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Best Value Torquay Solar Panel Installers

Torquay solar panel installersWith a proximity to a number of nearby cities, there are plenty of Torquay solar panel installers to choose from, whether you want a commercial or a domestic solar array.

Torquay is well known for its solar and green initiatives, with a sunny climate, and a very large number of homes and businesses with south facing roofs.

The multiple hours of sun per day, combined with a high cost of local living, makes solar panels an ideal investment for homeowners who want to reduce bills, but local city and government efforts to reduce the carbon footprint also ensure that you can see existing solar installations around the city.

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Why Install Solar Panels in Torquay?


Torquay is a very sunny city with an average of 1,600 hours of sunlight per year, however this does vary because of the moors, and can go much higher, or lower on some years. However, with an average sun exposure at some 24% above national averages, the city, and the entire area, is an excellent place to install solar panels.

With a high percentage of south facing roofs in the city, Torquay also has a great deal of buildings in optimal conditions for installing solar arrays. This means generating more solar power, earning higher Feed in Tariff rates with a better EPC rating, and paying off solar panels more quickly.

In fact, most small solar arrays in Torquay pay off within 7 years, which means you have nearly 20 years of solar productivity after paying the panels off.

Many Torquay residents and city officials are already aware of this, which gives rise to the many local solar installations. Some companies, like Cavanna Homes have even taken to installing solar panels in their new developments as a way to improve the value and energy efficiency.Other installations include a 25.00Kwph solar array on the pool roof of the English Riviera International Conference Centre.



Choosing the Best Value Torquay Solar Panel Installers

Choosing the best value Torquay solar panel installers means choosing a local company with a good quote and affordable top solar panel brands. However, you should also consider their reputation, additional costs such as actual installation and transport fees, and whether or not they will be able to help you to get the best FIT rate possible. The following include a few of the best solar panel installers in Torquay.



Torbay Eco Energies
1 Bythorn Bronshill Road , Torquay, Devon, TQ1 3HD | 01803 322 174 | 07526 710 669


torbay eco energiesWhile a small solar installation company, Torbay Eco Energies services the entire Torbay area including Torquay. The company offerings include small residential and commercial solar arrays, solar optimisers, and solar iBoost to direct solar power towards heating hot water. Torbay Eco Energies works with a number of different suppliers and partners to provide competitively priced panels, is MCS approved, and a member of RECC. The company offers a 6-year service warranty in addition to manufacturer warranties, as well as a free, no-obligation survey before the installation.

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Unit 10c, New Mills Industrial Estate, Modbury, Ivybridge, Devon, PL21 0TP | 01548 831890


eco nrgAs one of the largest Torquay solar panel installers, Eco NRG is a good option for anyone in the Torquay area. The solar panel installers cover most of the region, and offer both commercial and domestic installations with a strong company warranty, and a variety of available brands. Eco NRG works with REI to provide free solar for schools, is MCS approved, and have installations of all sizes across the South West. The company provides a free survey and quote before installations, so you can also get a comparison quote before choosing Eco NRG.

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Passive Energy
ECG9 South West Energy Centre, White Rock Business Park, Long Road , Paignton Devon, TQ4 7BL | 01803 392150


passive energyPassive Energy offers both commercial and domestic installations in the Torquay area. The company focuses on finding cost-effective UK manufactured panels, but also works with a number of brands to provide competitively priced solar arrays. As an MCS approved business and RECC member, Passive Energy installations qualify for the FIT scheme, and they help you apply for it. The company also offers free onsite surveys and quotes, and is a Green Deal approved company, meaning that you can get funding for your panels.

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Totnes Energy
8 The Paddocks, Burke Road, Totnes, Devon, TQ9 5XT | 01803 868750


totnes energyWith a variety of solar panel options ranging from unbranded budget modules to premium brands, Totnes Energy has solutions for every budget. The company offers both solar PV and solar thermal for residences and small businesses, and offer brands like Axitech, LG, and Panasonic. Totnes provides a 10-year labour warranty over the manufacturer warranties, is MCS approved, and a REAL member. Totnes install solar panels in a 60 mile radius around Totnes, including Torquay, to reduce their carbon footprint. While a small company, they offer quality service and installation.

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Energy On the House
14 Oakwood Drive, Modbury, Devon, PL21 0RY | 01548 859219


energy on the houseEnergy on the House has been providing solar panel installations in Torquay since 2010, and have since installed solar arrays ranging from 1 kW to large systems of over 50 kW. With a free survey, site specific design, and no-commitment quotation, Energy on the House allows you to compare quotes and get the best rate. They also offer a variety of solar panel brands including SunEdision, SunPower, SolarWorld, LG, Klover, and many more. As an MCS, NAPIT, and RECC approved installer, they qualify for the FIT rate, and help you apply. Energy on the House also offers an insurance backed service warranty.

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1-3 The Alpha centre, Babbage Road, Totnes, Devon, TQ9 5JA | 01803 866329


becoWith a wide range of types of installations, including domestic, commercial, agricultural, marine, and off-the-grid offerings, Beco is available to help nearly anyone requiring solar in the Torquay area. The solar installers are MCS accredited, and have installations around the area, including a large array on the Crowley Borough Council Depot, and smaller systems on homes across the region. Beco provides wind and solar solutions for very large marine companies, and has a very high level of professionalism, even when working with residential homes.

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Neil Pittam Electrical Installations
Rozel, Galmpton Farm Close, Brixham, Devon, TQ5 0NP | 01803 845 067 | 07966 689 074


neil pithamProviding both electrical and solar solutions, Neil Pittam is ideal if you need rewiring or electrical services along with your solar installation. The company offers a variety of different solar panel brands and modules, and fits them to domestic and commercial buildings in and around the Torquay area. Neil Pittam is an MCS, NICEIS, and REAL member, and provides a service warranty in addition to manufacturer guarantees. Neil Pittam also provides solar trackers and monitors, to help with boosting solar output and efficiency.

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Energy My Way
The Old Barn, Fore Street, Dolton, Devon, EX19 8QD | 01805 804860


energy my wayEnergy My Way provides a wide variety of solar panels including roof integrated, mounted and ground mounted modules for home and business use. The company has worked with more than 50 schools to install renewables, as well as homes and businesses across the region, including on the Pelham Centre in Lincoln, and the Derbyshire Farm House. Energy My Way works with installations of all sizes, and has hundreds of arrays across the region. With a variety of top brands to choose from, free quotes and surveys, and an MCS accreditation, they have plenty to offer for everyone.

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