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Top Bristol Solar Panel Installers


Bristol is well known for it’s strong green energy stance, and was even named the 2015 European Green Capital, thanks to it’s efforts. With multiple council run efforts to switch to green energy, and a variety of council funded solar, biomass, and windfarm energy sources installed in the city, it’s not hard to see why.

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With efforts like the SoLa Bristol project continuing to work to prevent power issues from adding lower voltage solar power to the grid,  as well as strong support for solar residences and businesses, Bristol is quickly becoming one of the best places to install solar panels. While the Feed in Tariff rates remain the same as elsewhere in the UK, Bristol’s wide open rooftops mean you get a lot of exposure to the sun, year round.

There are a number of Bristol solar panel installers who offer installations of every kind, from small 4kw solar panels to large 250kw systems, and you can use this page to find the right local installer for your needs.




Is Bristol’s Weather Right For Solar Panels?

Bristol is home to over 240,000 properties, and a solar survey conducted by the city of Bristol in combination with BLOM UK and German SUN-AREA determined that 63% of rooftops in the city offer at least some potential for solar installations, with 34% offering high potential or ‘very good’ sun exposure.

Bristol averages between 1,400 and 1,600 hours of sunlight a year, which gives you plenty of light to convert into energy. However, some months have less sunlight than others. For example, June is typically the sunniest year, while December has the least amount of sun. Luckily, many modern solar panels will collect some energy in diffuse light, without direct sunlight, so you don’t necessarily need full year round sunlight to collect pv energy.
How Do You Know Your Roof Is Suitable for Solar Panels?

The easiest way to see if your roof is suitable for solar panels is to have it inspected. You can ask your MCS accredited solar panel installer, or get an EPC inspection (Energy Performance Inspection). You can find accredited Bristol inspectors by visiting here and submitting your property zip code.




Solar Energy In Bristol

Bristol is a staunch supporter of solar energy, as well as other green energy efforts, so there are a lot of local installations. One example is that city funded solar arrays now cover many local school and city council building rooftops, as part of the £1 million PV for Schools programme conducted by the city. In fact, some efforts are so successful that schools like Ashton Vale Primary can generate as much as 25kw during peak times.

SoLa Bristol – With over 30 council houses covered with solar panels, multiple schools, and battery storage units that store captured energy and feed it back into the grid, or to houses, the SoLa Bristol project is one of the largest in the UK, and one of the most successful.

Bristol Solar Tree – Bristol’s solar tree is not one of the most useful, but it is one of the most notable, installations in the area. The tree collects energy through solar panels, and then uses it to distribute free WiFi and phone charging, as part of an attempt to raise awareness for solar energy.

Lido ThermoMax – Lido Spa and Restaurant installed ThermoMax panels during their restoration, and now supply as much as 70% of their hot water with solar. They also feed some energy back into their lighting and other electrical needs.




Top Solar Panel Installers in Bristol

While it is important to consider exact location, budget, and rates, you can use this list of the top Bristol solar panel installers to find the best option for your needs.




4, Brixham Road, Bristol, BS3 5LQ | 0117 914 8368


regenesysRegensys offers a variety of solar services in the Bristol area including installation, monitoring, and maintenance. With consultations, help with planning applications, and installations, Regensys stands out for helping clients through every step of the process when installing solar. With experience in large and small installations, ranging from the Bristol Airport and Swindon College to a variety of farms, and offerings including include solar PV, solar thermal, and energy storage, Regensys offers nearly every type and size of installation. Regensys is MCS accredited, a Part P approved contractor, a member of Solar Edge, and has earned a Trust Mark for government endorsed standards.




JTD Solar
Lower Bristol Road Clutton, Bristol, BS39 5PB | 01179 113 588

jtd-solarJTD Solar is an MCS accredited Bristol solar panel installer with experience in both large and small, domestic and commercial solar panel arrays. The company offers installations in the surrounding area, including a large part of the South West, and have installed panels on a variety of buildings in the Bristol area including Hyundai headquarters and the Windsor Tennis Club. They offer shade mitigation, rooftop reinforcement, and structural additions as well as solar installation. JTD’s provides a full warranty and a free quote for installing solar on your home or business.




Energy Installs
Unit C, Mendip Business Park , Mendip Road, Rooks Bridge, Bristol, BS26 2UG | 0173706140 |  07919 923964

energy-installsEnergy Installs offers solar installations in most of the South West, including Bristol and surrounding areas. With a variety of solar and green energy offerings including commercial and domestic arrays, free solar panel options, and bespoke arrays and green energy systems that they fit to the house or building, Energy Installs has something for nearly everyone. Energy Installs is MCS accredited, and holds accreditations from a total of 8 different institutions. While most of their major installations are domestic, Energy Installs built the solar farm in Bridgewater, and offers full size commercial installations.




Blake EcoTech
The Old Dairy, Keward Farm, River Road, Pawlett , Somerset, TA6 4SE | 0333 600 5657 | 01278 238240

blake-ecotecWith 4 years of experience, MCS accreditation, RECC accreditation, and Green Deal accreditation, Blake EcoTech stands out as one of the best Bristol solar panel installers.  The company offers arrays for domestic and commercial buildings, with a variety of custom installation options based on the type of building or the size of the installation. They also offer other types of green energy, including heat pumps and biomass heating, so you can go green with your entire home or business.




Süka Solar LTD 
Sukasol, Easton Business Centre, Felix Road, Bristol, BS5 0HE | 0117-941-5396 | 0800-520-0333

suka-solSüka Sol or Suka Solar Limited offers installations in the Bristol area, and provides a number of products from leading UK and German manufacturers like Alfasolar, including solar panels, inverters, mounting systems, and more. With green accreditations including an MCS accreditation, membership in the Cornwall Sustainable Tourism Project (Coast), RegenSW, and REA membership, as well as a company history of more than 45 years, Suka Sola is well known, experienced, and provides the supplies, modules, and electrical components to set up a solar array for an off the grid or locked in system.




Ecocetera Limited, 35 Southdown Road, Westbury-on-Trym Bristol, Bristol, BS9 3NJ | 0117 959 05 80

ecoceteraWith 14 years of experience installing solar panels in the Bristol area, EcoCetera stands out for experience and their wide variety of offerings. EcoCetera provides most of their own labor, and achieved MCS accreditation in 2009. They are NICEIC approved contractors, and offer help with planning applications and FIT applications. While specializing in solar PV, EcoCetera also offers voltage optimisation, battery systems, maintenance and servicing, and much more. With hundreds of installations in the area including the Bristol Folk House, the South Bristol Sports Centre, and many more, the company has a large number of local clients and quality feedback for their work.




1 World Solar
Unit 4, Parkway Trading Estate, St. Werburghs Road, Bristol, BS2 9PG | 0117 941 1663

1-world-solarAs one of the largest solar installation companies in the region, 1 World Solar has a lot to offer for both commercial and domestic installations. The Green Deal and MCS approved company has done major installations around the city for the Bristol Zoo, the University of Bristol, the Bristol University of the West England, and many more. With a very good reputation for quality world-class service and panels, competitive rates, and the ability to handle installations ranging from 1kw to upwards of 250 kW, 1 World Solar is one of the best installers in the area.




Go Green Energy 
Park House, 12 High Street, Thornbury, Bristol, BS35 2AQ | 0800 043 0191

go-green-energyGo Green Energy is a Green Deal approved seller, installer, and assessor, is STROMA and MCS approved, as well as a RECC member. The Bristol solar panel installer is one of the best in the region, and qualifies for the FIT scheme, as well as funding through Green Deal and ECO for residents who qualify. They also source high-quality PV panels, and offer an insurance backed guarantee on all work and equipment. Go Green Energy primarily offers residential solar installations, but does work for commercial businesses as well.

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