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Choosing the Best Yeovil Solar Panel Installers

Yeovil solar panel installersYeovil is located in a very sunny part of the UK, and for that reason, it’s a very good place to install solar panels. With a sunny climate and plenty of public support for solar installations, your only real concern is choosing one of the many local Yeovil solar panel installers to do the work for you.

While narrowing down options that service your area and your type of installation (commercial, industrial, domestic, etc.), is one way to make a selection, you should also ensure that you are getting one of the best solar panel installers in Yeovil by looking an MCS accreditation, services, and quality.

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Why You Need an MCS Accredited Solar Panel Installer

Yeovil, like the rest of Devon, gets a high amount of sunshine each year, with an annual average of around 1,700 hours. However, certain factors can and do affect this based on individual location. One consideration is that if your home or business is located in the hills, you get much more cloud cover, which means less direct sunlight exposure. However, this doesn’t mean that your home is unsuitable for solar panels, as modern panels collect PV power from ambient light as well as direct sunlight. You should make sure you get a quality MCS accredited Yeovil solar panel installer if you want to ensure that you are collecting the maximum amount of power based on your location.




Solar Installations in Yeovil

With a climate that is highly suitable for solar panels, it’s no wonder that Yeovil residents are very supportive of solar. Solar farms, as well as commercial and domestic installations are approved easily by the council. There are also several initiatives to begin installation of solar panels on schools and public buildings.

Wessex Water – Wessex Water at Sutton Bingham is one of the largest water treatment plants in the area, and provides most of Yeovil’s water. They installed a 50Kwp solar array at the treatment, which will provide some of the plants energy, and is set to pay itself off after just five years.

Chilton Cantello Solar Park – The Chilton Cantelo Solar Park is a 23 acre solar park that produces 5MW of power, includes over 20,000 solar panels in the array, and also doubles as a low-grade pasture for sheep. Other similar farms in the area include much larger arrays, and a great deal of agriculture field ground installations.




The Best Yeovil Solar Panel Installers

There are many local Yeovil solar panel installers to choose from, as well as many installers from around Somerset who service the area. You can use the following list of the best Yeovil solar panel installers to help with choosing the right one for your needs.




Spectrum Electrical Group
30 Garrett Road, Lynx Trading Estate, Yeovil, Somerset, BA20 2TJ | 01935 472882

spectrum-electricalWith nationwide and some international installations, Spectrum Electrical Group is a large, and very reliable solar panel installer, and they provide more than just solar. The company is primarily an electrical company and can handle rewiring for solar if necessary. They also handle solar installations of all sizes, including a 50KWp array on the Castle Mead School and domestic and agriculture installations around the region. Spectrum Electrical Group is an MCS, RECC, and REAL member, and provide a service warranty on all labour.

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Konnected Renewable Energy
Unit 12, Venture, 20 Brympton Way, Lynx Trading Estate, Yeovil, BA20 2HP | 0800 612 5641

konnectedKonnected offers a variety of services including solar PV and solar thermal, with budget and premium installations available. Konnected partners with brands like Sanyo, Hyundai, Canadian Solar, and Sharp to offer a multiple options to consumers, and installs panels for both domestic and consumer clients. The solar panel company is an MCS and NAPIT approved installer, and a member of REAL and City Guilds. Konnected stands out for their offerings including a free home survey, a 14-day decision period, certifications, and help with registration on the MCS database for FIT application.

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Electrical Solutions
77 Bond Street, Yeovil, Somerset, BA22 8SP |  01935 415669 | 07850 182 311

electrical-solutionsAs an MCS, REAL, and NICEIS approved contractor Electrical Solutions provides quality service and panels, qualify for the FIT program, and offer a service guarantee on top of manufacturer warranties. Electrical Solutions provides small domestic installations for residences, with a variety of solar panel brands to choose from. They also offer solar panel maintenance and cleaning, and as electricians, offer rewiring and system setup. While a small company, they have experience in the Yeovil area, and have a reputation for professionalism and high quality work.

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