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Top 10 Payroll Companies in London

 Top Payroll Companies in London


Are you looking for the top payroll companies in London?

Then you’re in the right place.

Instead of spending hours skimming through endless Google results, why not take a look at this guide to the top payroll companies in London?

Let’s find out more.

What’s in this guide?

Top 10 Payroll Companies in London

1. Payescape


Type: Payroll Service Provider

Type of contract: No contract, pay month to month

Available services: Online payroll services and HR software

Bark Score: 5/5

Payescape has its offices in both Northern Ireland and in London, and provide their customers with payroll software and services, as well as human resources and has features for both business owners and accountants.

They are one of the fastest growing companies in Britain, and while they can service customers in London, they can also help many businesses across the whole of the UK.

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2. Trace Payroll

Trace Payroll

Type: Payroll Service Provider

Type of contract: Bespoke

Available services: Payroll solutions

Google Score: 5/5

TracePay is a highly rated payroll provider, who can offer their customers a range of outsourced payroll services such as producing your payroll, payslips, costing reports and ensure that your employees are paid on time.

They are based in London and set up regular meetings with their clients to make sure that all of their needs are being met.

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3. Moorepay


Type: Payroll Service Provider

Type of contract: Bespoke

Available services: Payroll software, managed payroll and software, HR and employment law

Trustpilot Score: 5/5

Moorepay is another London-based payroll provider who offers their customers both payroll software and managed payroll services, as well as certain HR and employment law services too.

They can help customers across the UK, and they have an excellent five-star rating on Trustpilot which shows their popularity with their customers.

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4. Payplus


Type: Payroll Service Provider

Type of contract: Bespoke

Available services: Managed payroll services, payslips, BACs, HR support

PayPlus is a London-based company who specialises in managed payroll services, which they claim can take the stress and strain away from this essential part of your business, while they also offer BACs and HR support too.

Their fully managed options include dedicated payroll experts, tailored support and they ensure that they are HMRC compliant.

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5. Just Payroll Services

Just Payroll Services

Type: Payroll Service Provider

Type of contract: Bespoke

Available services: Managed payroll services, payslips, payroll for construction and accountants

Google Score: 4/5

Just Payroll Services is a highly rated payroll company which operates out of London, and provides their customers with a range of services, both for managed payroll and payroll for construction.

From creating payslips to keeping records of your accounts as well as submitting forms electronically to HMRC, Just Payroll Services have all of the tools you need to run your business.

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6. MHR

MHR Consultancy

Type: Payroll services

Type of contract: Bespoke

Available services: Payroll services

MHR Consultancy is a payroll services company which is based in London and can provide their customers with a wide variety of services including setting up your company, payroll, VAT, personal tax and corporation tax.

Their all around service means that you can benefit from their experience, and you might not necessarily need to get payroll services from elsewhere.

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7. TopSource


Type: Payroll services and software

Type of contract: Bespoke

Available services: Payroll services, payroll software

Google score: 5/5

TopSource is a top payroll service provider in London, who covers that region in both sales and technical support for their customers in that area.

Not only do they offer payroll services, but they can also help you and your company with HR and accountancy as well.

You can also find TopSource in Mumbai, Prune and Kent.

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8. Direct Payroll

Direct Payroll

Type: Payroll services provider

Type of contract: Bespoke

Available services: Managed payroll services, auto-enrolment

Google score: 5/5

Direct Payroll is based in London and can offer you both managed and online payroll services, as well as auto-enrolment and payroll facilities for accountants.

Not only do they offer their customers excellent 24/7 access to their data, but they also support and free set up for your payroll, and P45s.

Their affordable service includes everything you need to manage your business payroll and pensions successfully.

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9. FMP Global

FMP Global

Type: International payroll services

Type of contract: Bespoke

Available services: Payroll

Google score: 5/5

FMP Global is an international payroll company, who has the expertise to support your company in 135 countries, which makes it an excellent fit for businesses that operate around the globe.

As part of their payroll service, they can audit your BACs, be a consistent point of contact for your payroll needs and pay your employees in their local currency.

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10. Bells Accountants

Bells Accountants

Type: Accountancy and bookkeeping

Type of contract: Bespoke

Available services: Payroll, accounts, accounting, wealth management

Google score: 5/5

Bells Accountants are based just outside of London, and they can provide their customers with payroll, accounts, wealth management and specific services for companies in the startup stage of their business.

With an excellent five-star rating on Google, their customers state that switching to Bells is easy, and they offer a friendly and professional service.

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This list takes many aspects of payroll companies in London into consideration, such as their specific location, services and the type of company they are.


What is payroll?

Payroll refers to the documents related to keeping track of your employees, and how much they are going to be paid.

This could be sending payslips out on a monthly or weekly basis, dealing with sick pay or holiday pay, and dealing with things like P45’s when an employee leaves.

Often, payroll will be the responsibility of an employer until they outsource to a payroll service provider or hire internal employees with this skill set.

There are many different things to consider when running your payroll, including regulations and compliances.

So understandably, it’s usually preferable to outsource this department unless you have experience in this area and the time to keep up with changing laws.

Are payslips legally required?

According to law, employees are legally entitled to a payslip regardless of how many hours they work.

In 2019, these payslips should also specify how many hours employees have worked.

Either as a single figure of the total hours or separate statistics that show the differences in rates of pay.

This doesn’t apply to the police, freelancers or fishers, however.

How can outsourcing payroll help me?

Having top payroll that runs smoothly is essential for your business, considering that any issues that occur in this area can affect your relationship with your employees and their trust.

Plus, you could end up being fined and setting your brand reputation back by not complying to specific rules.

Outsourcing payroll can take some of this pressure and strain off of you and your company, as you can focus on the other areas with the knowledge that experienced professionals are looking after your payroll for you.

It can also save money versus hiring internally, as you will usually be paying a regular monthly amount which would be less than salaries.

Can I save time with a top payroll company?

One of the main benefits of choosing to outsource your payroll is the massive amount of time that you could be saving, as well as the stress often associated with tasks like bookkeeping and payroll.

When you outsource your payroll, you will generally have very little to do as your payroll company will take care of everything for you.

This will usually mean keeping track of your employees and their pay, keeping detailed records and producing payslips.

Which payroll service provider is right for my company and me?

The top payroll service provider for you and your business depends on many different factors, including the following:

  • The experience of the company
  • Value for money
  • Customer reputation
  • Amount of services offered
  • Whether they provide software
  • The hours you can get in contact
  • Whether they send the RTI to HMRC

How can I get the best deal?

In the past, to get a good deal on your payroll services or software you’d have to approach each company individually and request a quote.

Did you know that you can compare all of your top payroll options in a couple of minutes?

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If your business operates in London, you might want a local payroll company to help you to keep everything running smoothly.

This guide should have told you everything you need to know about the top payroll companies in London. Plus a few of the most frequently asked questions.

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