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How to Find the Best Taunton Solar Panel Installers


Taunton is a sunny city located on the coast, with an average of just under 1,600 hours of sunshine per year. While the climate is also wet, thanks to its proximity to the sea, Taunton is in one of the best regions in the UK for installing solar panels, which makes it an ideal fit for both domestic and commercial solar panels.

If you’re looking for a Taunton solar panel installer to fit your home or business, you have a lot to consider, including your ECP (Energy Performance Certificate), as it affects the Feed in Tariff rate you will qualify for. You can get your inspection before or after installing your solar panels.

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How Your Taunton Solar Panel Installers Affect Your FIT and Energy Production??


Depending on the experience, services, and advice offered by the Taunton solar panel installer you choose, you could end up with vastly different energy output, and a vastly different FIT rate. One example is that with the right advice, you can make small changes to your home and grounds to ensure that your solar panels are at maximum efficiency for your property. The right solar panel installer can also ensure that you know whether to use a split inverter to install panels on different parts of your roof, or just install in one area. Getting the right advice can greatly change your final EPC rating as well, which affects your FIT rate. You’ll also have to consider which Taunton solar panel installers are MCS accredited, as they have to be if you want to qualify for the Feed in Tariff (FIT).




Solar Installations and Initiatives to Look For

If you’re wondering where to look for green and solar initiatives, then there are plenty of them in Taunton. While the city does not have as many solar arrays on public buildings as Somerset, there are still quite a few, and the majority are installed by local Taunton companies.

Bigbelly Bins Taunton’s solar trash bin project involves using solar panels with a 12v battery to collect and store power for an internal bin compactor. Once compacted, the bin stores as much as five times more waste than a standard street bin, but has the same carbon footprint. These are set to reduce costs of picking up waste, while helping to ensure that city streets stay clean.

Taunton Swimming Pool – Local Taunton solar panel installers Earth Elements installed a 150 solar panel array over the Taunton Swimming Pool. The array provides some 90Kw of power per day, cutting down the city’s carbon production by 18 tonnes per year, and generating some £10,000 in savings and revenue through the FIT program.




The Best Taunton Solar Panel Installers

It’s important to choose the right solar panel company when getting an installation, no matter the size, so you should always do your research and compare your options before you commit to one company. The following include the best Taunton solar panel installers for you to choose from.




Sunelec Limited
Sunelec Limited, 2 Duchess Close, Bridgwater, Somerset, TA6 3SE | 01278 555 007 | 07814 819 820


sunelec limitedSunelec Limited offers a variety of renewable energy services in the Taunton area, and has done so for more than 40 years. While their solar installation service is newer, the company is established, and is popular for many of their services. Sunelec sources most of its solar panels through partners, allowing the company to offer a wide variety of brands and models. Contractors also tailor arrays and wiring to the home, so you get the best installations for your building and energy usage. Sunelec is an MCS approved installer, so their panels qualify for the FIT program.




Blake Ecotech
The Old Dairy, Keward Farm, River Road, Pawlett, Somerset, TA6 4SE | 0333 600 5657 | 01278 238 240


blake ecotechWhile specializing in renewable heating in the Taunton area, Blake Ecotech also provides solar PV installations to the entire region. Blake EcoTech works in partnership with SunElec, who offer solar panel design, surveys, and installations in the area, and have more than 40 years of experience. The company offers a variety of brands including Panasonic, and works with domestic to large-scale agricultural systems. With installations around the area, Blake Ecotech has a reputation for quality installations, and fast customer service.




Safe Install
35 Winters Field, Taunton, Somerset, TA1 1PY | 0800 999 7927


safe installSafe Install specializes in high-performance solar systems, and offers brands from top manufacturers from around the world. The Taunton solar panel installers are MCS approved, and offer a variety of services including solar testing, electrician services, and emergency electrical, and work with all sizes of installations, from domestic systems to power plants. Safe Install offers very good development planning, and works with you to find the best solution and layout for your roof. They also perform fast, quality installations after planning, and offer a service warranty.




Solar Systems Limited
Windmill Hill, Ashill, Ilminster, Somerset, TA19 9LP | 01823 481 329


solar systems limited Solar Systems offers commercial and domestic solar panel systems in the Somerset area including Taunton. The company was MCS approved in 2008, and has installed hundreds of solar systems since, ranging from small 1-3 kW systems on homes to large commercial and agricultural solutions. Solar Systems offers a variety of brands including Samsung, IWA, Panasonic, Suntech, REC, and Solar Edge, and performs ground and rooftop installations. With a great deal of experience, very positive reputation, and a range of options, Solar Systems is a good option for almost everyone.




Konnected Renewable Energy
Unit 12, Venture, 20 Brympton, Way Lynx Trading Estate, Yeovil, BA20 2HP | 0800 612 5641


konnected renewable energyKonnected Renewable Energy offers a full-service solar installation package for homes and small businesses. Their process includes a full survey and estimates, including roofing stability, a 14-day wait period, and then if you agree to the contract, get to work after that period. After installation, the company helps you with FIT application and registers you in the MCS database. Konnected is MCS and NAPIT approved, a City Guild member, and REAL approved, and offer quality and competitively priced solar arrays. They also offer top brands including Sanyo, Hyundai, Sharp, and Canadian Solar.




Unit 10c, New Mills Industrial Estate, Modbury, Ivybridge, Devon, PL21 0TP | 01548 831 890


EcoNRGA large number of services, very good reputation, and affiliations like REI make EcoNRG stand out as one of the best solar panel installers in Taunton. These affiliations also allow EcoNRG to work with schools and educational programs to offer free solar panels, and guarantee the quality of installations. The solar panel installer is MCS approved, and offers commercial and domestic solar installations. The company also offers a full warranty, a free survey and quote, and a refer-a-friend program for customers.




Regensys, 4, Brixham Road, Bristol, Bristol, BS3 5LQ | 0117 914 8368


regensysWith large-scale installations like the Bristol Airport and Swindon College in their portfolio, Regensys is easily one of the largest and most respected solar panel installers in the Taunton area. While the company offers large-scale commercial solar arrays, they also do domestic installations, and include free surveys and quotes. As an MCS approved installer, their panels qualify for the FIT program, and with RECC, they offer an additional service warranty over the manufacturer warranty. Regensys also has a Trust Mark, and a reputation for quality customer service and installations.




1 World Solar Ltd.
1 World Solar, Unit 4, Parkway Trading Estate, St. Werburghs Road, Bristol, BS2 9PG | 0117 941 1663


1 world solar ltdAs one of the largest solar panel installers in the area, 1 World Solar has a lot to offer for both domestic and commercial clients. The solar panel installers offer a variety of brands including budget and premium modules, and can install very small to very large systems. 1 World Solar installed panels on the Bristol University, the University of West England, Bristol Zoo Gardens, and many other high-profile projects, as well as hundreds of small domestic and commercial buildings. The company is MCS approved, and offers their own service warranty on installations.


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