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The Top St. Austell Solar Panel Installers


St. Austell may be known primarily for its beer, gardens, and breweries, but the city has a number of fairly impressive eco developments including a wide array of solar installations. Its location in sunny Cornwall plays a part in this, as the area gets more sun than most of the rest of the UK, allowing both residential and commercial installations to pay themselves off quickly.

With multiple solar farms in the area, a variety of eco-friendly projects like the Eden Project and the ST. Austell and Clay County Eco-Town, there is a lot of green energy in the area, and you can be part of it by installing your own solar array.

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How Long do Solar Panels Take to Pay off in St. Austell?


St. Austell averages around 1,560 hours of sunlight per year, which works out to a minimum of 3 hours of direct sun exposure every day. While this is not evenly spread out over the year, it does mean that you can generate a great deal of power while the sun is shining. Because modern solar panels also generate power based on ambient light, you can collect PV power in the winter months, when there are fewer hours of sunlight as well. For most homeowners with a 4-10Kw system, this means paying off your solar array within 7 years. A large commercial solar installation might take 5 years to pay off, but this depends on the cost of the installation and the specific array.




Solar Installations in St. Austell

There are a number of local solar installations set up in and around St. Austel. While there are many more, the following include a few of the most notable.

Carloglass Solar Farm – The Carloglass Solar Farm is the fourth solar farm belonging to St. Austell solar panel installers Good Energy and generates 8,466Mw of energy, or enough to power some 2,000 homes.

St. Austell and Clay County Eco-Town – This is an extensive plan to build a series of eco-towns and villages around St. Austell, including several thousand green and low or zero-carbon homes, as well as a solar park, a school, and recreational facilities.




Choosing Your St. Austell Solar Panel Installers

Choosing the best St. Austell solar panel installers should depend on your location, the size of the array you need, and the reputation of the company. Compare top 4 quotes for St. Austell installers here. 


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