Direct debit

1. Slash your energy bills by 6% by switching to direct debit.


If you can, switch over your energy bills to direct debit and save 6% a year. Not only that but you’ll save your self the hassle of remembering when to pay it.

Direct debit saving per year: £80
Total savings so far: £80


Standby power

2. Standby mode is costing you £70 per year


How many DVD players, TV’s, computers, laptops, sound systems, games boxes etc etc have you got on standby now? If not, well done! But the UK average electrical waste from standby power is £70 a year, nearly 10% of your bill. Or nearly a whole month.

Standby power saving per year: £70
Total savings so far: £150


Radiator foil

3. Get your DIY game face on, and foil up your radiators


Did you know a massive 40% of the energy output from a radiator is spent heating your…..wall. Yea that hurts, but never fear. Simply head to your local DIY store and pick up some reflective radiator foil. It cost’s about £10 per roll and will save you about £15 per year for it’s 10 year life span, not to mention heating your room quicker. Pretty neat.

Radiator foil saving per year: £15 (minus £10 first year)
Total savings so far: £165


Energy saving light bulbs

4. Energy saving light bulbs….It’s all the name


Probably the single biggest saving you can make is switching your old fashion bulbs to CFLs (compact florescent lamps), and your halogens to LEDs. Installing these amazing little gadgets will save a whopping £30 a month! That’s over £350 a year on average. The only downside, it will cost you around £125 to re-fit your whole home. With savings like that (not to mention helping the planet) it’s a no brainier?

Light bulbs saving per year: £350 (minus £125 first year)
Total savings so far: £515

£515! that’s almost enough for a low cost holiday for 2 to the canary islands. But wait, there is more.


Water efficient shower

5. Fit a water efficient shower head


The energy saving trust estimates you can save £90 on a year on your water bill plus £75 a year on gas with one of these. Installation is super simple, just remove the old shower head and screw on the new one.

Shower savings per year: £165
Total savings so far: £680


Double glazing film

6. Add double glazing ‘film’ to your windows


A great hack if your not into spending £5,000 on new double glazing is to buy something called double glazing film. It’s available in most DIY shops and an average home will cost just £20 to fit out. Is it as effective as real double glazing? Nope, but it’s not far off and will save you a nice £70 over the year.


Double glazing film per year: £70
Total savings so far: £750



7. Turn your thermostat down by 1 degree.


The easiest has been saved for last. Just like American airlines save $40,000 per year by serving one less olive in their salads. You can save a respectable £40 a year by turning down your thermostat by just one degree.


Double glazing film per year: £40
Total savings so far: £790


[box]Grand total saving of £790[/box]


Plus, 14 quick fire bonus tips:

  • Cook using a halogen oven
  • Draught proof your doors
  • Wash your clothes at 30
  • Block unused fire places
  • Use thermal curtains
  • Let sun in during the day
  • Don’t block radiators with furniture
  • If you have air con, leave it on auto
  • Don’t pre-rinse dishes before the dishwasher
  • Refrain from using tumble dryers
  • Don’t overfill your kettle
  • Insulate your attick
  • Get cavity wall insulation
  • Don’t keep charged appliances pluged-in

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