The 12 Most Important Business Machines In History

This fun and inspiring list created by ExpertSure shows how 12 business machines helped create the commercial world we live and breathe today. From the simple hand axe taking advantage of elemental physics up to the computer and space faring rockets. What would you add to this list? Leave your comments below.     Top related content from ExpertSure Credit Card Machine Guide for Small UK Businesses Compare The Top Mobile & Portable PDQ Machines for Your Business How Much…

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The Rich and Famous: What Credit Cards Do They Carry?

Business owners who take payments using a credit card machine must occasionally look up to be staring in the face of a famous celebrity, film star or political powerhouse. After all, celebrities need to do the shopping too. Unless you are Donald Trump that is, who reports he doesn’t carry a wallet anywhere. This fun infographic shows what credit cards the rich and famous carry. Infographic created by ExpertSure   Do you like this infographic? Don’t gorget to share on…

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