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Top Weymouth Solar Panel Installers


Weymouth’s sunny climate, warm winters, and moderate rainfall make it an ideal climate for solar installations, as can be seen by the dozens of solar arrays and farms surrounding the area. With average sunshine totaling more than 40% above the national average, the Weymouth, Dorset area is among one of the most profitable places to install solar in the country. With dozens of options in the area, choosing a Weymouth solar panel installer can be difficult, but you can narrow down the options to choose the right one for your property.

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Weymouth’s Solar Suitability


Weymouth averages some 1,869 hours of sunshine per year, which is 40% over the national average. It also gets fewer hours of rain per month, thanks to its low lying nature and surrounding lakes. These natural barriers also help to prevent snow, frost, and sleet, which also inhibit solar panels from collecting energy. The result is that solar arrays in Weymouth can collect more energy while the sun is out, and while it is away, thanks to the warm, moderate climate.




Where Are Solar Panels Installed in Weymouth?

With a high suitability for solar installations, Weymouth is home to dozens of solar arrays, and, along with the rest of Dorset, is actively working to install more. With several local solar farms, much of the areas power comes from solar, this includes the 5MW farm on Nottington Lane, which produces enough solar energy to power over 1,000 homes. The array consists of over 20,000 solar panels, and was first approved by the city council in 2012. A larger installation, still in planning, is set to include 90,000 panels, if it reaches completion.

Dorset County City Council – The Dorset County City Council has multiple investments in solar around Weymouth, and in other parts of Dorset. These include installations on city buildings, schools, and recreational centres, with some installations large enough to generate £10,000 per year in revenue.

Dorset Energy Partnership – The Dorset Energy Partnership is an organization set up to develop and deliver renewables across the entire area, including Weymouth, Dorset, Poole, and other local cities, to aid with developing solar initiatives and farms, and to ensure that local cities earn benefits from solar installations.




Weymouth Solar Panel Installers

Weymouth is home to dozens of solar panel installers, and you can choose from most of them to do the work installing panels on your home and business. You should choose one based on their proximity, their experience, whether or not they are MCS certified, and, of course, their reputation. The following include a few of the best Weymouth solar panel installers.




The Cartshed, Church Lane, Osmington, Weymouth, DT3 6EW | 01305 837 223


solexSolex has a number of unique offerings including solar slate roof heating, which completely integrates solar thermal heating into the roof by replacing roof tiles with solar tiles, which they provide to local contractors. The company also offers MCS approved solar panel installation, with a number of premium and budget panel options available. Solex usually contracts installation out, and only provide cost estimates and panels, but offers quality service, and competitively priced panel options, and do suggest local installers for their panels and slates.


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