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Top Swindon Solar Panel Installers For Domestic and Commercial Installations


Swindon, Wiltshire is home to an active green and solar energy policy, with a unique solar installation plan outlined by the city to install small solar farms on outlying property. Combined with large scale commercial solar projects, and a number of commercial and mid-size solar rooftop developments, and Swindon is well on its way to reaching its 15% reduction of greenhouse gas by 2020.

While local efforts for installing solar panels on community buildings aren’t as strong as they are elsewhere in the UK, strong government support, combined with good weather and plenty of south facing rooftops makes the area highly suitable for most commercial and domestic solar projects.

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How Much Sun Does Swindon Get?


Swindon has a very mild and temperature climate for its latitude, with relatively mild summers and winters, a large amount of sun compared to Northern England, and relatively lower rainfall compared with many other parts of England. This makes it a good spot for solar panel installations, because solar panels get more exposure to both direct sunlight and indirect light. January, the month with the lowest amount of sun exposure, averages about 58 hours of sunlight a month, or just under 2 hours a day, but summer months average at right around 200 hours per month, for a total average of 6 hours of sun exposure a day, allowing most panels to collect a great deal of PV power.




The Low Carbon Local Development Order and Other Swindon Solar Initiatives

Swindon’s largest solar project is the Low Carbon Local Development Order, which is in charge of installing small solar farms and low level solar arrays around the city and county. The plan includes items for taking care not to damage Swindon’s landscape, interfere with public, or otherwise create a nuisance, and mostly includes 25-30 year small leases or uses of public property, which will allow the solar panels to collect PV power until the lease runs out. But, Swindon also has a number of other solar initiatives, including the conversion of the RAF Lyneham Airbase into a solar farm.

RAF Lyneham AirbaseThe RAF Lyneham airbase solar farm covers 83 hectares of land, includes some 160,000 solar panels, and is estimated to produce 40Mw of power, which will supply the Defence College of Technical Training. Additional power will be fed back into the grid, and could supply as many as 10,000 homes with green energy during the summer months.




Top Swindon Solar Installers For Domestic and Commercial Installations

With multiple Swindon solar installers to choose from, it is important that you consider your options and choose the best company based on your location, budget, and needs. Solar installers in Swindon offer panel installations at every size, from 2kw to upwards of 100Kw, for both commercial and domestic buildings. This list of the top Swindon solar installers should help you choose the best option for your needs.




20 Caen View, Rushy Platt, Swindon, Wiltshire, SN5 8WQ | 0800 028 2499


warm spaceWarm Space offers a variety of services including solar PV installations in the Swindon area. Warm Space offers a quality service, Tier 1 solar panel brands, and experienced workers, making them one of the best options in the area. The Swindon solar panel installers are MCS, SSIP, and RECC accredited, and offer a full insurance backed guarantee on all workmanship. It also offers free quotes and information. Warm Space specializes in domestic and small business solar installations, and have worked on thousands of houses for town councils in the Dorset area, installing panels or insulation.




In Balance Energy
2 Lotmead Cottages, Stratton Road, Wanborough, Swindon, Wiltshire, SN4 0SN | 01793 491 316


inbalance energyWith offerings ranging from small scale domestic solar arrays to very large commercial and domestic installations of 250 kW and higher, In Balance Energy has something for everyone, including customized systems. The solar installers also work with almost every type of installation, including ground mounted, rooftop, flat roof integrated, and over roof systems. In Balance helps with every step of the installation process, starting with surveys and planning and including providing panels and systems, installation, and long-term inspection and maintenance.




The Rain Wind and Sun Company
Huntersbrook House, Hoggs Lane, Purton, Wiltshire, SN5 4HQ | 01793 772 277


the rain sun and wind companyWith a variety of services intended to make homes and small businesses more eco-friendly, The Rain Wind and Sun Company has a lot to offer for those looking to reduce bills and carbon output. Rain Wind Sun is MCS and NAPIT approved, and offers solar PV solar passive, solar pools, and solar thermal, with installations, roof surveys, and help with planning permission. A one-year workmanship warranty and a 5-25 year product warranty ensures that their installations are of good quality. Rain Wind Sun primarily offers small installations around the Swindon area.




MVB Electrical Swindon
103 Albion Street, Swindon, SN1 5LN | 07887 402 731


mvb electricalMVB Electrical services the Swindon area with electrical repair, rewiring, lighting, and solar PV for homes and small businesses. Their experience in electrical ensures that the solar panel installers offer quality wiring and setup. MVB Electrical also offers initial surveys and recommendations, as well as panel layout and design. Long-term maintenance and checkup options mean that you don’t have to hire another company to maintain panels. The company is MCS accredited, and has a history of happy customers, including local city councils and agriculture business.


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