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Plusnet Business Internet Review


No business would survive long without internet these days, that’s for sure.

Finding a reliable, affordable internet service is key to operating your business.

Plusnet offers a few different business broadband plans; we can take a closer look to see if one is right for you.

Plusnet has been in operation since 1997 and offered internet, landline, mobile and tv services.

The company is now a subsidiary of BT but operates separately.

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Plusnet pride themselves on being a local British company and most new business come through referrals.

They win a bunch of awards every year for the reliability, value and customer service associated with their broadband service so that you might be onto a winner.

Next, we will figure out if Plusnet has a broadband service for you, by understanding:

  • The broadband plans Plusnet offers, including costs
  • Whether these plans will suit your type of business
  • What extras Plusnet offers
  • Details of Plusnet contracts
  • Comparison with other providers
  • What others say about Plusnet broadband


In this guide you will find



Does Plusnet have the right plan for you?


Plusnet broadband packages are all unlimited, so you don’t need to worry about how much you will be using your connection.

The differences are based on speed, so what matters is the activities you are doing online, and how many people are connected at once.

You have the option to buy just broadband from Plusnet, or to combine broadband and a business phone line.

If you opt to have bandwidth only, then you will need to have a phone line from another provider set up to connect the internet through. Both options are outlined below:


Broadband only packages


Will suit your office if:

Average download speed ( maximum) Contract term Monthly price Activation Fee
Unlimited Business Broadband You are not using data-heavy applications or video calling. You are looking for a cost-effective solution. 18Mb 12 months From £17 £35
24 months From £15
Unlimited Business Fibre Broadband You need higher download speeds for HD streaming or video calling. 76Mb 12 months From £37 £50
24 months From £35


Broadband and phone line packages


Will suit your office if: Average download speed (maximum) Contract term Monthly price Activation Fee
Unlimited Business Broadband You are not using data-heavy applications or video calling. You are looking for a cost-effective solution. 18Mb 12 months From £19.50 (special offer) £10
24 months From £23.50
Unlimited Business Fibre Broadband You need higher download speeds for HD streaming or video calling. 76Mb 12 months From £35 (special offer) £25
24 months From £43.50


All prices are subject to 20% VAT. Prices will be higher in a small number of locations, these “non-low cost areas” make up only 2% of the UK.


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So which type of broadband is right for your business?


Standard broadband will do the trick if there are just a couple of you using the internet at once, and you are just browsing and using email.

Fibre broadband is a great option if you have more than a couple of people using the internet at once, or if you are doing any of the following:

  • Using video or Skype calling
  • Hosting a website
  • Transferring large files to others
  • Using a cloud-based service for file storage
  • Logging into your office computers remotely
  • Offering wifi to your customers

However, fibre broadband isn’t available at every location.

Your area might not have fibre installed, or you may be too far from your local “green box” to get a stable high-speed connection.

You can check whether the fibre is available at your location on the Plusnet website.

What extra features will you get from Plusnet?

    • Plusnet SafeGuard – block access to certain sites or categories.
    • Wireless router – free with all packages.
    • UK-based support line – available 24/7
    • Static IP address – available on request for those hosting a website
    • Web address and email addresses

What’s the deal with Plusnet contracts?

Plusnet offers 12 or 24-month contract options. A 24-month contract will give you the best price.

If you choose standard broadband, then you can opt for a contract without a minimum term. However, you will need to contact Plusnet to get current pricing.

At the end of your contract term, you will automatically roll over to a month to month service that you can cancel any time. Alternatively, you could resign for another fixed contract period (and might be able to negotiate a discount for this).

If you want to cancel your contract early, there will be an early termination charge.

The charge is based on how many months you have remained in your contract; fees are around half of your monthly contract fee.

So you will end up paying between £6.50-£23.50 for each month that you won’t use the service.

You will need to give Plusnet 28 days notice of your cancellation, or 14 days if you are switching to another provider.

So now that we know all about Plusnet are they the best option?

Which provider should you choose?

There are plenty of business broadband providers out there; you will want to consider cost, speed and service when making your selection. Plusnet and two common alternatives have been put head to head below:

Plusnet TalkTalk Virgin Media
Broadband types Standard broadband and fibre broadband options Only fibre broadband

Minimum Cost

(please note that these change frequently due to specials, use the comparison tool to get current offers)

Broadband: £19.50

Fibre: £35

Broadband: £17

Fibre: £22.50

Fibre: £32
Average maximum speed

Broadband: 18 Mbs

Fibre: 76 Mbs

Broadband: 11 Mbs

Fibre: 35 or 63 Mbs

Fibre: 350 Mbs
Contract length 12 or 18 months Mostly 18 months 24 months
Line rental Can use Plusnet or another provider Must use TalkTalk telephone line Can use Virgin or another provider

Customer issues

(% of customers who had reason to complain in the last year)

13% 18% 16%


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Are other users giving Plusnet a thumbs up?

Internet provider watchdog, Ofcom, released an ISP performance report in April 2017.

They reviewed Plusnet positively for minimum connection speed and was found to be the best in the industry with users getting 90% of the advertised max average speed.

This means Plusnet is an excellent choice if slow internet drives you up the wall.

Plusnet also did well regarding customer complaints, as only 13% of surveyed customers said they had reason to complain in the last year, compared with 15% of all customers surveyed.

However, if you need to call Plusnet about an issue, you will be in for a long wait.

Ofcom reports their call wait time as almost 8 minutes, by far the longest wait of the providers they looked at. Around 20% of callers hang up before they reach an operator.

So overall it seems like Plusnet provides excellent internet, but you may need some patience if you have an issue.

On the other hand, they receive plenty of awards for their customer service, so it’s a bit of a mixed bag.


Plusnet Business Review
  • Features
  • Service
  • Price


Plusnet internet is reliably fast and pretty affordable. It is a great option if you would like to only commit to a monthly rolling or 12 month contract, as most competitors do not offer these options, and Plusnet keeps them affordable.

Plusnet is praised for their low level of complaints, but reports on issue response are mixed. Overall it looks like Plusnet broadband could be a great option for your small business.


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