 816 is cleverly designed for tiny business, so if you have an office of fewer than 20 people, this PBX should be on your shortlist.

You aren’t looking for anything fancy or complicated to set up, and the Samsung DCS 816 is more than enough to power your communications.

Not only is it designed for typical small business call management,  but it can also offer telephony functions like a small call centre or auto attendant.

Samsung DCS 816 provides you with the fundamentals while keeping you from overspending on fancy functions you don’t need.

The Samsung Office 7030 is for businesses that want a more modern VoIP system and a few more features.

Buying from Samsung, you know you will get security and reliability.

With its long history and well-reviewed business customer support, a Samsung PBX will be a purchase that you will be happy with.

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